Quay Walker fined $13,261 for shoving Lions trainer

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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Packers linebacker Quay Walker‘s season is over, but he still got disciplined by the league this week.

Walker was ejected from last Sunday night’s loss to the Lions after shoving a Lions trainer who was trying to treat an injured player on the field. Walker has not been suspended as a result of the incident, but he has been fined $13,261 for the shove.

The penalty helped set up the Lions’ go-ahead touchdown.

The trainer was going to help Lions running back D'Andre Swift, who had taken a forearm to the head from Packers defensive tackle Jarran Reed. Reed was not fined and defensive tackle Devonte Wyatt, who also appeared to make contact with the trainer, was not fined either.

It was Walker’s second ejection of his rookie season. He was disqualified for a game for shoving a member of the Bills’ practice squad who was on the sideline in street clothes.

Walker had 121 tackles, 1.5 sacks, three forced fumbles, and a fumble recovery while appearing every game for the Packers.

30 responses to “Quay Walker fined $13,261 for shoving Lions trainer

  1. That’s it? Should have been double that amount at least.

    Players with uniform violations get fined more, let alone some TD celebrations.

  2. $13,261…….. what an odd amount.
    Do they just throw darts at a board to determine these numbers.

  3. He got fined less than a guy who did a TD celebration?! NFL really has their priorities in a bunch.. goodness

  4. Devonte Wyatt, who also bumped the training staff member, and Jarran Reed should be fined. Reed possibly suspended for his cheap shot to D’Andre Swift’s head that started this fracas.

  5. But yeah, the NFL cares more about player health when they fine a guy the same amount for flipping a coin as someone who assails a trainer…

  6. Seriously! The NFL has decided that shoving medical personnel is the same amount as Joe Mixon flipping a coin as a TD celebration? What an embarrassment!

  7. I was ok with his apology. But I still think a 2 game suspension would drive a better message to the players. These guys are out there to help injured players.

  8. Deserved. Quay Walker was wrong and has been justifiably punished.
    Still waiting on Justin Jefferson being appropriately sanctioned for angrily hitting an official with his helmet.
    Won’t hold my breath though, different standards for different teams.

  9. For $13k a pop, it makes good competitive sense to have your backups go take out the opposing team’s entire medical staff

  10. degraz5 says:
    January 14, 2023 at 5:39 pm
    Dirty player ….slap on the wrist, nfl should be ashamed
    Dirty team. NFL fans are ashamed.

  11. Walker’s teammates should have been fined this much, too. Jarran Reed for the illegal hit (uncalled) and whoever the other guy was that came in for extra after Walker’s shove.

  12. The NFL should be a shame of themselves. What hypocrites, as they shout all week the praise of the trainer giving CPR, then allow cheap shot artist Walker to get away with pushing a trainer. Also the other Packer player Wyatt coming up and bumping the same trainer. Typical of the NFL league office. Pleas NFL do not shout how you care about first responders..

  13. They structure their fines based on the size of the players salary, its a percentage. Williams is making much more.

  14. That’s it???? Guys get fined more for having their shirts untucked, lol. This should’ve been a big fine AND a suspension. What a joke

  15. Walker and Wyatt deserve to be suspended for sure. But I’d be fine with an enormous donation to the charity of the trainers choice.

    Reed should get 4 games for that clothsline. One of the most disgusting hits I’ve seen in a VERY long time.

  16. Why should Wyatt and Reed be suspended? Reed was bracing so he wouldn’t get a helmet to the chest, and the trainer accidentally stepped in front of Wyatt, who was walking over to restrain Walker.

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