Report: Officiating in Week 18 Seahawks win led to calls for improved training

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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The Seahawks are in the playoffs because they beat the Rams in Week 18 and the Packers lost to the Lions, but that might not have been the case without a few officiating calls that went Seattle’s way in the win.

A questionable running into the punter call on the Rams and no-calls for intentional grounding on Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith and taunting on Seahawks safety Quandre Diggs over the course of the game helped the Seahawks pull out a 19-16 overtime win. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that “the Rams were upset by the officiating, the Lions were bothered by it and the Competition Committee was frustrated by it.”

Schefter also reports that a team executive not associated with either the Lions or the Rams said that there’s “a real groundswell of unhappiness with officiating that is much deeper than I’ve seen and frankly, I haven’t seen in this league in years.” Another source told Schefter that the league needs to do a better job of screening, hiring, and training officials in the wake of the game.

Any alterations to the officiating program would come in the offseason and it remains to be seen if the upset from last weekend will lead to a serious push for change in the coming months.

12 responses to “Report: Officiating in Week 18 Seahawks win led to calls for improved training

  1. Seattle has a long history of benefiting from awful officiating. Remember fail Mary?

  2. Officiating has been awful. So many bad calls & non-calls that definitely impacted the game for many teams. There is no excuse for this. The NFL is loaded with money & they could fix this. Just do it!

  3. This whole year the refs have been bad in the NFL, I honestly questioned if some of these guys have money on the games.

    Some teams get these backbreaking rushing the passing on a sack or INT and yet other teams don’t get the same call.

  4. The NFL changed rules last week for whatever reason.
    Why didn`t they change the rules for blown calls dictating which teams made the playoffs and didn1t make the playoffs?
    Counting the blown call on the hailmary pass years ago this is the 2nd time Seattle has got in the playoffs when they should not have!

    O`h wait, maybe the NFL will change the rules next week!

  5. Every close call went against the Rams in the 4th quarter and OT.I’ve seen worse but it was all the missed calls in a row that stood out

  6. If they’re serious they should immediately & with no reservation get rid of Clete Blakeman and Jerome Boger. A few more crews should be on the hot seat.

  7. No one wants to hear this, but the answer is a sky judge with authority to overturn a call. Fans at home can tell in 10 seconds if a penalty should or should not be called. Whether it’s right or wrong. It’s ridiculous that it takes 5 minutes to review a call that should take only seconds The NFL just doesn’t want the on field officials to be embarrassed when their call is reversed.

  8. The need more accountability for their mistakes and apt punishment when they’re particularly egregious.
    I recommend flogging when they’re game-altering mistakes.

  9. Refs keep officiating like they did in that game and there will be some visits from wise guys. There were certainly a few calls that were very hard to justify.

  10. With gambling a big part of the games now == It behooves the NFL to fix the reffing/ At least the simple stuff = put a mike in the ear of the linesman and have a buzzer go off when the clock hits 0. How hard is that. It shouldnt be sometimes it is good sometimes it is not. Put a ref in the stands and have him call down when there is an obvious missed call –

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