Report: Seahawks likely to use franchise tag if they can’t re-sign Geno Smith

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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Quarterback Geno Smith will start for the Seahawks against the 49ers on Saturday afternoon and the work he did to get the team into the playoffs is expected to land him at least one more year in Seattle.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Seahawks are working on a contract that would keep Smith in the fold after his surprising success during the 2022 season. If such a deal can’t be worked out, Rapoport adds that the Seahawks are likely to use the franchise tag in order to keep Smith off the open market.

A tag would come with a salary of over $30 million for next season while an extension would likely come with a more manageable cap number for Seattle.

Smith started every game in a season for the first time since his rookie year in 2013 and led the league in completion percentage while throwing for 4,282 yards and 30 touchdowns.

30 responses to “Report: Seahawks likely to use franchise tag if they can’t re-sign Geno Smith

  1. Giving Geno soon-to-turn-back-into-a-pumpkin Smith $30 million per would be asinine.

  2. Hmm. Good for Gino. Good for Seahawk haters. That means Seattle won’t use the top 5 pick they stumbled into on a top flight QB.

  3. The seahawks rarely use the tag. Once on a kicker and another time to trade Frank Clark.

  4. Once they lose badly to the 49ers today they can move on from Gino. Start the rebuilding process.

  5. Good for him. He’ll be a bridge QB. Give him $36M guaranteed for 2yrs. $28M next season, option for 2nd season that makes it worth $56M if he’s on the roster in 2024. Great story.

  6. Geno Smith has a lucrative career awaiting him after football starring as a Martin Lawrence lookalike at low level bars across the country. At least he will be used to being booed

  7. I don’t like a 40 million dollar a year Geno on the Seahawks but low to mid-30 million on a 3-4 year deal would be fair.

    If they can get a C or solid RG I think he improves next year.

  8. Geno’s luck is about to run out. They have the 5th pick in draft. Take a quarterback. Gives you a new rookie deal. Geno’s not a franchise quarterback.

  9. Geno regained credibility by sticking with Seattle. Don’t know why he would not sign a fair contract with them unless Seattle uses it’s high first round pick on a QB. Any team in Seattle’s position would be foolish not to draft a QB if one fell to them. Only 10 or 12 teams at the most really have a legitimate Franchise QB. Geno should just play the middle. If Seattle makes a fair deal with a good chunk of guaranteed money. Go ahead and sign. If they cut you after one or two years just make sure the contract allows you to have control of your destiny as Derek Carr now has. They gave you the chance. Show some loyalty, but cover your bases.

  10. Sign him to a 3-4 year deal, like another commenter said. No reason not to. He’s earned it.

  11. Also a report the Mob and crooked NFL refs put the Seahawks in playoffs. Embracing Gambling always leads to trouble. Investigation needs to happen or Trump will have 80 million people believing the league is fixed.

  12. Who would’ve thought the words “franchise tag” and “Geno Smith” would ever appear together in the same sentence?

  13. Let him test the market. I’m not sure there are a lot of teams willing to give him $30-40M. Seattle would be foolish to do so. They’d be better off trading for D Carr

  14. Seahawks defence needs a talent infusion.
    The #5 pick could help with that if Carter or Anderson falls are there. If Smith is reasonable with his demands they can rebuild a contender rather quickly, especially with the help the Broncos gave them.

  15. All due respect to Geno, but I sincerely doubt he will get more than $30 mil/year on the open market. I doubt he’ll even get $20 mil/year.

  16. Hopefully they use and Geno gets paid. Well deserved, hopefully he does better next year. Even though his season isn’t over yet.

  17. I’m watching them play the 49ers right now. No, so not sign Geno to a long term contract. If you do, Seattle will spend years with an upside of a wildcard and round 1 loss.

  18. Considering they hold the #3 pick (courtesy of the Broncos), maybe they should just draft a QB, whom they would have for the next 4 years at $8.75 million per year

  19. Jason says:

    January 14, 2023 at 3:38 pm

    Good for him. He’ll be a bridge QB. Give him $36M guaranteed for 2yrs. $28M next season, option for 2nd season that makes it worth $56M if he’s on the roster in 2024. Great story
    This isnt madden. So you want him to sign a deal that essentially pays him the franchise tag but spreads it out and gives him absolutely no security and actually is worse than 1 yr because then then Seattle has a 2nd yr that if their bringing him back hed be underpaid by NFL starter standards.

  20. Midway through the second quarter, Geno is looking pretty good. The Seahawks may have to resort to the franchise tag to keep him.

  21. Give him the Tom Brady deal. 2yrs/50 mil. I honestly don’t think Gino will squeeze them after waiting this long to start. The marriage works. The franchise tag works fine here as well.

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