Thunderstorms enter forecast for Seahawks-49ers

NFL: OCT 24 Colts at 49ers
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Weather will be an issue today in Santa Clara, where the 49ers host the Seahawks in the first game of the wild-card round. That has been known for days. Now, based on the forecast available at, a new wrinkle has trickled into the mix.

Thunderstorms become a potential factor at 4:00 p.m. local time. With the game starting at 1:30 p.m. PT, that puts a potential stoppage for lightning on the table in the fourth quarter of the game.

Rain is a given. The heavier stuff should fall in the morning, several hours before kickoff. Regardless, the conditions will be anything but pristine for the third game of the year between division rivals.

San Francisco won the first two; if weather serves to equalize in any way the talent gap between the teams, Seattle could perhaps put even more icing on the cake of a season in which the franchise far outperformed its expectations, post-Russell Wilson.

51 responses to “Thunderstorms enter forecast for Seahawks-49ers

  1. Just disqualify both teams. Seattle shouldn’t be in the playoffs and the 49ers will be back next year anyway.

  2. So this game will come down to who can run the ball better, Deebo and McCaffrey or Walker and Gino Smith. Could end up being a closer game than originally expected.

  3. As if the game wasn’t bad enough. Terrible way to open wildcard weekend. Chargers and Jags is far farrrrr and away the best matchup of the weekend. Two star quarterbacks, perfect weather. That is something to be excited for. No one wants to watch Skyler Thompson, no one wants to watch no Brock Purdy or geno smith or ANTHONY BROWN (lol) outside of those teams’ fans. Cowboys/Bucs will be by far the highest rated game for obvious reasons but outside of that Trevor Lawrence/ Justin Herbert is by far the most interesting and fun

  4. Yikes, and isn’t Levi’s stadium notorious for poor design when it comes to water draining? Certainly levels the playing field a little more. I’m sure the Seahawks are loving this considering everyone has essentially given them no chance to win.

  5. Fanboy trying to talk himself into a way that the Vikes can avoid the Niners. Calling on Seattle to do something he knows Minny can’t.

  6. All this weather in San Francisco is an average day in Seattle. The hawks practice and play in weather like this every day. I’d be worried if I was a forty whiner

  7. Well we know based on past experiences that if given the opportunity Pete will opt to throw the ball even if you have the best running back in football standing in the backfield, and the Superbowl is on the line at the the 2 yard line. Isn’t that right Pete?

  8. Well, if the BEARS beat the Niners on a rain soaked field on opening day …

  9. It’s a shame that a #2 seed has to play on WILDCARD weekend. A #2 seed is not anywhere near a wildcard. A team goes 13-4, wins 10 games straight games and destroys everybody in their path and yet they have virtually the same opportunity of getting to the superbowl as a 9-8 wild card team. A wildcard team should have to earn the right to play a #2 seed.

  10. Although I’m not a fan of domes, I don’t like games played with atrocious weather conditions. Cold and snow is one thing, but if you got absurd winds and slop for a field, it makes for an awfully ugly game.
    Congrats to the team that wins that kind of game, but I really don’t think knowing who’s the best mudder, and that their mother was a mudder, reveals who is the better team.

  11. 49ers 38 Seahawks 10 – my prediction is that Brock Purdy ends up winning 8 Super Bowls by the time he retires. Brock Purdy>Joe Montana

  12. 49ers lost to the Bears in wet conditions in their first game, they will lose in wet conditions for their final game.

  13. Vikings4Life says:
    49ers lost to the Bears in wet conditions in their first game, they will lose in wet conditions for their final game.////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

    You’re post seems logical…if you believe the first game of the season is an indicator of how a team plays in the playoffs…and you’re a Vikings fan…and if you’re afraid the 49ers will destroy the Vikings.

  14. With the Commanders out of the playoffs, everything opens up nicely for the Niners to make it to the Super Bowl. Next year it will be Sam Howell and the Commanders so The Faithful should enjoy the playoffs when they can.

  15. 49ersfury says:
    January 14, 2023 at 9:31 am
    It’s a shame that a #2 seed has to play on WILDCARD weekend. A #2 seed is not anywhere near a wildcard. A team goes 13-4, wins 10 games straight games and destroys everybody in their path.
    The putrid Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos say hi.

  16. How many carries did CMC have against the Bears? How many catches did Kittle have? What were Brock’s numbers against the Bears?

  17. The heavy rain and winds drop off significantly after 11 a.m. PST, 2 1/2 hours before the game. Tarps will be on before warmups. Once the tarps come off the heavy rain and worst winds will have passed. Conditions during the game are being overstated and the field will not be a sloppy mess. Just a storyline to fill the void leading up to the game.

  18. “Tell Bob to pass early before field gets torn up.” — Bud Grant to his back up QB in the play-offs on what will become a very bad field.

  19. The Vikings fans are praying that the Niners lose today. They know that Kirk and company are done if they have to fact the Niners.

  20. Anyone comparing the first game of the season, in a monsoon, in Chicago, to today’s game, knows nothing about football.

    NFL teams develop over the season. The good ones keep getting better. In the Chicago game, the Niners had Lance at QB, no McCaffrey and no Kittle.

    Having said that, bad weather is a great equalizer, so the game should be interesting, especially between two teams that hate each other.

  21. I just know the one time I want the Seahawks to win, they’re gonna lay a complete dud, since they’re the most overhyped team in the league, who only beat bad teams all season.

  22. Agree with what others have said that is is absurd the #2 seed has to play in wildcard round. It’s watering down NFL and turning it into the NBA. Next the owners will push for 8 teams out of 16 in each Conference into the playoffs and no bye teams after they extend season to 18 games. Half the players will be injured or concussed.

  23. With the playoffs starts a new season. Remember the wild card Packers team who won it all or the Patriots, after an undefeated season, lost to the Giants? Out of 14 teams there can be only 1 and anything can happen any given gameday, so good luck to all.

  24. Obviously the running games are going to be hugely important, but I think this game could possibly come down to which team can throw the ball in the bad weather. Specifically, who’s got the stronger, more accurate arm for these conditions. Smith or Purdy?

  25. Lightning is something to be concerned about. BUT, those poor babies can’t play in the rain? Play the game and deal with it, like teams have many years ago. Are we getting whimpy?

  26. It took a defensive play in OT for the niners to survive the Raiders with a QB in his first start ever. This is more of a pickem game than most would acknowledge. Seattle has the better coach as well.

  27. The rest of the NFC is hoping the 9ers get washed out of the playoffs today.

    It may happen, or it may not- but it’s a better chance it will than the 9ers at -9.5 suggests.

  28. The NFL should expand the playoffs to 8 teams per conference….or go back to 6 teams. Either method would allow the top 2 teams in each conference to have a bye. That would be more fair than the current system where only one team gets a bye. It would also allow the teams that don’t deserve to be in the playoffs to be eliminated in the first week.

  29. For all those Seahawks fans hoping for a rain equalizer- it’s stopped raining and there is minimal wind.

  30. Whomever above said the field has poor drainage is wrong. Levi’s is not Candlestick Park, which was below sea level, on the water’s edge and had no drainage.

    Levi’s won’t have any puddles or the lake you all saw in Week 1 in Chicago.

    The weather won’t affect footing, but the winds and a blowing rain might affect passing and catching. That’s about it.

    As for the thunderstorms- bunch of mularkey. We never get those out here. We get the same pansy showers they get out in Seattle. Not the driving with zero visibility stuff you see in Florida in the summer.

  31. Niner fans seem worried.

    The weather is certainly to Seahawks’ advantage.

    Take the Hawks and the points.

  32. Of course Minnesota doesn’t want to have to travel to SF. I would rather have another home game vs Tampa or Dallas. But first the Vikings have to beat a good NY team. First things first. So while I’ll be rooting for Seattle, it’s not what I’m concerned with this weekend. Probably won’t even get to see most of it. Minnesota needs to win, or next week doesn’t matter.

  33. I don’t know why everyone is stating that the Vikings want San Francisco out. I don’t think the vikings get a chance to play in that round anyway. Minnesota loses this weekend regardless

  34. I’ve been a Vikings fan for around 50 years. Any Vikings fan who is talking smack about not playing in San Francisco next week is a new guy with no clue. Real Vikings fans know never to look past this week’s game or that makes the disappointment more crushing, no matter how interesting and new the way the Vikings find to lose.

    More seriously, both the 49ers and Seahawks have solid fanbase and Smith and Purdy are both great stories. Good luck to your teams. I hope my Vikings get to play one of you later in the playoffs, just on the principle that I do want my team to win this week and not ruin my new year yet again.

  35. Well I spoke too soon. It’s coming in buckets. Oh well. It’s not like the niners don’t know how to run the block. To be honest. Metcalf and Lockett worry me more than their running game.

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