Will Sean Payton return in 2023? It’s currently a 50/50 proposition

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Former Saints coach Sean Payton has at least three teams interested in his services for 2023. So will he return in 2023?

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Payton is a 50/50 proposition to return in 2023. If not this year, he’ll most likely be back next year.

Payton has yet to have an in-person interview with any team. That process can start on Tuesday.

The Broncos, Cardinals, and Texans are the teams that have received permission from the Saints to talk to Payton.

With the top coaches in the NFL now making more than $20 million annually, sitting out means missing out on a lot of 2023 revenue. That would be a factor for anyone when choosing whether to return now, or a year from now.

18 responses to “Will Sean Payton return in 2023? It’s currently a 50/50 proposition

  1. Saw Sean Payton on the Fox pregame/halftime. Doesn’t look hungry for the challenge of taking over a new team. He looking pretty thicc.

  2. He won the talk about Sean game already. If he would have coached the saints we all would be talking about drew made the team not him again this season.

    So yeah he won the game talk about Sean let’s see how much money he gets and the picks.

  3. He doesn’t need the money. He wants an organization that is not dysfunctional. He’ll interview for the practice and to gather info, but all three franchises are models of dysfunction.

  4. Texans would be a nice choice looking at it from the outside. Take a team that is nothing. No identity, nothing, no heritage etc. Make it your own. Furthermore, take Texas from Jerrah. If you can’t do that with the number #2 pick, then go to somewhere and retire, leave us alone!

  5. Anyone wanting to hire him may want to check the tape from the FOX pregame. Dude looked and sounded like he had been drinking Hillybilly Margaritas all day long.

  6. Are we even sure he will have success with the next team he coaches? Plenty of coaching legends failed in their second stints with other teams. Jimmy Johnson in Miami, Mike Shanahan in Washington, Mike Holmgren in Seattle also never won a Super Bowl.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but You gotta go back to Bill Parcells or Don Shula to find a coach that had success with multiple teams.

  7. He gets paid ridiculously either way but he wants to run the show with Belicheat style control. So when he gets complete power with a roster you can work with he is back.

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong but you gotta go back to Bill Parcells or Don Shula to find a coach that had success with multiple teams!

    Well correct me if I’m wrong but Andy Reid seems to be quite successful on his second team!!!!

  9. That head coach in New England has had a little success also in his second stint as head coach…Being how he has more rings in his second HC job that any other coach in history..

  10. There should be an opening with the Chargers, top 5 QB should be a good run for the next 10 years or so for the next head coach.

  11. He has to look at where potential candidate team will be after they execute the trade for him. Bronco’s have no pick in first or second rounds, so they would need to give up 2024 and 2025 picks. Sean might want to have draft picks to rebuild with.

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