Bengals survive and advance to play Bills, defeat Ravens 24-17

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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It took the Bengals every second of their opening-round playoff game to remove all doubt, but they were able to defeat the Ravens 24-17 and advance to the divisional round.

Cincinnati took a 24-17 lead in the fourth quarter when defensive end Sam Hubbard recovered quarterback Tyler Huntley‘s fumble on the goal line and returned it 98 yards for a touchdown. Huntley tried to go over the top of the defense but linebacker Logan Wilson jarred the ball loose and right into Hubbard’s waiting arms. While tight end Mark Andrews gave chase, he couldn’t catch up to Hubbard.

Still, the Ravens had their opportunities late, mainly because the Bengals could not do much of anything on offense.

Baltimore started its final drive with the ball at the Cincinnati 46 with 3:14 left in the contest. But down by seven and with two timeouts, the Ravens showed a curious lack of urgency as the offense continued to huddle even as the clock ticked down.

The Ravens had first-and-10 at the Cincinnati 17 with 34 seconds on the clock. But an incomplete pass and holding penalty pushed Baltimore back to second-and-20 with 22 seconds left.

After a pair of incomplete passes to Mark Andrews, quarterback Tyler Huntley tried a Hail Mary to the left side of the field as time expired. While it looked like James Proche got a couple of hands on the ball, it fell in the end zone and the Bengals punched their ticket to play the Bills next weekend.

Filling in for the injured Lamar Jackson, Huntley performed admirably in his first postseason start. He completed 17-of-29 passes for 226 yards with a pair of touchdowns and an interception while also rushing for 54 yards. Baltimore put up 364 yards of offense, going 3-of-11 on third down and accumulating 23 first downs.

While Cincinnati finished 7-of-13 on third down, the club had just 234 total yards and averaged just 4.3 yards per play. Quarterback Joe Burrow finished 23-of-32 for 209 yards with a touchdown. Burrow also had a QB sneak for a touchdown in the third quarter.

Ja’Marr Chase caught nine passes for 85 yards with a 7-yard touchdown in the first quarter.

Already playing without their starting right tackle and right guard, the Bengals lost their left tackle, Jonah Williams, to a knee injury late in the first half and he was ruled out.

That could’ve been a factor for why Cincinnati’s offense got next to nothing after Burrow scored in the third quarter, punting three times.

Fortunately for anyone pulling for the Bengals, Hubbard came through with the play of the night.

With the win, the Bengals will play the Bills next Sunday at 3:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

73 responses to “Bengals survive and advance to play Bills, defeat Ravens 24-17

  1. Congrats to the city of Cincinnati! Joe Burrow and Zac Taylor are going to keep bringing the city memories to cherish

    Baltimore, cut ties with Lamar, the defence you have built and running game will go good with a pocket passer, plus Harbaugh a top 10 coach who isn’t afraid of reinventing himself with what he’s go on the roster.

    Great game from the both of you

  2. Terrible Clock management in 2 of the games today. The Miami coach looked clueless at the end of that game. The ravens coach clock management was inexcusable. Only difference one is a veteran coach and the other is a rookie.

  3. When are the Ravens going to figure out they will never win a Championship with a running back playing qb?

    So easy to defend, stack the box and dare the Ravens to throw it.

    Fire the OC and Harbaugh. They hung the defence out to dry.

  4. Comments all day were that the Bills will get sMoKeD by the Bengals because they squeaked by a backup QB. Meanwhile we just watched Burrow outplayed by a backup QB while sneaking by with a win.

    Be prepared to spend the next week reading whiny Bengals fans comments that a 12-4 team should have been seeded higher than a 13-3 team. Or that the NFL should have stuck with their original rule and seeded KC, BUF, CIN as the 1, 2, and 3 instead of “screwing” the Bengals and seeding KC, BUF, and CIN as the 1, 2, and 3.

  5. Luckiest team in NFL history. Still zero rings. Still a loser organization. Barely beat a team with no receivers, a backup QB and the worst OC in the NFL

  6. Season is over unless Whitworth comes out of retirement to play LT. Burrow no time to throw the ball with all the backups out there against playoff Defenses.

  7. Harbaugh and his crappy clock management.

    Time for him to go. This team hasn’t been right since they cleaned house after Superbowl 47.

    The last 2 minutes was the worse I ever witness.

    Defend that Raven fans……

  8. So because the bengals had to rely on a defensive outlier TD are we chirping that they don’t belong in the playoffs? Or is a win a win? I’m super confused because the commenters on her are wishy washy? I still subscribe to the win is a win theory. Call me crazy.

  9. Here comes the Bengals! Game of inches. The Hubbard fumble recovery for 98 yard TD was basically a miracle. Reminiscent of the James Harrison play in the Pittsburgh SB vs. Arizona. On to Buffalo.

  10. Harbaugh is part of the problem with his lack of play calling knowledge. Relies 100% on his coordinatorwith zero inputs. The D is legit and either Jackson starts with an offensive minded HC or he is traded if they want to retain Harbaugh and rebuild the offense. This falling short every season is a lack of offensive football on the Ravens side year in and year out save 2019

  11. Once again, Huntley proves he sucks under pressure. You guys are funny too. First, it was keep Huntley, get rid of Lamar and get draft picks. Now it’s get rid of Lamar, get picks and find a QB. If it were that easy, two-thirds of NFL teams would not suck. The Ravens were in first the last two seasons at the time of Lamar’s injury. Why would you get rid of that?

  12. Anyone notice Burrow is morphing into Cam Newton 2.0?

    He’s more interested in being interviewed about his outfits than being focused on the game ahead.

  13. Both the Bills and Bengals struggled today against division opponents.

    I expect both to play more up to their potential next week. Feels like this is how it’s supposed to be.

    Can’t wait.

  14. Seeing the Bills and Bengals play today, along with the Jags beating the Chargers. I think we can all assume that the Chiefs are the ones who should be representing the AFC.

  15. Sounds like some “people” think Lamar “one playoff win EVER” would have helped. Probably not. But sure…..tell yourselves whatever you have to. Bengals are still in it!

  16. Proud of how the Ravens fought. Lamar quit on his team and his city. Unforgivable. Get rid of him. Running back QBs don’t last long in this league.

  17. Survived is the operative word. Cincinnati is toast. Decimated by injuries from playing the most violent team in the league twice in 3 weeks. I feel for them actually. And coming from a Steelers fan, that says a lot.

  18. Seeing the Bills and Bengals play today, along with the Jags beating the Chargers. I think we can all assume that the Chiefs are the ones who should be representing the AFC.


    Talk to me when the Chiefs show they can actually beat the Bengals. They’re 0 for 3 in 2022, and I’m pretty sure they’re still the same team in 2023.

  19. I don’t have an issue with BAL taking their sweet on the last drive, because I wouldn’t want to score and give Burrow and his stud receivers the ball back with any amount of time left. What killed the drive was that holding penalty on the running play with Justice Hill

  20. Haven’t really seen a solid bengals half since first half in Tampa. Hope I’m wrong, but losing Collins hurt them, losing Cappa and now Williams might have them in a worse spot than they were even last year.


  22. Line had nothing to do with it. The Ravens have dominated their offense all year. Turnovers the second two games were the difference.

  23. Do I smell another coaching vacancy for the great Sean Payton, the greatest coach of all time?

  24. I’m happy that the Bengals escaped with a win, but you gotta be concerned with how badly they got outplayed by a not very good Ravens team. The injuries are piling up. They might be too much to overcome against better opposition.

  25. After watching Buffalo yesterday, and then Cincy today, I’m doubtful that their matchup next weekend is gonna be as marquee as we fans had been hoping.

  26. Bengals are going to need to about 8 guys on the line against the Bills. How Jackson Carmen is still on the team is laughable.

  27. I’d rather have the real Lamar Jackson than a knock off Lamar Jackson. Baltimore should have paid the real Lamar Jackson

  28. What an awful offensive line. The Bills who played awful today as well are going to win by 3 touchdowns. This won’t be a game. It amazes me that this team can’t protect their QB even a little bit. Even with max protection he got sacked. Totally lucky win against a bad offensive team and a backup QB.

  29. Aw, man! I wanted the Ravens to score just to see if Harbaugh was going to go for two and miss…that might have been enough for him to write his own pink slip….

  30. Bengals may have won the battle but lost the war. Both starting OTs out now plus RG – 3 starting OL out is a major problem going forward. Jackson was no better than expected filling in for Williams, who isn’t great in the first place. Will require a huge step up to beat the Bills – not impossible, just a major challenge and will need to be at least +2 on turnovers I think.

  31. Neither the Bills nor the Bengals looked sharp yesterday, but they both escaped with a win and, at least to me, were the better teams moving forward. Hopefully they both refocus and we get a better version of both teams next week.

  32. Otto Graham here, along with my buddy Y. A. Tittle. Getting weary of the Bungles jokes and the never-work-cleats analysts still sayin’ crap like “they survived”. We of the past recognize the team of the future. Congrats Queen City, well done. Looking forward to seeing you take the field in Arizona February 13th!

  33. steelcitywhiner says:
    January 15, 2023 at 11:45 pm

    Harbaugh and his crappy clock management.

    Time for him to go. This team hasn’t been right since they cleaned house after Superbowl 47.

    The last 2 minutes was the worse I ever witness.

    Defend that Raven fans……

    There is sone defense. I’m sure the thinking was not give the Bengals much time on the clock. Ever since Mahomes got a FG with 13 seconds left, teams are more cognizant of leaving too much time. Where the Ravens went wrong is if you don’t call timeout, then you should at least have no huddle. They did neither. I really didn’t have much of problem with not calling timeout. It was the execution the successive plays that was bad and that compounded things. You don’t need a lot time to go 20 yards. If they get a first down on the first play, then they’re at the 10 yard line with 30 seconds and two timeouts. Ravens usually have pretty good clock management, so it didn’t bother me. The bad play and penalty kind of botched things. But what did bother was trying to stick the ball over the goal line when you are 2 yards away. Really, dude? You guys have all this Lamar criticism, bottom line is he wins and I’m sick and tired of seeing Huntley lose winnable games. Say what you want about Lamar, but that’s the kind of game he wins and the Ravens D did their job. Got to hand it to Cincinnati though. They have been getting these not so sterling playoff wins, but a win is a win and hats off to them.

  34. Woah crazy, the rematch of the game they called. Who woulda thought, imagine the ratings. I wonder what script they’ll pull out this time

  35. unidentifiedcommentingobject says:
    January 15, 2023 at 11:49 pm
    Here comes the Bengals! Game of inches. The Hubbard fumble recovery for 98 yard TD was basically a miracle. Reminiscent of the James Harrison play in the Pittsburgh SB vs. Arizona. On to Buffalo.


    Nah, the James Harrison play was good coverage and faking a blitz. It was drawn up. Hubbard was standing around doing nothing when the ball fell in his lap

  36. Huntley looked decent right up until he made one of the worst plays in NFL history.

  37. To the person above … if the NFL followed their rule then fine it’s settled. HOWEVER they DIDN’T they made a very big accommodation for BUFFALO but completely ignored the fact that if the Bengals won that game which was at least 50% plausible they would be above the Bills in the standings. So call it whining if you want but I think it’s a pretty legitimate argument. If we really want to talk rules the Bills should have kept playing or took a forfeiture of the game, meaning the Bengals were the 2 seed. So asking for at least a coin flip is not whining it’s actually common courtesy the NFL failed to show.

  38. In this era of player empowerment, why shouldn’t Lamar Jackson look after his own interests?

    As we have seen in other instances, the teams certainly won’t look after them.

  39. Huntley is not the answer in Balt!
    Andrews was pushed in e back as he was about to make the tackle!
    The game was much closer than expected! Bengals now get ready for Damar’s return!

  40. Hats off to the Ravens for almost pulling out an impossible game. Lamar J screwed them royally and the team should demand the GM dump this guy he is all about the money but then so are the rest of them.
    Huntley with a proper off season and some coaching can easily take over this team they dont need to pay Lamar.

  41. Between the Bills with that moron QB Allen – he does the same dumb things over and expects a different result each time and the Bungels have returned to form, they look awful too. Good thing they played weak teams this year.

  42. Bills 34-24. Burrow isn’t looking as “all world” as people make him out to be and the Bengals O line is crushed.

  43. Harbaugh’s clock management during the last two minutes was deplorable. Its no indictment on the Bengals that this game was close, this was a 3rd division matchup for them and second week in a row. Next week in a Buffalo will be a wild game. If Allen doesnt turn the ball over slight edge to the Bills, but the Bengals are solid as a rock and would not surprise anyone by winning.

  44. touchback6 says:
    January 15, 2023 at 11:46 pm
    Whinebaugh did it again


    You mean playing in the postseason while BB was at home trying to determine how to whiff on this year’s 1st round draft pick?

  45. Buffalo is also called the Queen City (of the Great Lakes) – so a true battle of Queens on Sunday. Only one will remain on the throne – the Bills!

  46. Congrats to the WhoDeys from a proud WhoDat. I so much enjoyed the game and look forward to next week.

  47. Lots of salty comments from fans on both sides – makes for a good rivalry. It was a really good game!

    It’s possible, as another poster alluded to, that Harbaugh was trying to work the clock all the way down so that there was no time for Cincy if the Ravens scored. That said, they needed to account for the fact that a backup with only a few games under his belt is not going to be in the same rhythm as someone who has been starting for years (not endorsing Lamar as a QB, just making a general statement). To me, what killed the Ravens is that they have no go-to weapons other than Andrews, and everyone in Cincy knew it. Toward the end of the game, it looked like five guys were covering Andrews on one route!!

    Both Buffalo and Cincy are beatable – cliche, but the team that makes the fewest mistakes (turnovers) will win. Buffalo has a chance to get to Burrow with Cincy’s depleted line, but their secondary has shown to be vulnerable time and time again. If I had to bet I would go with the Bengals

  48. Mike
    McDaniel should focus more on clock management than snowballs:

    And the miami qb wasn’t awful but he wasn’t good. Buffalo shot themselves in the foot.

    McDaniel is getting way too much credit for this near win.

    Buffalo gave them the short field too often and they did just enough to keep I close

  49. If I was a Raven I would be mad at Lamar. He quit on his team. There is no market for Lamar outside of the system Baltimore designed around him. Who wants to pay a QB that is not accurate and misses a quarter of the season? His talent is not reading defenses and throwing in on time.

  50. I’ll give the Ravens credit. They fought hard. Cincy had better clean it up if they expect to go into Buffalo and win. They didn’t play well at times,.. but like I said the Baltimore defense gave them fits. The Hundley fumble was a killer. He wasn’t suppose to jump. The play was a dive play down low and a push from behind. Oooops !!

  51. 14 point swing 98 yrd fumble TD is the ONLY reason they won. Cin barely survived. The Chiefs are in, the rest is a formality. Most likely against the niners, though the Raiders were their equal with a first time starter QB carving up the niner D. Telling. KC = SB champs full stop.

  52. A very strange fact about that final Hail Mary: do you know what “Proche” means in French? It’s a bizarre irony that he’ll think about his whole life: it was sooooo CLOSE! I think it won’t all be bad memories: it was a magic moment that almost happened…

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