Brandon Staley: Joey Bosa was “frustrated” by “a bunch of things”

Los Angeles Rams v Los Angeles Chargers
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Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa drew a couple of fouls on Saturday night for unsportsmanlike conduct. One came after a fourth-quarter touchdown that moved the eventually decisive two-point conversion from the two to the one.

After the game, coach Brandon Staley was asked whether Bosa’s fouls resulted from a simple loss of composure.

“I think he was frustrated,” Staley told reporters. “I think he felt like there were a bunch of things that kind of accumulated throughout the game and tried to talk through it with the officials. But we can’t lose our composure like that. We need to make sure that we stay on the high side of things and we can’t hurt the team that way.”

Here’s the first foul. Bosa says something to referee Shawn Smith after the play, and Smith (following a brief exchange with Bosa) threw the flag. Bosa presumably was complaining about being held.

The second foul happened when Bosa removed his helmet and slammed it to the ground while still on the field. He seemed to believe the play started with a false start, and that he was thereafter held. (Staley rushed to retrieve the helmet and give it back to Bosa, who promptly threw it down again.)

While Bosa’s complaints may have had merit, it’s not as if uncalled false starts by tackles are rare. It happens with some frequency, with the left or right tackle starting into his pass-block stance a split-second before the ball is snapped. And, yes, pass rushers get held. All the time. Sometimes it’s called, sometimes it’s not.

Regardless, players need to manage their frustrations and avoid the unforced errors of unsportsmanlike conduct fouls. At times it’s easier said than done, but it still needs to be done.

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  1. Bosa is always crying. Of course he gets held, with a no call, all the good ones do, and he needs to not lose his co. He was a big factor in why they lost.

  2. Bosa said something to the ref that generated a flag. It sure looked personal in nature. Do you think after thst, you are going to get the calls going your way? I think not.

    That said, he was held. Often. Any blocker with an arm around a rusher’s neck is holding. Its just that simple. The fact its allowed is due to the league’s built in bias for offense over defense.

  3. Perhaps little Joey has some maturity issues? Chargers trainwrecked in 2nd half, and Bosa didn’t help.

  4. Football is a game of controlled rage. When it wanders into uncontrolled territory, you’re going to get flagged for it. Bosa knows that. Seems that he was just pissed about giving up 31 second-half points.

  5. It is not fair, but you have to deal with reality, and Bosa should know that when you go off on a Ref not only are you getting a flag but you are not getting any calls after that.
    Every defensive infraction will be called rigidly.
    The following Offensive infractions will not:
    1) play clock hitting zero and ball snapped 1 second after
    2) False Starts by Tackles on passing plays
    3) Pass Block holds by the OL

  6. His whining was obviously costly but it started with a more egregious error on his part by lining up offsides in the third quarter, negating a sack that would have pushed the Jags to the edge of field goal range. Instead, the Jags continue the drive and score a TD. Jumping offsides is bad but liking up offsides is a stupid mistake. To melt down as he did is a real shame.

  7. He wasn’t complaining when his dbs were mugging the jags wrs. As a fan of neither team, the officiating clearly favored the bolts. If Bosa had have maintained his composure the chargers would have likely hung o for the win.

  8. At least he didn’t get injured….what a whiner. Amazing how a franchise can change coaches, QBs and even cities and still has Big Loser Energy.

  9. Only baby losers lose their cool like this. Chargers are who they thought they were. Go Jag’s!! Go Dougie P!!! coach of the year by far.

  10. That’s the behavior of a defensive player that doesn’t trust his quarterback to score points.

  11. So sick of watching babies throw helmets ever week. Set an example. Maybe add 15k fines to each helmet throw and second offense in a season is an ejection. It’s look terrible and it’s a safety issue.

  12. James Harrison used to get held a lot worse than that every single play. That said, I noticed more than once the Jags right tackle setting up before the snap. I did think it was odd that it didn’t get called.

  13. A fan of neither team, the chargers were getting calls their way all game, bosa needs to grow up.

  14. Staley running in and returning his helmet to him was kind of funny, then it looked in the clip that he was going to retrieve it the second time, too. Makes you wonder how many times he was going to do it.

  15. Staley should have benched him. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like he’s in control. Pretty please don’t throw your helmet and cost us a playoff game.. Unprofessional approach by both player and the coach by handing him back the helmet and covering for him in the media. Neither displayed leadership.

  16. Bosa’s attitude was awful, but on the first flag for unsportsmanlike conduct he was walking away from the play and notably it was the ref who then chased Bosa down and got in his face. There’s no excuse for the helmet throwing tantrum later, but this call in particular seemed curious if it just arose from heated words from Bosa who didn’t initiate the confrontation.

  17. I wouldn’t be so quick to defend Bosa. That family is messed up. Also, you’re not getting a holding call on that play.

  18. That sounds like an insecure referee getting his feelings hurt.He’ll probably be rewarded with the Super Bowl and someday be head of all referees

  19. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    January 15, 2023 at 12:27 pm
    The Chargers are imploding. The team will never be the same.
    They should trade for Mac Jones. They would be Super Bowl contenders for years to come.

  20. Having played BOTH sides of the line of scrimmage as a blocker you get called for holding on plays you don’t and as a Defender you don’t get calls when you are held. Generally it evens out in the end, get over it.

    Did Bosa line up in the neutral zone on that play. Sure did by a mile and that is a boneheaded mistake on his part.

    Not sure the Tackle jumped but Bosa certainly got held. That said you DON’T mouth off to the ref (no matter WHAT the ref may say to you), boneheaded move #2.

    And you don’t take off and throw your helmet like a 2 year old, ESPECIALLY on the field. Bonehead move #3.

    There is plenty of blame to go around on and off the field for the Chargers but honestly Bosa should man up and claim his LARGE share of the mistakes that cost the Chargers that game.

  21. bradygirl12 says:
    January 15, 2023 at 2:37 pm
    Frustrated or not,you don’t act like a spoiled 10 year-old.

    Ironic given the way Brady whines, no?

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