Brandon Staley on Chargers’ collapse: I’m hurting for everybody in that locker room

Chargers Jaguars AFC wild card round 1
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Chargers head coach Brandon Staley said after Saturday night’s epic collapse against the Jaguars that it hurt to see his players and coaches in pain.

After ratting off all the things the Chargers did well — including jumping out to a 27-0 lead and winning the turnover battle 5-0 — Staley acknowledged that it wasn’t enough.

“I’m hurting for everybody in that locker room,” Staley said. “It’s a special group of guys and this is the toughest way that you can lose, in the playoffs. The way we started the game, that’s the team I know we’re capable of being, and in the second half we just didn’t finish the game. Unfortunately, this is the tough side of things. Our season is over, but I love everybody in that locker room.”

Staley said he believes the Chargers will grow and get better from the loss. But the big question is whether Staley will be there for that growth and improvement. He’s squarely on the hot seat after his team melted down in the playoffs.

44 responses to “Brandon Staley on Chargers’ collapse: I’m hurting for everybody in that locker room

  1. He needs to fire his defensive coach first thing, that might save him with the ownership. If he does not show them he is willing to make a change then they most likely will.

  2. When a coach can’t see what all the viewers were witnessing it time to go. The entire team checked out at half time. Heartless players are as much to blame as the coach. When things start to go wrong a team leader has to step but this team doesn’t have a leader.

  3. It happens. I would have fired him for playing his starters for 3 quarters in a meaningless end of season game. This coach ain’t too bright.

  4. If Herbert could’ve gotten like 1 TD in the second half when he wasn’t being gifted possessions..

  5. Joey Bosa lost that game, what a hot head. Simms said the defense needs to let the refs know when they are holding on every play, not freak out on them like a maniac. I’m still confused why he wasn’t ejected after the second unsportsmanlike?

  6. Bet Williams could have helped, but Staley’s terrible decision to risk playing starters in a meaningless game ended that.

  7. Love doesn’t make wins – Staley gave them reason to fire him and go after Sean Payton

  8. You could feel it the whole way, even at 27-0 it was looking like the Jags could actually move the ball when the Chargers just could not. Without the turnovers it would have been a blowout from the go

  9. The rest of the AFC West hope he remains the Chargers HC, he’s the only thing holding the Chargers back.

  10. He usually loses games on analytics nonsense decisions, this was simply a flat out choke job.

  11. I could have coached the Chargers to a hold-on win once it was 27-0 and I sometimes try to unlock my front door with my car key fob.

  12. I do give Staley credit for standing in in his presser and, more or less, listing the various failings/disasters that caused the 2nd half implosion. Not sure if the defense played on the 2-point conversion was one of them tho. No bodies in the hole where Lawrence took a step forward and stuck the ball over the goal line. Terrible; any Charger could have slapped that ball away well before it crossed the line.

  13. Chargers would have gotten blown out if it wasn’t for the great game that Mike Williams played. Oh, never mind. See ya later Staley.

  14. Between this game and the way he handled the last game of the season, I think he just sealed his own fate.

  15. They probably told Staley don’t call such an aggressive game and he actually played too conservatively which cost them. That was a great 4th qtr of playoff football to watch!

  16. At least this should finally put a cork in the Herbert is greater than Burrow nonsense

  17. The Chargers have one of the best roster’s for any coach looking at a new HC job. The Chargers are a better team than a wild card loss to the Jags. If I am Sean Payton and the Chargers job may be available, I am taking that over Phoenix or Denver

  18. No lead is safe in the NFL anymore. Minnesota comeback a few weeks ago and now this’s entertaining, but like the defensive games better where 3 points at the end decide a tough game.

  19. Gotta fire tbe OC. The eyeball test says Herbert has regressed since his rookie year. The running game is 100% nonexistent

  20. He should never be a HC in the NFL ever again. He’s in way over his head. Some folks just don’t have the nerve and poise for the head job.

  21. I can’t believe Staley hired Lombardi for his OC, Lombardi has proven he’s not an OC, only reason he’s a coach in the NFL is because his last name.

    Staley has to go, Anthony Lynn was better coach.

  22. Staley should be hurting, he squandered a golden opportunity. After watching the defense in this game I’m not sure which was worse, the celebrating players acting like they won before halftime or the defensive coaches for not keeping them in check !!

  23. Brandon Staley is just like Sean Payton. Payton had way too many early exits from the playoffs. How could you have Drew Brees all those years and only win one super bowl? I’d say Payton was below average. Most average coaches could have won three or four Super Bowls if they had Drew Brees all those years. Now, if Joey Bosa doesn’t line up offsides, or if that last kick would have been five inches to the right, we’d be talking about Staley as if he were a great coach. Just a little perspective. The Chargers are going to be fine. Lots of us were on here a few years ago constantly calling out Andy Reid. Reality check!

  24. Both Defensive Coordinators changed their strategies for the second half. It worked for the Jags, who stopped a very efficient Charger’s offense. It didn’t work for the Chargers, whose first half amazing defense suddenly couldn’t scheme a single thing.

    Staley didn’t take control of the second half the way great coaches do. He needs to go.

  25. As bad as the Chargers played in the second half, they still would have won if Bosa hadn’t lost hs mind and taken Two 15-yard penalties.

  26. Staley is better suited as a DC rather than a HC. The Rams just may have an opening and he and McVay had great chemistry. However, Spanos is far to cheap to fire him with time remaining on his contract.

  27. He’s trying to change the losing Charger tradition their entire existence. Failed. Can’t run the ball all year and when you needed to eat clock and control the ball the line, the coaching, the philosophy could not do it. Someone will be gone, likely OC Lombardy, but the DC is Staley himself and you had some good games towards the end of the year but mostly disaster. Telesco is on his third head coach, all fails. Get rid of Telesco, Staley and get Payton in and then let him pick and work with a GM. But to think a Spanos family member would do the right thing for the franchise? Fat chance.

  28. Before this game, Staley should have shown the team a film history of the Chargers’ greatest second half collapses. Granted, it would have run for several hours. Still, that at least should have sent a message to the team to no take any lead for granted.

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