Brian Daboll on fourth downs: Confident in Daniel Jones, we were trying to win the game

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
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Giants head coach Brian Daboll set the tone for his first season on the job in the opening game.

After a touchdown brought them within 20-19 of the Titans, Daboll went for two and the Giants got a win when running back Saquon Barkley got into the end zone. After the game, Daboll said the Giants were “going for the win” and he used the same explanation for a couple of choices to go for it on fourth down in Minnesota on Sunday.

Daboll called quarterback sneaks for Daniel Jones twice in the fourth quarter and he was able to convert both of them. One led to the go-ahead touchdown and the other might have helped run out the clock if Darius Slayton had hung onto a third down pass. The Giants still won 31-24 and Daboll explained his throught process after the win.

“We were gonna go try to win the game; we had confidence in Daniel moving the pile, and I can live with the consequences,” Daboll said, via WFAN. “He kept his legs driving and made a big play.”

That wasn’t the only time the Giants relied on Jones. The Giants called a lot of designed runs for the quarterback and Jones posted 78 yards on 17 carries to go with 301 yards through the air.

It was a brilliant performance for a player who came into this season with a lot of question marks about his future. That future now includes a game in Philadelphia for a chance to go to the NFC Championship Game.

15 responses to “Brian Daboll on fourth downs: Confident in Daniel Jones, we were trying to win the game

  1. Daniel Jones has more than earned his new contract, has looked like a completely different player with just 1 year under Daboll.

  2. Daboll over Pederson for coach of the year.
    He continues to do more with less. And the Giants outplayed the Vikings the entire game, not just benefitting from an epic collapse.

  3. It helps when you play an Ed Donatell defense that doesn’t try to stop the run or the pass. The entire defense is basically built on hoping the opponent trips or drops a pass.

  4. Well, well, well. Looks like the magic ran out. Funny, I was told they were gonna win the SB

  5. Cousins had his chance to drive down and tie it but made a bad decision on 4th down. Yep, still hasnt took the team as far as Keenum did.

  6. If my Dallas Cowboys are one and done, Mike McCarthy’s past SB doesn’t mean jack to me and Dak will not lead the team to one ever. The window is closing fast. Pass rush is gone, running game dried up and QB throwing touchdowns the wrong way. Good job Coach Daboll and even Mike McDaniel in Miami.

  7. Giants on the way up. Happy for that classy team and classy fan base. Best of luck going forward.

  8. Giants are going to give the Eagles all they can handle next week. Daboll is hands down the coach of the year.

  9. The Vikings should have won by three scores. They have the talent and the capability to beat anybody. I think the Packer game butt-kicking got inside their head. They weren’t the same after that game.

  10. They have the talent and the capability to beat anybody.
    The 49ers would destroy them 95 times out of 100.

  11. The pinnacle of confidence comes from looking across the field and seeing Ed Donatell on the other sideline.

  12. The Donatell defense makes any quarterback look good. He makes mediocre players look like All-Pros and second tier QBs look like starters. I almost wish he’d switch to coaching the Vikings offense – he’d have Cousins in the Hall of Fame.

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