Damar Hamlin is watching today’s game from home

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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Bills safety Damar Hamlin will watch today’s game from home as he continues to recover after going into cardiac arrest on the field 13 days ago.

“My heart is with my guys as they compete today!” Hamlin wrote on Twitter. “Supporting from home as I focus on my recovery. Nothing I want more than to be out there with them!”

Hamlin’s decision to stay home, rather than attend the game, apparently came down to this morning. We had heard conflicting things about Hamlin’s plans, and the Associated Press also had conflicting reports about whether Hamlin would attend in person. Ultimately, it appears that his medical team urged him to rest at home.

Bills fans look forward to the moment when they’ll be able to cheer Hamlin in person again, but it will be at least another week before that happens.

6 responses to “Damar Hamlin is watching today’s game from home

  1. Good decision for him and for the team. They are playing for him if he’s there or at home.
    Apart from that, being there today would have somehow mandated to be there in the next round if they win and that could possibly be a game against the Bengals, which he probably also should not attend, because it would probably cause some emotional wounds to open up again with him and probably some of his teammates. He better go slowly in his own interest and the interest of the team. Nobody needs additional drama or emotional stress during the playoffs.

  2. Just let the man recover, damn. Why do we need to keep tabs on his whereabouts still?

    This postseason run will be so biased for the Bills now. How many really close games this season were decided in their favor by 4-quarter questionable calls before all this, calls the refs later admitted they messed up? At least 4, right?

    Only gonna see more of this for the NFL’s favorite team now…

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