Dolphins storm back, Bills lead only 20-17 at halftime

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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Don’t count the Dolphins out just yet.

After a first quarter in which it looked like the Bills would stroll to a laugher of a win, the Dolphins stormed back in the second quarter to tie the game at 17-17. The Bills then kicked a field goal at the end of the second quarter to take a 20-17 lead at halftime.

Miami got three field goals and a touchdown pass from Skylar Thompson to Mike Gesicki, followed by a two-point conversion pass to Tyreek Hill. The Dolphins also got a Cedrick Wilson 50-yard punt return that flipped the field to help their comeback.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen, meanwhile, threw two interceptions in the second quarter to help the Dolphins get back into it.

And the bad news for the Bills continued when cornerback Dane Jackson suffered a knee injury and is questionable to return. Dolphins left tackle Terron Armstead is also questionable to return, with a hip injury.

The Bills are still the favorites in this game, but it’s not the blowout it looked like.

18 responses to “Dolphins storm back, Bills lead only 20-17 at halftime

  1. This is turning out to be a good game, I’m sure the Bills Mafia are a little nervous right now.

  2. I have a dream that one day I can watch a Bills broadcast without hearing Tony Romo’s voice.

  3. Dolphins O Line is horrible, recievers dropping everything and yet they are only 3 points down at half. Oh yeah wouldn’t be a Bills game if Allen doesn’t throw a couple of picks. Media will lose their mind if the Fins upset their precious Bills.

  4. Well its not a 50 point blowout as predicted. Miami isn’t going away. Both games were played close during the regular season. Why did all the fans and talking heads think this would be different?

  5. Bills need more weapons besides Diggs. I think they will hold on but this team looked better last year.

  6. Buffalo’s secondary looks terrible. Injuries have left them vulnerable, as they gotten lucky with Waddle’s drops.
    This a game they still should win, but they’ve looked surprisingly shaky today. Emotion can only carry you so far…

  7. Not a dolphins fan but it’s funny people shooting down the fins after a slow start. Don’t start betting

  8. As I’m as cautious as I am optimistic – I never thought Miami would roll over against my Bills but this game is making LOT of us Bills fans uneasy because we shouldn’t be up by ONLY 3 at halftime!

  9. How wasn’t that a personal foul when Ahmed got hit with a helmet when defenseless?

  10. I was pretty sure the mafia would win by at least 50.That’s what they told me anyway

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