Jaguars’ win after trailing 27-0 was NFL’s fifth-biggest comeback

NFL: JAN 14 AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Chargers at Jaguars
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The NFL’s fifth-biggest comeback ever took place on Saturday night in Jacksonville, when the Jaguars fell behind 27-0 in the first half only to win 31-30 on a field goal as time expired.

Two of the NFL’s five biggest comebacks have happened in the last month: The biggest comeback in NFL history took place on December 17, when the Colts jumped out to a 33-0 lead over the Vikings at halftime, only to have the Vikings win 39-36 in overtime.

Prior to that Vikings-Colts comeback, the biggest comeback in NFL history was 32 points, when the Houston Oilers took a 35-3 win over the Bills in a playoff game on January 3, 1993, but the Bills came back to win 41-38 in overtime.

The NFL has also seen two 28-point comebacks: In a playoff game on January 4, 2014, the Colts fell behind the Chiefs 38-10 but the Colts came back and won 45-44. And in a regular-season game on December 7, 1980, Archie Manning and the Saints jumped out to a 35-7 halftime lead, but Joe Montana and the 49ers rallied to win 38-35.

Now the Jaguars’ comeback takes its place alongside those other games among the great comebacks in NFL history.

25 responses to “Jaguars’ win after trailing 27-0 was NFL’s fifth-biggest comeback

  1. How does a quarterback retain his self-confidence after throwing 4 interceptions in the first half, and going down 27-0? That first half was the kind of thing that would scar a normal person for life.

  2. Staley needs to go…and the other person this falls on os Nick (I’ll never be Joey) Bosa…what a punk

  3. Despite all the bad pass interference non-calls the Jags found a way to Win. Congrats!
    Refs are going to be a major factor in all the playoff games this season unfortunately.

  4. Saw this coming not the way the game played out but thought that the Jags could win. There’s a lot of talk about Herbert being great and the next best thing. He seems pretty mediocre and can’t win the big games not sure if its him or the team. Had him for fantasy and he cost me a lot of games too.

  5. More teams lose now from playing a prevent offense than they do playing a prevent defense.

  6. Doug Peterson is a really good coach! Keeps his team focused and trusts his QB. His players love playing for him.

  7. The reason dog face wasn’t scarred after a four interception half was because he has a brain stem and nothing else. The more I watch him the more he could be as smart as a rock.

  8. I guess Raiders Defensive Coordinator Patrick Graham took over play calling duties at halftime last night

  9. Chargers would have given the Chiefs a better game. Jags are gonna be dismembered next Sunday… Chiefs get handed the one seed and a 2 week bye… doesn’t get much better than that

  10. Goodell strikes early in 1st rd of the playoffs! I expect one of the NFC games to be affected like this as well.

    Likely Giants vs Vikings. Ol Rogie has a soft spot for extra money coming through the NY market.

  11. One of the more exciting 2nd half one could wish for. Al Michaels sounded like he was doing play by play at a funeral.

  12. The Chargers were overrated and inferior to the Jags. The 4 pics were clearly a fluke given TL’s record. The fact that they came back so easily simply validates that without the picks, they would have likely routed the chargers. Even the Raiders are better than the chargers, they just weren’t able to finish like 6 games where they led by double digits in the 4th qrtr.

  13. Andrew Luck…erased a 28 point playoff deficit in year two.

    Lawrence….erased a 27 point deficit in year two.

    Hopefully the Jags give Lawrence a better support system than the Colts gave luck.

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