Jerry Jones pushes for sports betting in Texas

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders
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Everything is bigger in Texas. Except for legal sports betting. Which is nonexistent.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently, appearing Friday on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, made the case for Texas embracing something that most states have authorized, long ago.

“Well, I think it’s really a thing that needs to be addressed at this time,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “One of the reasons why I think it does is because it’s happening at this time. There’s a huge amount of gaming going on in and around sports at this time. And, so, to have all of the benefits or all of the control over it, it needs to be recognized and parameters put on it and discipline put in it. Then, also the benefits that go, can go in Texas, could adhere to the right kind of people, or some property tax. Certainly help educate our great state’s children. All of those things can be enhanced by something that’s presently going on in a big, big way.”

The bottom line is that, in every state where sports betting isn’t legalized, sports betting is happening. So why not embrace it, regulate it, and profit from it?

“We should be getting the benefit of it as other states are,” Jones said. “Other states surrounding us are. So, it’s a time for us to, I think, set the rules up and execute on it and get the benefits of it.”

Jones is right, even if he’s being motivated by his own self-interests. And he will indeed make plenty of money if/when gambling is legalized in Texas.

13 responses to “Jerry Jones pushes for sports betting in Texas

  1. Life long Cowboy fan here and I think we all agree Jerra cares nothing but lining his own pockets .

  2. I’ve never understood why so many people who think that the NFL is fixed, still follow the sport.

  3. But cut ties with Bernie Kosar for placing a bet on the Browns to win.


  4. uknfl says:
    January 15, 2023 at 4:09 pm
    I’ve never understood why so many people who think that the NFL is fixed, still follow the sport


    Same reason people watch NASCAR. For the wrecks…

  5. But we can throw those dollars to the Texas Scratch Off games. Seems a little hypocritical.

  6. The NFL embracing betting will end badly. What could the NFL do if every single player in the league openly placed a bet next week or next season. Some of that betting money should go to players pension system.

  7. Listen kids, you have to win 53% to break even. You can’t even go 50%. To break it down simply, if you make 10 bets on a football weekend, you need to go 6-4…. 5-5 is losing. You might get hot for a few weeks or even a few months. The built-in fallacy is that you will never stop. you will keep betting until it’s all gone. If you’re still +up after the SB, you’ll start betting college basketball games you know nothing about ..until it’s all gone. You cannot win. That’s why these online apps offer free money when you open an account. Come on , who gives you free money … and why? The same reason credit cards give you thousands of dollars of credit when you’re in college. They have you forever

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