Kyle Shanahan: Brock Purdy gives us more and more confidence each week

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
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49ers quarterback Brock Purdy didn’t get off to quite as bad a start as Trevor Lawrence on Saturday, but the first half against the Seahawks was not his finest hour.

Purdy was fortunate to avoid interceptions while going 9-of-19 for 147 yards and a touchdown in the first 30 minutes. The Seahawks led 17-16 at the break, but the second half was far more prosperous for the rookie and the team.

Purdy went 9-of-11 for 185 yards and two touchdowns as the 49ers scored the first 25 points of the second half to pull away for a comfortable win. Purdy became the first rookie quarterback to win a playoff start since January 2013 and the youngest player to ever throw for 300 yards and three touchdowns in a playoff game.

After the game, head coach Kyle Shanahan said the 49ers never lost their faith in Purdy during the slow start and said that their belief in him continues to grow.

“I felt that way from the beginning,” Shanahan said, via “Once he got in that game versus Miami he didn’t have the luxury to sit there and worry about stuff the way the game was going. We just had to call plays to try to win the game, and he did such a hell of a job. He’s done it every time since. We’ve got a lot of confidence in him and he gives us more and more confidence each week.”

It was natural to have doubts about Purdy when the seventh-round pick was first thrust into the lineup, but they’re getting harder and harder to justify as the 49ers keep rolling.

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  1. Purdy looked nervous in the first half, and when he was under pressure he reverted to the bad habit of scrambling backward instead of stepping up in the pocket. But he cleaned that up in the second half. Now he’s got his feet wet, and I think he’ll be more poised going forward.

  2. Purdy showed the poise of a veteran and he can sling it pretty good too. I figured Brady would sign in SF; I’m not sure that that will happen now.

  3. The 49ers were quite fortunate to find a franchise QB after chasing one since Steve Young left the building. Don’t mess it up by going back to Lance or publicly announcing it will be an off-season QB competition. Get rid of Lance and JG and build around Purdy.

  4. There was a report yesterday that the 49ers were interested in signing Brady this offseason. If that happens I will be furious, as I think the majority of fans will be as well.

  5. Brock Purdy is the man. I have been waiting for the 49ers to find a perfectionist at QB who believes that practice doesn’t make perfect, but practicing perfection makes perfect, all we heard this week was “the ball barley touched the ground at practice”. When was the last time we heard that from a 49er practice?

    Plus his old coach said that all Purdy cares about is God, family, it looks like we found ourselves a QB. Plus Kyle and Brock are probably wired the same as their Birthdays are only 9 days apart . A perfect marriage between Coach, System and QB.

  6. I know I know, wayyy toooo early to tell but he reminds me of a nimbler, more athletic Montana. They way he delivers the ball with anticipation and touch is Montana-esque. They way he escapes a collapsing pocket reminds me of Russell Wilson.

  7. Showed solid poise in the second half, but he was still playing against a bad Seattle defence. The rush to anoint him as the future starter continues to be overdone.

  8. IT’s funny. All of the Seattle fans that were saying that the Niners would lose because they haven’t beaten an good teams…….are missing.

    I guess Seattle wasn’t a good team either.


  9. Teams struck gold whenever getting a starting QB in late rounds to allow retaining good players around him.

  10. The protagonists will claim defensive coordinators will figure him out by studying him this off-season. They might, but he might also continue to improve and get a lot better. The good ones shine from the start and he’s shiny as a new penny. Love to see it

  11. I love the Purdy story … but he’s got a loaded team in front of him. I’m not at all sure we’d be seeing the same play with a bottom-5 roster.

  12. If the 49ers get smart, smarter, and decide to move on from Lance, what can they get for him? With the situations around Wilson, Murray, Cam and Jackson, the market for running QBs have taken a big hit. Taking the best athlete regardless of his ability, or the lack of it, to operate a complex offensive scheme, thinking they can be coached up, seldom works. Wilson was good enough for many seasons, until he lost a half a step, then he hasn’t been been. The others have shown little ability to adjust when they are injured and can’t run. Can’t run, can’t play.

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