Mike McDaniel: I was told “from upstairs” we had first down before late delay of game

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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The Dolphins’ hopes of pulling off an upset of the Bills ended when quarterback Skylar Thompson threw an incompletion on a fourth down late in the fourth quarter, but they cost themselves a chance at a shorter conversion by taking a delay of game penalty before that snap.

Running back Salvon Ahmed‘s run on the previous play was close to a first down and head coach Mike McDaniel said after the game, via Marcel Louis-Jacques of ESPN.com, that he heard “from upstairs” that they got the yardage needed. Officials ruled otherwise, however, and McDaniel said the shift from a first-down play to a fourth-down call caused confusion that led to the penalty.

The Dolphins weren’t able to call a timeout because they had already burned all three in the second half due to frequent slowdowns in calling plays and snapping the ball. Some of that was likely due to playing on the road with a rookie third-string quarterback, but McDaniel said, via Daniel Oyefusi of the Miami Herald, “it shouldn’t have to happen as much” as it did on Sunday.

Miami gave the Bills all they could handle and better communication between the booth, sideline and field might have been enough to push them over the finish line.

33 responses to “Mike McDaniel: I was told “from upstairs” we had first down before late delay of game

  1. The HC was in over his head. Tommy will want no part of that nonsense. He’ll bring his HC or go elsewhere.

  2. Way too many delay of game penalties all year. They’ve had them coming out of timeouts. No excuse for that

  3. Tough to call plays and HC. Would be interesting to see how many blown TOs or delay of games called for that type of playcaller vs a traditional OC. It became a bit comedic as half went on as there were also a couple other times when it appeared they were well past zero when they snapped (with no penalty).

  4. He should have know the officials only give phantom 1st downs to the team that is part of the script.

  5. Team played hard. Had no business being in that game. McDaniel had a green third string QB playing in the highest pressure moment of his life. They came up short. The fact he got him that far is a minor miracle. I’m happy they didn’t get laughed off the field.

  6. Did the officials move the chains? Did the down marker have a 1 or a 4? Quit making excuses. You blew a good chance to win the game or at least send it into OT because you couldn’t call a QB sneak fast enough

  7. First, the refs spotted it wrong on Waddle’s catch the play before. He landed on top of Bills tackler and roll off 1 yard short. The refs spotted him where he landed on the Bills player 2 yards short. Ahmed ran for 1.8 yards. Had the spotted it correctly in the first place, it would have been a first down

  8. The 3rd and 19 pass play call seconds before half deep in their own territory that was intercepted and led to a field goal for the Bills was one of the worst play calls ever. It was the last thing you would want.

  9. Thompson played okay for a third string QB. He was terribly unprepared. Lots of mental mistakes and missed reads. Arm strength isnt good. Miami would have won with a qb whose pinky wasnt hurt or a guy whose still hearing church bells.

  10. This guy has shown no ability to be a head coach all year. At best he is a glorified OC. Fire him, for crying out loud,

  11. Kevin Stefanski is equally guilty of burying his head in a play sheet during vital times of a game. I don’t get why some of these head coaches refuse to give up play calling when they get the HC role. Too much is distraction.

  12. League wasn’t going to let them win that game if they could help it. It’s not what they wanted. It should have at least been measured to give them time to figure out what was next. I’ve seen more farfetched spots get measured. Let’s put it like this. If that had been Buffalo, it would have at least been measured and probably would have been called a first down. Things like this is why the NFL is losing credibility by the second.

  13. Also, if Thompson throws it to Hill on 4th down, it would have been a big play (assuming he catches it), at least a 1st down and possibly a touchdown (based on the replay). But that’s the growing pains of a rookie qb.

  14. You know you’re having trouble beating the play clock so why are you still screwing around with all the pre snap motions?

    Yes the motion normally helps you but if you keep delaying the game maybe cut it out

  15. The boo birds calling for the firing of a first year HC that managed to get his team into the playoffs with a 3rd string QB are laughable – there also the same ones that called for his head over Tua’s injuries which were also equally ridiculous considering it’s was on the medical staff & Tua to ok it. Either your not true Dolphin fans or your fans of some other team within the division & your worried because deep down you know he’s gonna have Miami primed next season…so which is it?

  16. Lots of “what if’s “ going on right now?
    You know that it doesn’t matter how close the score was, right?
    Only which team has the most points at the end.

  17. Who from “upstairs” told him that? Was it God? Next time he should listen to what the officials on the field say.

  18. ghjjf says:

    Who from “upstairs” told him that? Was it God? Next time he should listen to what the officials on the field say.
    Right, because the officials are always right on their initial calls. That’s why no calls ever get overturned.

  19. McDaniel is gonna make rookie mistakes, because he’s a rookie head coach. Couple that with a rookie QB and some things are just tough to overcome. I’m not that salty about the loss. The Fins played hard. They won the turnover battle. They pushed the Bills as far as they could go and there was no blow out that was plastered all over the media. Hopefully Tua comes back healthy for the off-season program. We need to move on from Byron Jones. We need to re-sign Wilkins and we need to move on from Gesicki. He’s talented but this scheme requires an every down skill set from his position and he just can’t block. Either way, Fins Up!

  20. For a penalty as seemingly objective and straightforward as delay of game, it really is such a controversy when to call it and when not to

  21. If he calls plays in the same monotone slow way he normally talks no wonder why it takes so long to get the play in.

  22. ghjjf says:
    January 15, 2023 at 7:35 pm
    Who from “upstairs” told him that? Was it God? Next time he should listen to what the officials on the field say.

    It was probably the comish but he can’t say it or he will be disciplined.

  23. Really incredible that Miami was in this game for 3 quarters. The fact that some fans think McDaniel should be fired is just crazy. They scored more than enough points to give themselves a chance with a 3rd string QB matched against one of the best QB’s in football.

    Great game especially from the front 7 of Miami…they really stalled the Bills at times. Some incredible DB plays by Bills to breakup great throws from S. Thompson.

    This game was much better than I expected it to be and the Dolphins played well. They will be good next year and so will Buffalo. We may be seeing the top tier if the AFCE like this for years to come

  24. As a very long time Dolphin’s fan that has absolutely no say in how the team is structured, there are a few things that are very obvious:

    McDaniel is a very good coach with developing a good system, game plan, and at motivating the team; he is not very good at game management and game time adjustments and improvisation. He should be directed to hire a good Offensive Coordinator who will call plays- of course with his veto power on calls.

    We need a new Defensive Coordinator and Special Teams Coordinator. It is almost as if ST’s has been an after-thought this entire season. The great teams get value from all three phases of the game.

    Miami has the personnel to run a 4-3 defensive scheme- especially with Ogbah returning for injury. Jaelen and Chubb are better suited as DEs.

    We are really weak at Linebacker. How many times this year has a linebacker made a truly game changing play? We have a lot of serviceable linebackers but not a one is consistently a game changer. We have no Milano or Edmonds.

    Offensive Line is again a problem, and has been all year. Their only claim to fame is that they played better than last year- marginally. I know injuries happen and it has hit this squad hard, but this is the NFL and all teams have injuries. It is time for someone to solve the recurring problem of a porous line. That kid had no chance to succeed against the Bills- he was constantly scrambling just to survive. It’s really hard to find 2nd and 3rd option receivers when you are spinning around trying to avoid the sack. Either fix the line or get another GM and scouting team that understands O line play.

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