Report: Ravens plan to play both Tyler Huntley and Anthony Brown at QB tonight

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The Ravens have not named their quarterback for tonight’s playoff game against the Bengals. Perhaps because both of the quarterbacks who will be active tonight are going to play.

With Lamar Jackson out, the Ravens plan to play both Tyler Huntley and Anthony Brown at quarterback against the Bengals, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Huntley is officially listed as questionable with shoulder and wrist injuries, but there’s little doubt that he’s going to play. The question is how much he’ll play, and how much playing time will go to Brown, who started last week’s loss to the Bengals.

The Ravens went 8-4 with Jackson starting this season, but they were just 2-2 in the games Huntley started, and they lost the only game Brown started. Jackson’s knee injury derailed Baltimore’s season, and it’s going to be tough for them to upset the Bengals in Cincinnati tonight with a Huntley-Brown quarterback rotation.

17 responses to “Report: Ravens plan to play both Tyler Huntley and Anthony Brown at QB tonight

  1. As a Ravens fan, can’t wait until after this game is over so we can officially start evaluating trade offers for LJ.

  2. When I saw both QBs I was hopeful, then I saw the names. This team has little hope without Lamar

  3. Sounds like Lamar’s too priority is his next contract. That’s his prerogative, but doesn’t reflect well on him as a teammate.

  4. Bengals fans and Zac Taylor trying to figure out how they can whine about this being unfair to them

  5. Would not be surprised to see Harbaugh pull out a fake punt, or an onside kick to make up for his teams deficiencies in this gm. Won’t matter – Bungles should roll 31-10

  6. This is a huge mistake by Harbaugh. This move says “there’s no way we can win this game”.

  7. Wow! Baltimore has fallen from the gimmick that was all the rage in the NFL now pouting and spending more time on horrible hair styles. Now that his shelf life is gone, the team has to trot out two more pretenders and hope their competition will be just as stupid as Baltimore’s management.

  8. When you have a starting QB whose style of play opens him to injury, you need a quality backup. The Ravens #2 and #3 are both undrafted free agents, neither of whom is going to scare a defense.

  9. Read between the lines. If the games close Huntley will go most of the time. But he can’t push ball over 10-15 yards. If they get down 2-3 scores, Brown will be in.

  10. touchbutt6 says:
    January 15, 2023 at 9:09 am
    Bengals fans and Zac Taylor trying to figure out how they can whine about this being unfair to them


    Good one. Feel like I’ve read it from your posts multiple times this week. If you want to bust balls, at least try not to be a broken record.

  11. Two guys putting everything they have into their team’s playoff hopes, with the other guy sitting on the couch expecting the largest contract in history as a reward.

    It’s a good thing that player safety is so much more of an emphasis these days. Too often, guys have been or felt forced to hurt themselves.

    But it seems like the players themselves are speaking now, and that carries weight. It’s been a cumulative thing with Jackson missing so much time last year and this year, for illness as well as injury. At some point, the benefit of the doubt ends and the players know if you’re going to be there for them, or not.

  12. The only way things could look worse for the Ravens would be if they had surprise signings of Antonio Brown and Terrell Owens.

  13. Huntley going all out to share snaps while injured to help the PS QB get by in a playoff game while Lamar quits on the team.

  14. Baltimore fan here… Harbaugh has, historically, done a decent job of having his teams prepared for the big stage, he has a lot of road playoff wins under his belt. I don’t expect us to win tonight but not expecting a massacre either. I’m not sure how many other franchises in the league could sent their teams on the road in the playoffs without QB1, WR1, and WR2 and expect to win the game. Say what you will about Lamar but he can be a difference maker any given Sunday. Doesn’t look like he will be a part of the franchise moving forward, just hope we can get enough in return for him to set us up for years to come.

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