Titans request interviews with Eric Bieniemy, Matt Nagy for OC opening

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
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The Titans have their eyes on a couple of Chiefs assistants as they look for a new offensive coordinator.

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reports that the team has requested interviews with Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy and senior assistant/quarterbacks coach Matt Nagy.

Bieniemy has been the offensive coordinator in Kansas City since 2018 and has had numerous head coaching interviews, including one with the Colts this week. Moving to Tennessee would be a lateral move, but it would come with more responsibility for putting together the entire offense because Andy Reid has a heavy hand in that with the Chiefs.

Nagy was Bieniemy’s predecessor in Kansas City before moving on to the Bears head coaching job. He returned to Reid’s staff after being fired in Chicago after the 2021 season.

21 responses to “Titans request interviews with Eric Bieniemy, Matt Nagy for OC opening

  1. If Mike McDaniel can get an HC job after working with shanahan for years, if I’m burn emu I’m only leaving KC for a head coaching gig.

  2. Only way Bieniemy gets a head coaching gig is if he proves he can do it outside of Andy Reid.
    He just doesn’t have the responsibilities other OC’s have.
    Plus he has to better since he has extra baggage.

  3. Yeah don’t hire Matt Nagy. His offense in Chicago was not good and he used the kicker as a scape goat.

  4. I think Reid would welcome Bieniemy taking a lateral move. There are reasons why he’s not head coaching material.
    And Nagy…please help me stop laughing…Nagy…the fantastic architect of the terrible Bears O.

  5. Nagy, currently Reid’s water boy/ burger fetcher, never was OC with the Chiefs. The only game he called the plays was a playoff game they lost, after which the Bears hired him which was a huge mistake. Not sure how much Bienemy controls the offense but this would be a lateral move for him if he is indeed the real OC and Reid isn’t still calling the plays. If they let him do that, it shows how badly they want him out of KC without firing him.

  6. Nagy only does what Nagy wants. He couldn’t tailor his game plan to a players strengths if his life depended on it. Mitch wasn’t the main problem in Chicago, Nagy was. He’d destroy Malik’s confidence and career in one season.

  7. The news will be if he accepts that Titans interview. Seems like the league still hasn’t forgotten about Brad Childress or Pat Shurmur.

  8. Bieniemy is an unknown quantity until he runs an offense where he calls the plays. Being a puppet for Reid you can see why he is ready for a lateral move.

  9. Doug Pederson has done a great job as head coach after being Andy Reid’s offensive coordinator.

  10. Same bears team just got the number one pick, it’s not the hc guys the team sucks. Nagy should get credit for dragging a sorry ass team to the playoffs. Let’s put the blame where it belongs on ownership and the terrible gm they had.

  11. Nagy gets plenty of blame, an earlier comment nailed it – he couldn’t create an offense to fit the skill set of the players he had. Not everyone is Mahomes. Worst head coach hire in my lifetime and I go back to the early 70’s. Pace certainly deserves blame as well but he wasn’t in charge of the offense, Nagy was. Like I said earlier, he’s just a gofer for Reid.

  12. Nagy will be the OC if EB leaves. And everyone in KC wants EB gone. If they’re both gone from KC, I think KC would bring Kafka back under the presumption he’d be the next HC after Reid leaves.

  13. I’d just as soon not have to face Bieniemy twice a year as a head coach or OC. Don’t know why all supposed Chiefs fans hate EB.

    It makes zero sense, they’ve only been to 4 consecutive AFCCGs with him helping Andy call offensive plays. Does it help to have the skill position players which Dorsey and Veach have drafted or signed? Yeah, it sure does.

    But Bieniemy hasn’t been a hindrance to the Chiefs offense.

    I wouldn’t mind having EB as head coach, when Reid steps down. The problem is promotion within the Reid coaching tree. Other teams continue to pick our coaches to join their staffs. There’s a logjam at EB currently, as we saw with Kafka getting poached.

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