Brett Maher finally makes an extra point as Cowboys lead 31-6

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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It’s over . . . even the kicking drama.

Dak Prescott threw an 18-yard touchdown pass to CeeDee Lamb on fourth-and-three. That brought out kicker Brett Maher for a fifth chance to make his first PAT. He did, drawing mock cheers even from Bucs fans.

It was the only drama left in a game dominated by the Cowboys, who have 424 yards and have scored touchdowns on five of eight possessions.

The Cowboys lead 31-6 with 10:13 left.

Lamb was wide open for a walk-in score and now has four catches for 68 yards and a touchdown. Prescott is 25-of-32 for 305 yards and four touchdowns.

Maher set a modern-era record with four missed extra points. He missed the first two wide right, the third wide left and the fourth off the top of the right upright.

Maher missed his only PAT in Week 18, giving him a streak of five consecutive misses.

The Cowboys surely have kickers lined up for tryouts Tuesday. They didn’t need the extra points to win Monday. They will need them next week against the 49ers, assuming they hold on the final nine minutes.

11 responses to “Brett Maher finally makes an extra point as Cowboys lead 31-6

  1. Since some folks like to give him “all the credits” for 20 years of winning in NE I guess Brady should get all the credit for an 8-10 season and this awful showing. Seems fair.

  2. – Three NFC East teams in Final Four. Nice
    – Bucs were a sub .500 team that won the worst division in NFL. This result is no surprise.]
    – Frauds are exposed in the playoffs: Vikings, Tampa Bay. Chargers

  3. Tampa hasn’t been good this year, Dallas has been too inconsistent for my comfort. Gonna be tough in SF next weekend

  4. Thanks Cowboys for stomping on the 8-9 frauds and their fraud QB. Didn’t belong in the playoffs.

  5. Dak looked like he was yelling at Maher to make his kicks. I hope Maher returns the favor next week when he throws multiple interceptions.

  6. Did you see the replays of those spots? Field was crap. Would not put it past the Bucs to have done it on purpose. The home team knows the field conditions and which hash marks to play from. Been happening a lot this year with teams conditioning grass fields for their game plans.

  7. Now lets hear the same folks who said Brady and the Bucs would beat Dallas spend the next few days calling the Bucs frauds and say Dallas still has proven nothing. Typical of the Dallas haters. If they beat the 49ers, the haters will say it was just because Purdy let let inexperience catch up to him and Dallas was lucky even thought they are getting screwed with another short week and going across the country. Always an excuse to hate on the Cowboys. Either way the 49ers will be a hard game, especially with the travel and a short week.

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