Brian Daboll on facing Eagles a third time: Every game’s a new game

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
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The Giants closed out the regular season in Philadelphia and they will be back there this Saturday after beating the Vikings in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

The Eagles got a win in Week 18 to clinch the division title and top seed in the playoffs, but the Giants were resting their starters in that game against a rusty Jalen Hurts making his return from a sprained shoulder. The Eagles blew the Giants out at MetLife Stadium earlier in the season, so they’ll be looking for a three-game sweep of the Giants this weekend.

At a Monday press conference, Giants head coach Brian Daboll was asked how much impact he thinks those games will have on this one.

“None,” Daboll said. “It’s how we go about our business this week, again how we prepare, how we practice and then ultimately how we play on Sunday — or Saturday in this case. Every game’s a new game. Obviously, you have matchups that you’ve went against here over the last two times you played them. One week really has nothing to do with the next week or one game has nothing to do with the next game other than you take things from it. You learn from it. You try to grow from it. But it’s going to be how we execute on Saturday and how we prepare throughout the week. That’s our process; that’s what it will always be. And that’s what it’ll be this week.”

Teams that swept a regular season series from a team they went on to face in the playoffs have gone 15-9 in the third meeting. That includes the 49ers finishing off their sweep of the Seahawks in the Wild Card round.

Daboll and the Giants will be trying to ensure that the Eagles aren’t the 16th team to pull that off.

13 responses to “Brian Daboll on facing Eagles a third time: Every game’s a new game

  1. Giants certainly have more momentum at the moment even if their A-Game couldn’t beat Philly’s A-Game.

    To me this boils down to:
    1) Hurts shoulder
    2) Gannon’s soft-but-friendly-to-metrics defense

  2. “One week really has nothing to do with the next week or one game has nothing to do with the next game other than you take things from it.”


  3. I’m a Giants fan, and my only expectation this year was they win half their games. After that point, it’s all bonus. Win or lose Saturday, I’m proud of this team and glad Daboll is the coach.

  4. All I’ll say is this, and I like the Giants: my favorite team beat the Giants once and only lost by 7 pts the second time they played. My favorite team played the Eagles and lost by 17. Even a Packer fan can figure out what that means.

  5. Eagles are 23-7 in their last 30 meetings with the Giants ,, 15-3 in the last 9 years head to head. I think much of the same is order for Saturday. Giants fans might want to table their expectations and take some time to savor the wild card win.

  6. Can Adoree contain AJ Brown?
    Can the Giants stop Hurts from scrambling?
    Can the Giants get 5+ yards per carry?
    Will Saquon have 25 touches?
    Will Ojulari play?

    If the answer to any is no in a short week, I don’t like their chances…

  7. Daboll looks like a guy who could win the eat-the-six-pound-steak-challenge. Go Giants!!

  8. As a giants fan, they’ve given me a fall and winter to remember. They’ve been out of it by Halloween lately, so I’ll take what I can’t get

  9. Sorry Giants fans but these receivers aint gonna do much against this defense. Jones has to be smart and throw it underneath to the backs and TEs …

  10. There was a QB named Dimes of Danny.
    Who’s success in the playoffs was quite uncanny.
    And now come the Iggles
    There shall be plenty of Giggles,
    As long as Daboll and Wink stick to their Planny.

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