Chris Grier: Tua Tagovailoa is our starting QB and will be next season

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Though there has been conflicting information about quarterback Tua Tagovailoa‘s status with the Dolphins entering 2023, the public messaging from the team has been consistent.

That stayed the same on Monday when General Manager Chris Grier told reporters in his season-ending press conference that Tagovailoa will be back.

“I would say, with Tua, he’s our starting quarterback. So, I don’t know how we could say it any more clearly,” Grier said. “We’ve been that way through this season. And what he’s done, what Mike [McDaniel] and Tua, [QBs coach Darrell Bevell], [assistant QBs coach] Chandler [Henley], the coaching staff have all done, they’ve all worked tremendously hard, together.

“So, Tua, we anticipate him, talking with the doctors and consultants and everyone we’ve dealt with, we fully expect him back next year, 100 percent, ready to go. and we’ll get through all those decisions [on the fifth-year option] just like we talked about with every player on the roster. And obviously understand because it’s Tua, that’s why the question’s being asked. But we’ll go through our process. But he is our starting quarterback and will be next season.”

Tagovailoa is now eligible for a contract extension. And the Dolphins will need to decide in the spring whether or not to pick up his fifth-year option, which would guarantee the quarterback’s salary for 2024. Grier noted all options are on the table for Tagovailoa and his contract.

Though the Dolphins are saying the right things about Tagovailoa, their actions throughout the offseason will speak louder when it comes to his status with the club going forward.

27 responses to “Chris Grier: Tua Tagovailoa is our starting QB and will be next season

  1. He’s your starter until he bumps his damaged brain again, and then he’ll be in the concussion protocol AGAIN. Say what you want, but he’s damaged goods at this point

  2. Wish the same couldn’t be said for you Chris… Here’s to the number one draft pick in 2024, whoever that quarterback may be. Ho hum. 🙄😫😡🤬

  3. Tua needs to find a state of the art type of helmet – he doesnt need to get hit hard as shown this year to show up with a concussion. Dont know what is available but it had better be good – he cant sustain one major hit or even like this year a couple of minor concussions before his career is over – might be the time to take the money and have a nice life. PTSD CTE etc etc

  4. Most Dolphin fans wish Grier would just go away at this point, 7 years as GM and still not one postseason win.

  5. How can the Dolphins possibly take this position, given Tua’s injury and concussion history? his brain is probably scrambled mush by now and letting play again is taking a terrible risk, both for the team and for Tua.

  6. Finally, now if the media will STOP creating rumors and stories about Brady, Carr and all the others and maybe write factual articles about Tua and his stats for the partial season he played

  7. As far as I am concerned we have 2 good qbs on our roster. Skyler has earned the right to vie for a starting position. The Fins will pick up Tua’s option next year for $4.5mm and the competition starts. We may have a diamond in the ruff on our roster with a little seasoning. He has all the traits as he’s big, has a great arm, doesn’t turn the ball over, and is getting better on the field every time he plays. Heck—he was bouncing balls off our receiver’s hands and chests all day long as they struggled to hold on. I am pumped for next year!!

  8. Until Lamar decides he wants to go to Miami and get beat by the BILLS twice a year!

  9. Miami needs to bring in someone else. Tua has shown, both in college and now the NFL, that he just can’t stay healthy. They should keep him at least for 2023, but they also have to protect themselves and bring in another viable starting option to compete with him. You can’t risk your entire season when he’s one concussion away from another extended stint off the field. Then they are left with a backup or 3rd string QB again.

  10. Grier is clueless. It’s not his money that gets paid to the players. Ross calls the shots.

  11. Fine, he’s your starter. You better have a high quality backup, like best in the league type backup.

    If you don’t do that, you are not doing the rest of your team justice.

  12. They will go for Brady again especially if the Bucs get beat tonight but they wont … The NFL wants SF vs TB.

    Dolphins may have to wait two or more games … unless Dallas plays to their potential.

  13. I think the point of this announcement is to remove any QB controversy between now and whenever they decide if Tua is fit to play and if they need to go after another QB.

  14. First of all Grier needs to go. He has proven since 2016 as GM that he cannot build a team capable of winning in the playoffs. Secondly, Tua has never been through a whole season healthy. Not in Alabama and not with the Dolphins. To think that he all of the sudden will stay healthy is foolish and wishful thinking.

  15. . Tua needs to retire for his health . Have Tua talk to Andrew Luck and how the Colts forced Luck to play through countless injuries and ruined his body and career

  16. Grier’s biggest mistake (lately) was signing an injury prone QB with a weak arm that didn’t fit the offense to be Tua’s backup. And drafting a QB in the 7th round. The rate QB’s are going down now the smart thing would be to start spending higher picks on developmental QB’s.

  17. The two most important positions are QB & LT. Grier decides to fill both positions with injury prone players. Enough said!

  18. Even if Tua proves next year that he’s injury prone, Chris Grier has built the best Dolphins team I’ve seen in more than two decades, and he hired a coaching staff to match. Even if Grier miffed on Tua’s health, he hit the nail on the head evaluating Tua’s talent when the vast majority of fans and media personalities disagreed. Grier has earned at least a year or two more of trust IMO, I want to see if he can find our franchise qb.

  19. All I know is every player I’ve seen with obvious known concussions all had them easily re occuring. Not A lot to cause them and becoming more frequent. I would bet next year is it and he doesn’t make it through the entire season.

  20. There has been no “conflicting information” about this. The Dolphins have been consistent about this stance all along.

    That being said, it’s really the only approach that makes sense. Tua had the Dolphins playing better than they have in decades when we was healthy this year. And even if Miami wanted to replace him, they have no 1st round pick and no cap space to sign a sure-fire starting QB. So it’s Tua or bust for 2023. If he can’t avoid the head injuries again next year, then it would most certainly be (unfortunately) time to move on.

    Get him a state of the art helmet, work on learning how to fall (instead of rag-dolling to the ground) in the offseason, and pray that he doesn’t get another concussion next year. Also draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round to pair with Tua and Thompson. Someone like Jake Haener would be a good fit.

  21. Full disclosure… I liked Herbert over Tua. I have since been surprised by Tua’s talent when he can play. I still think Herbert is and will be a better QB.

    Having said all of that, I agree with Fubared that 2023 season will be his last in a Dolphins Jersey due to repeated injuries.

    Everyone should prepare themselves for Quinn Ewers to be drafted by Miami in 2024.

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