Giants offensive coordinator Mike Kafka will not take any head coach interviews this week

NFL: AUG 28 Preseason - Giants at Jets
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Giants offensive coordinator Mike Kafka has become a hot name among head-coaching candidates, but he has decided not to interview at all this week.

Giants head coach Brian Daboll says that Kafka would have been permitted to interview this week but has chosen to focus fully on Saturday’s divisional round game against the Eagles.

The Panthers, Texans and Colts have all requested interviews with Kafka for their head-coaching vacancies.

It’s good news for the Giants this week that game planning for the Eagles is Kafka’s only priority. And for teams that have asked to interview Kafka, if they wouldn’t be willing to wait until after Saturday, they probably weren’t all that interested in hiring him anyway.

This is Kafka’s first season with the Giants and first as an offensive coordinator. He spent the last five years on Andy Reid’s staff with the Chiefs, and also played for Reid with the Eagles.

7 responses to “Giants offensive coordinator Mike Kafka will not take any head coach interviews this week

  1. I’m surprised Denver hasn’t shown interest given that they play KC twice per year you’d think they’d at least want to pick his brain.

    This is the right decision to wait and as Florio has said in the past, there should be a rule that delays interviews and hires to keep the process fair for all teams. Coaches interviewing this week and next is a distraction to game prep.

  2. You would think there would be a rule stating teams can’t begin any coaching interviews until after the superbowl. There’s rules for everything else in the NFL.

  3. Pump the breaks on this guy ,it’s only been a year and he’s being labeled a genius,never works out

  4. he GM is Kwesi says:
    January 16, 2023 at 1:35 pm
    I’m impressed with the metamorphosis of the Giants offense under Kafka.

    The trial he must have gone through probably would squashed him if hadn’t developed such a hard shell.

  5. The same coach who could get nothing out of Golliday and Toney and only some production out of Slayton and Hodgins till the Vikings showed up?

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