J.K. Dobbins criticizes play calling, says if Ravens had Lamar Jackson they would have won

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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Ravens running back J.K. Dobbins says bad play calling and Lamar Jackson’s absence are the reasons Baltimore’s season ended with a loss in Cincinnati on Sunday night.

Dobbins said that if the Ravens had Jackson, who has been out with a knee injury that has lingered longer than expected, they would have beaten the Bengals.

“If we had Lamar, we would have won, too,” Dobbins said, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN.

Dobbins was frustrated that he finished the game with 13 carries for 62 yards and four catches for 43 yards, saying he should have touched the ball more than 17 times.

“I’m a guy who feels like if I’m on the field all the time, I can help this team win, and I wasn’t. It’s the playoffs. Why am I not out there? Twelve carries? It’s the playoffs,” Dobbins said, via Jeff Zrebiec of TheAthletic.com.

Dobbins said that Tyler Huntley shouldn’t have been the one trying to put the ball into the end zone when he had a game-changing fumble that the Bengals returned for a touchdown.

“He should have never been in that situation. I don’t get a single carry. I believe I would have put it in the end zone, again,” Dobbins said.

Huntley’s fumble was the difference, and Dobbins says that wouldn’t have happened with him running the ball, or with Jackson.

31 responses to “J.K. Dobbins criticizes play calling, says if Ravens had Lamar Jackson they would have won

  1. I guess Dobbins didn’t realize that the Bengals were playing with 3, 2nd string OL or that Eli Apple would not have been on the field if the starting CB would not have been out with injury. Sorry, injuries are part of the game. Go cry on someone else’s shoulder.

  2. If the Ravens had Jim Brown instead of you, JK, they also would have won, unless, of course, the Bengals had Anthony Munoz on that depleted offensive line, and then they would have won all over again.

  3. Let’s ask John what he thinks….Any comment John? John did you know that you could have used a timeout when there was like 1:25 left in the game instead of allowing all of that time to run off the clock?? Johnny are you there?? What happened coach?? Wahahahahahaha…. Forget about Lamar that was some awful play calling, and bad coaching at the end

  4. Consistent with a Harbaugh led team. Always whining about something that cost them the game and was unfair…. Normally it is the refs now they have graduated to blaming the coaches and teammates. Very nice.

  5. Greg Roman’s play calling was abysmal. Huntley isn’t a great passer in fact he’s sub par at best compunded by a shoulder injury. The goal line play they were too far out to reach the ball over the goalline.

  6. All these comments hating on Jackson are really sad if Jackson could have played he would have been there for his team… What about the Ravens that had a chance to sign Jackson a year after Mahomes and Allen were signed to their huge contracts but they kicked the can down the road? They could have surrounded Jackson with talent but they kicked the can down the road now you’re mad that Jackson is looking out for his career over playing hurt in a playoff game. Dobbs is right had Jackson played they would have beaten the Bengals, and he is right that he should have carried the football more and he is right that the Ravens called a bad offensive game. Stop the nonsense!

  7. Maybe Cincinnati doesn’t win the division if Lamar is healthy. But that’s not what happened, so it doesn’t matter. I remember Carson Palmer tearing his ACL in a playoff game and the Steelers didn’t have any guilt about winning. And Cincinnati shouldn’t feel any guilt about last night.

  8. You mean the same Lamar who has 3td/5int, 1 rush td, 5 fumbles, 55.9 completion %, 68.3 QB rating in 4 playoff games? The team is 1-3 with him in those 4.

  9. does dobbins think that the bengals would have just let him run in the end zone untouched??… poor timing talking about lamar’s injuries, when you have missed most of your career injured and nobody suggested that you should of play thru them..

  10. I would love to see what would happen if Lamar doesn’t get the franchise tag. I don’t think he’d get the massive contract he thinks he’d get. I wouldn’t be shocked if he got stuck settling for a one year prove-it deal to see if he can stay healthy for a full season. Nobody wants to sink $45-50 million a year into a 12 game quarterback.

  11. This sounds more and more like Latrell Sprewell part II. Player turning down a great offer, thinking he’s worth more. Injury prone, not a great passer in the first place, soon getting to the point where his running will be curtailed. He’s a $35 million dollar QB looking for $45-$50 million. He blew it, get an agent…now!

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