Justin Herbert: Everyone would be lucky to have a coach like Brandon Staley

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The Chargers blew a 27-point lead against the Jaguars on Saturday night and that put head coach Brandon Staley’s future with the team up for discussion.

Staley’s coaching decisions helped keep the Chargers out of the playoffs last season and they contributed to other losses before the Chargers gave up the fifth-biggest comeback in NFL history in Jacksonville. With quarterback Justin Herbert and other talent in place, the Chargers would be well positioned to pursue another head coach if they wanted to make a change this offseason.

Herbert said Sunday that the team isn’t clamoring for a change, however.

“We believe in coach Staley and the front office 100 percent. Everyone would be lucky to have a coach like Staley,” Herbert said, via Helene Elliott of the Los Angeles Times. “He’s been an incredible leader. He’s got the respect of everyone on our team. He’s genuine. He’s himself and we believe in him, and he’s been the same person the past two years. It didn’t go our way this year, but we took a big step forward and we believe in this coaching staff, this team, we’ve got the right pieces, we’ve just got to put them together. We’ve got to execute better.”

There’s been no official word from Chargers ownership about Staley’s future with the team, but it shouldn’t be long before there’s a fuller picture of how the Chargers plan to move forward from a crushing loss.

29 responses to “Justin Herbert: Everyone would be lucky to have a coach like Brandon Staley

  1. Even though Spanos could hired Brian Daboll he went with a young inexperienced coach. How’d that work out. And they are too cheap to eat Staley’s contract to allow them to become relevant in the LA market. And they pay almost no rent to be in the newest building in the league. It’s the Spanos curse

  2. Of course you’d be lucky to have a coach like Staley.
    Because it’s great to have someone with a track record of dumb decisions and failure so it distracts people from your own shortcomings in losses.
    Herbert didn’t play that bad, but he sure didn’t do anything to win that game.

  3. Lombardi definitely needs to go. It’s just not a good offense. Herbert had almost no batted balls his rookie year but leads the league the last 2 years due to every route in Lombos offense being 2 yards down field. He has one of the strongest arms in the NFL but is nearly dead last in air yards per attempt. The offense is near dead last in rushing yards per attempt and neither the Oline or the backs are anywhere near that bad.

  4. Whether Staley is a stand up guy who the players love is not quite as important as his ability to avoid the game killing mistakes as coach. Nobody is going to forget losing a game after being up by 27 points on top of Staley’s inexplicable timeout that cost the Chargers a playoff spot last year.

    Is there anything that makes you think that next year the Chargers will improve?

  5. That’s true, Justin, everyone WOULD be lucky to have half of January and all of Feb off every year

  6. Lombardi is a poor offensive coordinator who should be replaced. Still doesn’t fix Staley clock management or crazy aggressive play calling on 4th downs. Young coaches need a few years to learn how to manage the game. They all struggle the first few years.

  7. It’s very obvious that the team’s problem is coaching.

    Letting all the starters, but especially the oft-injured Williams, play in a meaningless game was really dumb.

    Losing a game up 27-0 is inexcusable. Run the ball in the 3rd and 4th quarters unless it’s third and long. That’s ridiculous. The Chargers could have bled at least 4 minutes off the clock and probably more and the comeback would have almost certainly fallen short.

    Staley maybe can learn, because he’s a smart guy, but he has to realize that some of the things the historically successful coaches have done are still correct. Like taking advantage of a free bye week and resting key players. Of course, the players want to play, but you’re the coach. Don’t let them.

  8. Staley is a problem but lets not forget that Herbert and the defense deserves blame as well. His inability to be consistent, the defense having mental breakdowns at crunch time along with Staley’s game management are the reasons no Chargers lead is safe. Staley needs to go but Herbert and the defense need realize they are part of the problem as well.

  9. I’m not defending Staley, maybe he is the wrong guy. But, like I said for Dak, how often can you blame the HC. At certain point, Herbert is not completely free of responsibility.

    He is probably the most talented of all the young, elite QBs, but I just don’t see the same killer instincts and intangibles.

  10. Staley is a bad HC, but any team that has Lombardi as an OC is going to struggle. He just doesn’t have a good offensive mind.

  11. I know…what’s Herbert supposed to say…but Staley will never take the Bolts anywhere expect except back to Cali for a early January vacation.
    His terrible decision to play the starters last week & his horrendous game management and crappy analytics speak for themselves.

  12. The Chargers are too talented to be so schizophrenic. That is on coaching, ladies and gentlemen….

  13. Ladies and gentlemen of the press please join me welcoming the new Chargers Head Coach, Sean Payton.

  14. Man, Justin Herbert…I wish he hadn’t uttered those words. I guess he doesn’t realize he’s setting himself up for a career of failure. Loyalty is a good trait, but not to a fault. What he should be doing is demanding change. I’m not saying he’s blameless, he had a mediocre game, but every time those players look at Staley they’re gonna think “27-0”. There’s no coming back from this if he stays. But hey, it’s the Charger way. If he does stay then next season my favorite team will be whoever’s playing the Chargers.

  15. Justin Herbert deserves as much blame. All 2nd half he couldn’t do anything. 3 years & Justin has 0 playoff victories despite a stacked roster.

  16. MortimerInMiami said:
    January 16, 2023 at 7:48 am
    Hope Staley has called a realtor by now.

    Unfortunately, the Chargers don’t seem to value coaches as much as they do players. They should learn from the unexpected success of the Giants this year with the Giants new coaching staff, but the Chargers will not.

    The money that the Chargers spent on JC Jackson should have been used on hiring a decent coaching staff.

  17. The one thing I noted in the Chargers playoff loss is how much Bosa respects Staley, ahaha.

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