Justin Houston would like to play another year with the Ravens

NFL: JAN 08 Ravens at Bengals
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Justin Houston recorded a sack for the Ravens in Sunday night’s loss to the Bengals and he hopes it isn’t the last one he picks up as a member of the team.

Houston wrapped up the 12th season of his career in the 24-17 loss and the veteran pass rusher said that he plans to take some time off to rest in the immediate future. After that, he’ll return to working out with an eye on a return to the Ravens for the 2023 season.

“The way I feel right now — I’ll be back,” Houston said, via the team’s website. “We’ll see if the chips work out, and I’ll be here. That’s out of my control. We’ll see what they do. I’d like to be back here.”

Houston had 9.5 sacks for the Ravens in the regular season, which is the most he’s recorded in a single season since 2019. That production should help him find work in Baltimore or someone else as long as he continues to feel the desire to play a 13th year in the NFL.

5 responses to “Justin Houston would like to play another year with the Ravens

  1. Sacks are so overrated. Houston played less than 400 snaps for the year, doesn’t contribute on special teams. Poor use of a roster spot.

  2. No brainer, great situational pass rusher. Great teacher to the young pass rushers. Great leader in locker room.

  3. If the Ravens still had a competent GM long with trading the Kyle Hamilton pick for AJ Brown and Signing Jackson to an extension 2 years ago they would have Judon still to compliment Houston. Since Ozzie is retired I doubt Decosta will be smart enough to resign Houston.

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