Report: Commanders request interview with Darrell Bevell

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears
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The Commanders have requested permission to interview Dolphins quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator Darrell Bevell for their offensive coordinator vacancy, Josina Anderson of CBS reports.

The Commanders fired offensive coordinator Scott Turner after Washington ranked 24th in points scored and 20th in yards.

The Jets also have requested an interview with Bevell.

Bevell, 53, just completed his first season with the Dolphins, who lost to the Bills on Sunday.

Bevell was the Jaguars’ offensive coordinator last season, finishing the final four games as the team’s interim head coach after Urban Meyer’s firing. He also was interim head coach of the Lions for five games in 2020.

Bevell had great success from 2011-17 with the Seahawks, who won Super Bowl XLVIII during his time as their offensive coordinator.

7 responses to “Report: Commanders request interview with Darrell Bevell

  1. Unfortunately, he also called the pass Malcolm Butler intercepted when the whole world was calling for Marshawn Lynch to finish his inevitable march to the end zone.

  2. The author of the single worst play call in the 103 year history of the National Football League. Sounds about right for this franchise.

  3. With the game on the line he will attempt a pass to the special teams gunner in front of a guy who just spent 3 years practicing against that same play. (BTW, Wilson doesn’t get nearly the blame he should for his terrible pass)

  4. He’s been great to have in Tua’s corner and great to have on McDaniel’s staff. Since McDaniel calls his own plays I’d rather see them move on from the current coordinator and keep Bevell. I think the way the Dolphins ended their season against Buffalo that Boyer should get another shot on defense. They were playing practice squad guys and special teamers in the secondary for the better part of the year. It’s on Grier to find better depth in the secondary. Howard looked injured almost every game this year by the way he was running. Byron Jones can kick rocks. Keep the front 7 intact and boost the secondary and Miami will be around again nest season.

  5. Too conservative. Way too many OCs are way too conservative. This league is about high powered, open throttle offensive play. Not playing to let the other team beat themselves. That doesn’t work anymore.

  6. As long as the owner, president, GM, and head coach remain, it does not matter who you interview. You will keep getting the same result. Rivera talks about needing three years, and blames everyone and everything, except himself, for the commanders poor performance. How many coaches with one year of expereince have had success on the field with the team they inherited this year ? 1. Doug Pederson, won first playoff game with a team that won 3 games in the last two years. 2. Brian Dabol, won first playoff game with a team that won 4 games last year. 3. Mike McDaniel took the Dolphins to the playoffs in his first year. Dolphins gave the Bills a fight with third string QB. 4. Kevin O’Connell took the Vikings to the playoff and a 13-4 record in his first year as coach. 5. Todd Bowles took his team to the playoffs in his first year. How many more coaches with 2-3 years of epereince have exceeded what the commanders have done in the last 2-3 years.

    Rivera always seems to go back and blame the QB situation in DC. The commanders could have drafted Herbert but took Young. That’s on the commanders leadership, or lack fof it. What about Brock Purdy in SF ? What about Geno Smith in Seattle ? What about What about Cooper Rush in Dallas ? Sklar Thompson in Miami ? Even Howell in DC. A good coach should be able to coach players to their strengths and win with who they drafted or traded for instead blaming the players or someone or something else for their lack of ability to win. And this logic flows all the way up to the top of any organization. I have seen it time and again, terrible leaders always blame others, fire others, bad mouth others, instead of looking in the mirror.

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