Texans complete interview with Sean Payton

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints
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The Texans completed an interview with Sean Payton on Monday, the team announced. It is unknown where the interview took place as the team provided no details.

The Texans are one of four teams with permission from the Saints to talk to Payton.

The Broncos will interview Payton in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning.

The Panthers and Cardinals also have permission to interview Payton.

Payton remains under contract to the Saints, who have given inquiring teams an idea of their asking price to secure his rights. Payton said Monday that the Saints expect a mid-to-late first-round choice.

Payton, 59, went 152-89 in the regular season and 9-8 in the postseason with a Super Bowl title in 15 seasons in New Orleans. He stepped away from coaching this season and worked for Fox but looks ready to return to coaching.

The Texans are seeking to hire their third coach in three years after hiring David Culley to replace Bill O’Brien and then Lovie Smith to replace Culley after one season. The Texans fired Smith after one season.

22 responses to “Texans complete interview with Sean Payton

  1. Texas have plenty of draft capital. Surprised Payton would want a complete rebuild with no QB in place. For the $$$ I guess he doesn’t care.

  2. That would be perfect! Why not? If the owner does what Payton wants it works. Sean will get to build the team in his image. It’s in Texas without Jerry Jones. It just depends on the owner giving Payton control. Plus some nice draft picks to work with.

  3. i wonder who they won’t give permission to…this just sounds so odd. Why not give permission to everyone? even if Div rival, especially if you’re trying to fleece them

  4. I am thinking he takes this job.be Will be 3 year build but dominate with this years draft.

  5. He’s only going somewhere warm, somewhere he can have full control, and somewhere with a viable quarterback. These teams aren’t that. I don’t blame him for wanting to leave the Saints after so many years, he put in his time,but the fact is left the Saints in a crap position of his making. He will be overpaid wherever he goes, yet still better than 75% of the coaches in the league. I hope we get a lot for him.

  6. No way he will take this job. He will be content sitting out another year if the right job doesn’t present itself. He is a millionaire with a smoking-hot new young wife. I am sure another year of traveling the world, eating in the best restaurants, staying in 5-star hotels and sitting on the beach won’t bother him much.

  7. Haven’t we been hearing this whole time that Payton couldn’t begin interviewing until Jan 17? How did Houston get the green light to do theirs 1 day early? Will the NFL ever show any consistency when it comes to their rules?

  8. cletuspstillwaterjr says:
    January 16, 2023 at 10:37 pm
    No way he will take this job. He will be content sitting out another year if the right job doesn’t present itself. He is a millionaire with a smoking-hot new young wife. I am sure another year of traveling the world, eating in the best restaurants, staying in 5-star hotels and sitting on the beach won’t bother him much.

    He was a millionaire for the entire time he coached the Saints. If these guys quit when they got rich, the oldest coach in the NFL would be 30.

    They ain’t wired like you and me, don’t pretend to understand what makes them tick

  9. Hire him then trade us (2) 1st rounders for Lamar and give him his fully guaranteed contract.
    Win win for everyone.

  10. Outside of the Chargers, The Texans would be a good fit. They have some talent. Picks 2 and 12 to get a QB plus future picks. The Saints can have the 2nd pick in round 2. Sean kept his house in Dallas when he coached in NOLA. The dude enjoys Texas.

  11. I’m guessing this is to help his former team drive up the price a bit. Maybe he’s helping them turn that “mid to late round 1st round pick” turn into multiple picks or an earlier one. The Texans are desperate. Broncos are desperate. Cardinals and Panthers are as well. This shows that he wasn’t done coaching, he was just done with the Saints. I think this is just a ploy to generate interest and help his old team out a bit.

  12. Payton didn’t say the Saints expected a mid to late first round pick, that was pure speculation on his part. Let him get a couple of offers first, then the actual compensation can be determined. Saints probably said that just to bother talking to him required being willing to trade a 2023 first round pick…..and something else.

  13. It truly amuses me that people consider the Texans to be the same organization they were last offseason. How quickly people forget that the last two coaching hires had more to do with Jack Easterby behind the scenes than Nick Caserio. David Culley was hired because we was religious like Easterby and no other respectable candidate wanted to deal with Easterby in the build as VP, no cap space, Watson asking for a trade, no decent draft picks and Watt leaving. Easterby was behind every disaster since the Hopkins trade. Lovie was a last minute pivot when Easterby wanted Josh McCown due to him being religious and then the Flores lawsuit came about. The Texans have the 2nd most cap space out of all 32 teams, they have 11 picks in this draft and a two 1st round picks in the next, they have Damien Pierce, Stingley Jr. and Pitre along with a top tier tackle duo, they have a young developing roster and a weak division. The Saints and Payton if they have any brains at all are looking at that situation and taking it very seriously. The media loves trampling all over the Texans. The truth of the matter is, most people outside of the Texans fanbase are grossly misinformed. Easterby and Bill’s mess was the problem. The owner fired Easterby and Caserio is cleaning up the mess. Rebuilds take time. Any true football mind looks at the situation and takes it seriously.

  14. The Texans are a clean slate with tons of draft capital and cap space. They also play in a very winnable division. Denver and Arizona are in QB hell and unless they go with a free agent neither Carolina or Indy has the draft capital to get their QB without trading away the farm. If things change for the Chargers I could see him wanting that job, but I’d think that Houston is his best option to this point. I’m betting he either ends up in there or he waits another year.

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