Robert Griffin III: Relationship between Lamar Jackson, Ravens is “salvageable”

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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Agents negotiate contracts. They do other things, too. Or, as the case may be, they don’t — if a player doesn’t have one.

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson currently doesn’t have an agent. At a time when it feels as if the situation between Jackson and the Ravens is coming to a head — and it seems as if Jackson is being painted in some circles as the villain for not playing in the playoffs against the Bengals — Jackson would benefit from an agent who could tap into a network of contacts to paint a picture that’s more favorable to the player’s overall interests.

Without that, Jackson has to rely on the people he knows. For example, he spent three years in Baltimore with quarterback Robert Griffin III, who has a spot on ESPN’s Monday night pregame coverage. Early in the show preceding tonight’s Cowboys-Buccaneers game, Griffin addressed the Jackson situation.

“What I can say is that I talked to people in the building today,” Griffin said, “and this relationship is salvageable.”

Griffin, who never really explained why or how it’s salvageable, also addressed the fact that Jackson wasn’t present at last night’s game in Cincinnati.

“The reason Lamar Jackson didn’t travel to the football game was because he was sick. They diagnosed this, said that he was sick, he didn’t go on the trip.”

Griffin’s most significant comments related to the fact that some believe Jackson didn’t play in the playoffs because he doesn’t have a long-term deal.

“This narrative about Lamar Jackson that people are weaponizing, saying he didn’t go out there on the field because he wasn’t willing to put it on the line for his teammates or he wants a new contract, I just feel like that’s wrong,” Griffin said.

This doesn’t change the fact that Lamar possibly would have played with the PCL injury in his knee if he had his long-term contract. That’s what people in and around the team believe, including players. (Not all, but some.)

The problem is that Lamar doesn’t have a long-term deal because he refused the team’s best offer, insisting instead on a five-year fully-guaranteed deal. A good agent could have gone a long way toward resolving that impasse. A good agent could go a long way toward running interference for Jackson currently, now that things have gone sideways.

Griffin insisted on multiple occasions that the situation is being “weaponized” to make it look like Lamar isn’t playing because of his contract situation. But the argument shouldn’t be that the situation is being “weaponized” against him. The argument should be that football entails a wide range of physical risks, and that he should not be expected to assume those risks if he doesn’t believe he’s truly and fully 100 percent, without the long-term financial security he has earned but not yet received.

There’s a way to make that case without being selfish. A good agent could do that far better than Griffin did it on Monday night.

It’s easy for Griffin to say that Jackson shouldn’t play with a sprained PCL because Griffin once tried to play with “no ACL and no LCL” and it ended badly for him. It’s harder to properly spell out why an elite player with long-term financial security is comfortable assuming enhanced physical risk in a sport where, by January, no one is 100 percent — and why an elite player without that long-term financial security isn’t.

If Jackson had an agent, he could rely on the agent to spread that message. Then again, if Jackson had an agent, Jackson would have already had a long-term contract. And he quite possibly would have played last night, with a PCL sprain.

36 responses to “Robert Griffin III: Relationship between Lamar Jackson, Ravens is “salvageable”

  1. Maybe Bob should represent Lamar Jackson. Bob wasn’t the same player with the Ravens that he was earlier in his career.

  2. Since RGIII is acting as honorary mouthpiece for Lamar, what I assume he means is “the relationship is salvageable….if the team gives Lamar 5 years, $200 million, fully guaranteed”. Sure. Which is to say, it’s not salvageable.

  3. Watching RGIII try and to defend Lamar was cringeworthy! But completely predictable. RGII is horrible at his job.

  4. The Ravens should call Jackson’s bluff and move on. Given recent happenings with other NFL QBs, I can’t blame the Ravens for exercising extreme caution.

  5. Jackson doesn’t need an agent. He’s doing fine. He’s playing hardball. He’s doing a good job. Nobody is pushing him to do something he doesn’t want to do, and he’s making tons of money.

  6. Win a Super Bowl like Joe Flacco and you will get the deal you want. Going 1-3 in the playoffs and getting banged up every year is not helping.

  7. He quit on his teammates. Maybe some people would still have him but I wouldn’t want him as my QB and leader.

  8. No it’s not. Time to move on. Get all the capital you can for LJ…with the D in place…pick up Carr and never look back.

  9. Lamar alround good guy. Off field respects fans, on field.never complains to officials.

    He’ll be fine. If he leaves he gets more money and weapons.

  10. I wouldn’t sign Lamar, not because he is a RB who throws, because he gets sick all the time. Dude needs to learn to wash his hands.

  11. It really depends on who he talked to. If he talked to the QB coach, it’s a lot different than talking to decision makers who might be done with the drama.

  12. I would love to see Lemar in LV next season. A QB with vision and he’s willing to take a chance. Nation would love him

  13. His mentality is pure vintage raiders, to hell with the play book, let’s do this. Reminds me of Bo.

  14. How? He abandoned his team in the playoffs over money. How on earth can he show up there next season with a big fat contract and expect bygones to be bygones? He was responsible for a lot of fumbles and interceptions in the clutch anyways. Best to move on for both sides.

  15. You gotta see where he fits in. Everybody knows his ability, it’s like a jigsaw, sometimes the pieces just fit, if you have the vision, you can see it.

  16. The RAVENS made an extremely lucrative offer to Lamar and he turned it down. The NFL is a business and i believe he will not play again as a RAVEN. I really hope no one gets 100% guaranteed money. There should be different tiers where you climb up the ladder if you preform great, but also give some money back if you flop, i.e. Mike Thomas of the SAINTS. He got paid and has only played in like 10 games in three years. Players always ask for more when they exceed their contracts, but never give any back when they suck. Just my 2 cents.

  17. I agree, the problem here is that it’s got so commercialised, top players dictate their salary, there should be some sort of a CAP and therefore the fans would pay less for a match ticket

  18. Lamar Jackson has a single playoff win and yet he wants to be paid as if he’s won the Super Bowl. He can’t stay healthy. He all but quit on his team. His biggest contribution was a profanity laced tirade against a Ravens fan. Huntley played a good game (minus a spectacular play by the Bengals defense). Tge Ravens hold the cards here. Franchise him then trade him to Houston.

  19. Somebody will pay him what he wants. I’m guessing it will be Arthur Blank, who threw all his values out the window last year to try to sign Deshaun Watson. Blank is desperate to fill his half-empty palace in Atlanta. Jackson will sell tickets, at least for awhile.

  20. Why should anyone care? If he hasn’t won squat (1-3 in playoffs) while in his prime (<25 for a run first QB) and also playing for a minimal cap hit, he and whatever team signs him are done as soon as he gets all the cap money.

    I miss when a QB actually had to win something before demanding every possible penny from their team’s cap. Oh, that’s right, the guys that have been relevant in playoffs have never been that selfish. My bad.

  21. If the Ravens are smart they’ll get rid of Lamar and use the money he wants to get paid to build the team around Huntley and then draft a young QB to be Huntley’s backup.

  22. Lamar should quit talking to the Ravens via tweets and social media posts innuendo and through RG3. He should hire an agent and let him do his job. A good agent is the only one than can possibly salvage this relationship. My money is on the Ravens getting rid of Lamar and getting some draft capital. NOBODY is bigger than the team even Lamar.

  23. Elite QB don’t grow on trees. The only QB clearly better than Jackson is Mahomes personally I would take Allen and Burrow too but he has a higher QBR than Burrow and is more accurate and less turnover prone than Allen. Everyone else is debatable. Show me a guy has done more with less. The Ravens had two years to extend him and one year to trade him. The GM is bad Living off of Ozzie Newsome draft picks like Lamar Jackson. Everyone else get pro bowl number 1 receivers. Jackson has Sammy Watkins and was 4 defensive stops away from being 12-0 this season. The people here who foolishly compared him to RG3 Coming into the league are so desperate to be right that they ignore all advanced stars, the fact the Ravens are the worst offense in NFL history without Lamar, ignore that teammates have his back except a guy who got there 2 weeks ago, and literally wanted him to pull an RG3 and suffer a career ending injury so that could be right. This is the Ravens fault for poorly managing their roster. Trade Lamar jackson if you want and this team will be worst than the Russell Wilson broncos.

  24. Folks say he should keep his health in mind. Absolutely!

    As each year rolls by, fans are becoming less and less. Scrutiny over players gaining obscene wealth for 17 games and possibly more, let alone playing a childs game, are getting roiled when a player take a rational step while reaching 1% status.

  25. Everything else aside, he hasn’t finished a season in 2 years.
    How on earth can you give ANY player a fully guaranteed contract that’s done that.

  26. mutantclover says:
    January 16, 2023 at 10:14 pm

    Why should anyone care? If he hasn’t won squat (1-3 in playoffs) while in his prime (<25 for a run first QB) and also playing for a minimal cap hit, he and whatever team signs him are done as soon as he gets all the cap money.

    I miss when a QB actually had to win something before demanding every possible penny from their team’s cap. Oh, that’s right, the guys that have been relevant in playoffs have never been that selfish. My bad.

    When was that? What planet are you on. All of these arguments are silly. College QBs used to get 100 mil contract before stepping foot in the NFL. Will you please stop with the playoff record. It's not a thing or no one would get paid. Wentz, Prescott; Stafford; Cousins, Tannehill, Ryan, Watson, Kyler, even Rodgers, on and on. They all got paid max $$$ without doing anything in the playoffs.

  27. SMH, some of ya’ll Raven’s fans are delusional. Pay the man what he is worth (as much or more guaranteed money as Watson) and you will have the former league MVP leading your franchise for years to come. If you don’t pay him, he will take the Franchise tag in 23 and Kirk Cousins his way to another team that will pay him in 2024. Keep in mind your entire offense is built around his skill set! There is a reason why the people in the locker room are behind him and support him 100%.

  28. If Lamar had just showed up to the game and stood on the sidelines with the team, the narrative would have been significantly different. Lamar gets paid over $1.3 mil per game this season, whether he plays or not. That’s more in one week than most of us commenting here make in our lifetimes. It’s hard to have pity on him, regardless of his talent. He has made over $60 mil so far already. How much money do you need? What he’s asking for is almost the collective salaries of everyone living within the Baltimore city limits.

    Baltimore is not going to make the same mistake that Cleveland, Arizona, and Baltimore made once before. Unfortunately, Lamar’s delusions of grandeur have exceeded his worth and he’ll soon find out that money can’t buy happiness. His situation in Baltimore was ideal and likely won’t happen again where a franchise is built around one individual’s talent.

    He was entertaining to watch, especially his first two years in the league. But he has noticeably regressed since and will likely continue to based on his playing style.

    I make $31k/yr and can’t fathom what it’s like to toss around the figures j8 wants. But I’m happy and have never let greed get between me and that happiness.

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