Sam Hubbard: I was thinking “please don’t get caught” on fumble return

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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Sunday night’s game between the Bengals and Ravens turned on a play at the Bengals’ goal line.

Ravens running back Gus Edwards was stopped short of a touchdown on a second down play and the Ravens called for a quarterback sneak on third down. Tyler Huntley leapt into the air in hopes of getting the ball into the end zone, but had it knocked out of his hands and Bengals defensive end Sam Hubbard returned the ball for a 98-yard touchdown that proved to be the difference in a 24-17 Bengals win.

Hubbard had a “caravan” with him, but said he knew Ravens tight end Mark Andrews was bearing down on him as he tried to go all the way from one end zone to the other.

“I was watching on the big screen. I was like, ‘He’s coming, somebody block him, please don’t get caught.’ That’s all I was thinking about,” Hubbard said, via the team’s website.

Andrews wasn’t able to make the tackle and Hubbard, a Cincinnati native, got to celebrate one of the biggest plays in franchise history. He called it a “pretty special” moment and the Bengals will need more of the same in Buffalo as they try to mount another run to the Super Bowl.

17 responses to “Sam Hubbard: I was thinking “please don’t get caught” on fumble return

  1. Legend has it that ref attempting to “run” after the play has just passed midfield. Update coming tonight.

  2. The obvious turning point in a game dominated by the Ravens defense and running game. It’s shame they couldn’t seal the deal.

  3. I was thinking “dude doesn’t know how to read the jumbotron and ran the wrong way” and “4 blockers and they mostly just celebrated and didn’t block”.

  4. Screaming at the tv, my wife upstairs gets woken up and starts screaming at me. Just an unbelieveable and improbable play this bengals defense seems to make whenever they need it most. People talk about the teams offensive parts but this defense and its coordinator are something else.

  5. I thought the ‘convoy’ did a terrible job of realizing that Andrews was in pursuit and catching up. They could have easily stepped in front of Andrews to slow him down so he never got close to Hubbard. Instead, they let Andrews get close enough to get a hand on Hubbard’s leg and, in my opinion, are lucky they weren’t called for a block in the back.
    If Hubbard could see Andrews on the big screen the convoy should have also. Andrews should have never got as close as he did to catching Hubbard.

  6. A block to the back ensured mark andrews didn’t make the tackle. Baltimore probably should have won the game, but who cares. Cincinnati is the better team and we got the best matchups we could have asked for in the second round.

  7. I agree, the convoy was useless. Celebrating all the way instead of doing their job. Mark Andrews should never have got that close. And yes, it was a block in the back. Shape up, Cincinnati!

  8. Edwards should be ashamed of himself. Andrews ran by him like he was on a Sunday morning jog.

  9. cincy and buffalo got some breaks yesterday, lucky ? sure. but a little luck is what keeps you in the tourney sometimes.

  10. the running back that gave up on the play was #35 gus edwards…..probably wont be on the team next year once the game film is reviewed…not a “for the team” effort..

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