The day after his on-field eruptions, Joey Bosa teed off on officials

NFL: JAN 14 AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Chargers at Jaguars
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After Saturday night’s wild-ass wild-card game between the Chargers and Jaguars, we were on the lookout for quotes from L.A. defensive end Joey Bosa, given that he was flagged twice for unsportsmanlike conduct — and that he slammed his helmet twice to the ground over frustration regarding an uncalled false start and uncalled holding on the touchdown that trimmed the Chargers’ once overpowering 27-point lead to four (and, thanks to the extra yardage from the Bosa penalty, two).

He didn’t say much after the game, via “’I’m not going to speak my mind and get fined more than I already am,'”

Well, Bosa spoke his mind the next day, in the last hurrah in the locker room. But you won’t find the video among the various selections on the team’s website. And for good reason. Bosa went off.

“I think there just needs to be more accountability on — I mean, if I say something to them, I get a $40,000 fine,” Bosa said in a clip posted on Monday by Mike Freeman of USA Today. “But if they blow a call that ruins an entire team’s season, they get to — they’re probably back in the locker room after the game, like, ‘Ha, got that asshole. You know, yeah, got him. Fifteen yards. What a loser.’ I guarantee you that’s what they’re fucking talking back in the back. Whatever, power trip. I’m sick of those fucking people.”

So much for Bosa not worrying about being fined more than he’ll already be fined.

We support accountability for officiating, 100 percent. But there’s a way to make the case. And there’s a way not to make the case.

The reality, sad as it may be, is that this season has been replete with uncalled false starts by left and right tackles — and by holding that is only rarely called.

Chris Simms has suggested on PFT Live that this is part of an effort to help offensive linemen better contend with defensive linemen who are bigger, faster, stronger, and better than ever. Really, why not look the other way if the tackle gets into his stance a split-second early, if it keeps the quarterback from getting hit and/or hurt?

Bosa’s not the only one who’s getting the short end of that stick. Regardless, he needs to control himself in those situations.

40 responses to “The day after his on-field eruptions, Joey Bosa teed off on officials

  1. Any Charger or Charger fan complaining about officiating in that game is a total fraud. Jags were shafted throughout

  2. He looks and sounds like a complete tool who basically cost his team a playoff game. I can’t stand the helmet throwing we see almost every game. Add 15k fines to the 15 yard penalty, and a second offense in a season is automatic ejection. This is a sportsmanship and major safety issue. Set an example.

  3. The NFL will never admit it, but they have an officiating crisis. Every game there are blown and missed calls that happen, even with officials looking right at the play from 5 feet away. This will continue until the league makes officials full-time employees.

  4. As a Giants fan I have no dog in this fight but Bosa is 100% correct. The officiating all year has been horrific, but this game was a complete joke. I honestly think the refs had it out for the Chargers. There absolutely should be more accountability for the refs, especially in a playoff game where one bad call can make or break a teams season

  5. He’s not wrong. Officiating as a whole has been a joke all season. And now with legalized gambling involved, the NFL better clean it up. Fast.

  6. The officiating crew for the Jaguar Chargers game was one of the worst I have ever seen. But if Bosa thinks that the Chargers were the sole recipients of their terrible job then he is sadly mistaken. The Jaguar Wide Receivers were getting mugged throughout the game and the officials did nothing. Go look at the Jaguars failed 2 pt conversion. Zay Jones was held the entire route right in front of the back judge. No flag.
    The 2nd interception he was also blatantly held.
    I agree that the Chargers had their share of bad calls too though. Those refs were terrible.

  7. Calls are never 100% spot on, but a player can control their behavior. Self awareness is a wonderful thing. Bosa should get him some.

  8. The league is a bunch of hypocrites… They should change the pass interference penalty’s to the way is in college football

  9. As long as they are consistent i the way they call things for both teams, then just suck it up and do what all the other good players do, see how they are going to call the game and adjust as necessary. The NFL has way more subjective rules than any other sport.

  10. Maxx Crosby gets flat out tackled multiple times a game and says “we need to do better”. Bosa gets a Tackle that moved a split second early, even the ref in the booth said it wasn’t a foul and he’s throwing f-bombs everywhere?

    Maybe you’re just not that good.

  11. I’m not a chargers fan but I agree the nfl needs to something about the officiating. The bengals lost a Super Bowl last year because of two horrible calls and the nfl just moves on. How many times do we have to watch officials determine a game until the nfl makes a change?

  12. Refs have been bad all year, but Bosa needs to look in the mirror and take some personal responsibility himself. He cost his team because he could not maintain his composure. There have been bad calls since the dawn of football. I’ve only seen one mam-baby throw his helmet twice.

  13. Wow. This dude needs to grow up. Anyone watching football in the last 5 years knows that tackles have been allowed to get an early stance. Right or wrong, it’s nothing new. However, the officials and their “let’s stick it to Joey Bosa” parties seems to be a new thing.

  14. Refs were bad. But Joey, you should control your temper. Focus on getting better next season. The game is not just physical, it is mental and psychological. Grow up. You are embarrassing your teammates.

  15. Refs can throw a flag on every play. I prefer the refs be consistent and throw less flags. I think that pass inference calls should be challenged because they can be game changing plays.

  16. The refs do this all the time in blow out games, they try to keep the other team in it as most people were turning those games off. It’s all about viewership and the punish team who play well and help the weaker teams who are ill prepared. The ref at one point chased Bosa down to argue with him then flagged him. Just terrible look on the league.

  17. I guess Bosa must have missed it when the refs screwed the Jags for 3 quarters. Including the second pick from Lawrence where his receiver got grabbed.

  18. If what he said puts a bigger spotlight on the NFL’s officiating problems, I’m all for it. There is so much money riding on NFL games that fixing this problem decisively should be the top priority. The first step is getting the NFL to admit they have a problem.

  19. I have no dog in this fight but Bosa was being held like crazy. Doesn’t excuse his tantrum but come on watch the replays he was being held every drop back.

  20. Clearly Bosa lost it.

    And he’s right. As others have said, officiating has been regularly terrible. His little brother is held on nearly every play, almost never called. But if he squints at a qb the wrong way, it’s 15 yards.

    And on and on it goes.

  21. The false starts curse is real. Seeing the Seahawks center flagged for a false start this year for simply looking down at the ball before snapping it (which is totally normal) this year was insane. I don’t even..

  22. Did he handle this thing right? Nope.
    Is he wrong though? He’s absolutely on point.

    It has been a decade since the Referee Lockout and the NFL still hasn’t done the one thing that would clean up a lot of the issues. Make the officials full time NFL employees. Plain and Simple.

    I’d also like to see the NFL take something from another league. The NHL has a command center where every game has eyes on it from start to finish and the goal is to get things correct.

  23. The first unsportsmanlike call shouldn’t have been made. The ref followed Bosa after Bosa had said something and then through the flag. The ref should have just walked away like basball umpires used to do back in the seventies.

  24. He has a point. There is zero accountability for these refs, and that needs to change. It won’t though.

  25. You do it passive/aggressively. “I won’t blame the inconsistent officiating for losing the game, but we have to be more consistent ourselves”

  26. dirtybirdie303 says:
    January 16, 2023 at 4:51 pm
    As a Giants fan I have no dog in this fight but Bosa is 100% correct. The officiating all year has been horrific, but this game was a complete joke. I honestly think the refs had it out for the Chargers. There absolutely should be more accountability for the refs, especially in a playoff game where one bad call can make or break a teams season

    The refs had it out for the Chargers? Dude, what game were you watching? The refs missed multiple defensive pass interference calls on the Chargers. There were probably legitimately 6 or 7 passes by the Jaguars where the receivers were interfered with and the refs did not throw the flag.

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