Tom Brady throws first red zone pick since 2019, and Cowboys lead 12-0

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Tom Brady is playing more like a sixth-round rookie making his first playoff start rather than a 23-year veteran making his 48th. He is 7-of-15 for 52 yards, and he threw his first red zone pick as a Buccaneer.

The Bucs finally put together a drive, with a first-and-goal at the Dallas 5-yard line.

Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons nearly had a pick-six of Brady on the first down play before Brady threw the ball to the back of the end zone with no Bucs receiver anywhere close. Instead, Jayron Kearse intercepted it.

The Cowboys then went 80 yards in 15 plays.

Backup tight end Jake Ferguson caught a short pass and went 34 yards to the Tampa Bay 6 to set up Dak Prescott‘s 1-yard bootleg run to the end zone on fourth down. Prescott fooled the defense and had an escort from Dalton Schultz, who scored the team’s first touchdown.

Brett Maher missed a second extra point, and the Cowboys lead 12-0.

20 responses to “Tom Brady throws first red zone pick since 2019, and Cowboys lead 12-0

  1. Get rid of this kicker! And you guys get on fans who believe games can have point shaving or be fixed?

  2. The Buccaneers are terrible, a team with a losing record should not be allowed in the playoffs.

  3. Tom will be in Miami next year but you don’t wanna go out like this in Tampa. Not sure who’s playing worse ,Tom or Brett Maher.

  4. This season? Who doesn’t cough up when you least expect it?, If your there, play your game and let’s see what happens.

  5. What a shock. Another half where Brady leads the offense to 3 or zero points like last year’s playoff, leading to the loss the media fails to talk about yet again like he did from 2007-2012 in postseasons with NE.

  6. Brady and the offence have been trash all season, this is a walk in the park for the Cowboys and very embarrassing for Tampa at home

  7. How the mighty have fallen, the man was a God and now ? Shame on those who forget the last 20 years, I’m no Brady fan but let’s not trash him. There wil never be another.

  8. Never seen a team give up so easily, I was wrong, a team lead by the GOAT can be crap and hard to watch. How do you fold so easy?

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