Are changes coming to Buccaneers coaching staff?

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Bruce Arians supposedly was doing Todd Bowles a favor. As favors go, this one wasn’t very favorable.

Arian, as the official story goes, decided to step down 17 days after Tom Brady‘s 40-day retirement, not at the direct or indirect behest of Brady but in order to do Todd Bowles a favor.

“With the organization in probably the best shape it’s been in its history, with Tom Brady coming back,” Arians told Peter King at the time of the surprise resignation, “I’d rather see Todd in position to be successful and not have to take some [crappy] job. I’m probably retiring next year anyway, in February. So, I control the narrative right now. I don’t control it next February because [if] Brady gets hurt, we go 10-7, and it’s an open interview for the job. . . . I got 31 [coaches and their] families that depend on me. My wife is big on not letting all those families down.”

Some of those families could be let down, soon. While winning the division and making it to the playoffs will give Bowles a second year, changes could be coming.

Both and report that the team is currently expected to fire offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich. Per the latter, serious consideration was given to firing Leftwich during the 2022 season.

If that happens, it will be a dramatic fall from grace for Leftwich, who at one point last January was the favorite to become the next head coach of the Jaguars.

Other changes could be made to the offensive coaching staff.

That’s definitely not what Arians envisioned. Bowles and Leftwich are two of the Super Bowl-winning coach’s closest coaching friends and confidants.

“I get credit and Brady gets way too much credit for what Byron does with our offense,” Arians said in April 2022. “One of the reasons I hope he gets all the credit he deserves this year is to get a coaching gig; you know, he had about four or five teams real interested last year. . . . I would anticipate him to be a head coach real fast.”

Instead, Leftwich could be out of his current job real fast. And Bowles could be one of the coaches on the hot seat when the 2023 season commences.

And Brady, if he plays in 2023, will likely be changing uniforms, again.

49 responses to “Are changes coming to Buccaneers coaching staff?

  1. If the owner keep Todd Bowles after a losing season with the GOAT at qb, then they are horrible owners… Todd inherited a team that was among the top in scoring 2 years and he crippled them to where they could barely even score in each game…
    If any coach can’t win with Tom Brady, he is among the worst of coaches!

  2. Didn’t someone unretire on the condition that the head coach was removed. Previously, Bucs had a pretty good coaching staff.

  3. Criticism of the head coach and staff is certainly warranted but one must wonder how the team would have done with better talent and health at running back and wide receiver for a full season. It is hard to run a high powered offense when there is no threat of a running game.

  4. The Patriots offense this year was a joke. That said, the Pats offense scored more touchdowns than the Bucs offense… Entire coaching staff needs to go, lol.

  5. Arians has too much faith in his buddies. Bowles is a dynamic DC who isn’t cut out for the top job. I said this when people were wrangling over the offensive credit about Leftwich, he’s not very good. I know he didn’t have much to work with in Arizona, but he still was very bad at play calling. Arians still oversaw that offense when he was allegedly calling plays. It’s a lot different when you have to do it on your own. His best position on a coaching staff is probably QB coach. And before anyone points to all of the injuries, I’ve seen Arians with a banged up team here in AZ the last couple of years and also with an aged QB who probably wasn’t what he once was either in Palmer, and his offense still looked light years better. There was no excuse for that offense to be that bad this year.

  6. Firing a coach after two years is stupid, so good for the Chargers. If you want to win in the NFL, you can’t change coaches, systems, and culture all the time. Consistency matters when it comes t success. Show me a franchise that changes coaches every 2 years, and I’ll show you a loser.

  7. The analogy I have is The Bucs leased the car and don’t have the money to outright buy it now. Time to start fresh

  8. After all those great years it sucks watching a guy bounce from team to team trying win one more. He got one with Tampa, he should have rode off into the sunset then. He can still play but the Brett Favre ‘gunslinger for hire’ act is kinda sad to watch

  9. Let’s face it – Bowles was subpar with the Jets – Arians handpicked Bowles and he made no adjustments throughout the year. Bowles is a subpar coach and won’t last in Tampa .

  10. Should be a clean sweep of the entire coaching staff, Bowles, Bryon, etc simply are not good coaches. Bowles already proved with the Jets he is nowhere near being HC material and once Bruce left the offense nose-dived into oblivion that couldn’t do anything. Though the season was lost before it started when Bowles entitled Brady and put him above every other player with giving him a vacay during camp. Entitled players (hi Russ and Kyler) are the quickest way to divide a locker room and destroy a team.

  11. To those throwing darts at Brady, consider this. At the end of the season, in addition to Brady, there will be 30 other starting NFL QB’s who will have not hoisted the Lombardi this year. Of those starting 30 QB’s in the league, plus the one who wins the SB this year, none of them will have 7 rings either.

  12. Todd Bowles just has the same face regardless of what happens. He gives the impression that the elevator hasn’t gone to the top floor in decades.

  13. As a Bostonian, obviously I hate the jets. I’m not a social media/meme guy, but watching us BLAST the jets every year under Bowles reminded me of a meme that has a guy with a stick poking a dead animal that says “do something.”

    Todd is a good dude, good DC, but that’s it. He CANNOT be a head coach, he’s in WAY over his head. He was in NY, and is in Tampa

  14. I initially thought, like most, that Brady had come back on the condition that Arians is out. However, after watching this season, I no longer believe that. No way Brady had this in mind. Leftwich is the fall guy for Bowles is he is fired and Bowles keeps his job. With the same QB, OC, and better receivers, this offense has been putrid all year. Yes, they lost Gronk and the line was hampered, but I think that Bowles influence was to be ultra conservative to not put the defense in bad spots. Basically 90’s Dungy ball in this era of 30 point offenses. He should be the first one gone

  15. tyelee says:
    January 17, 2023 at 11:54 am
    If the owner keep Todd Bowles after a losing season with the GOAT at qb, then they are horrible owners… Todd inherited a team that was among the top in scoring 2 years and he crippled them to where they could barely even score in each game…
    If any coach can’t win with Tom Brady, he is among the worst of coaches!
    is the offense Todd Bowles fault? The Bucs still had the same OC. Never mind that LG Ali Marpet retired, RG Alex Capps left in free agency and C Ryan Jensen blew out his knee in training camp. Oh, what about Gronk retiring as well? Never mind that Brady tossed for 600 fewer yards and 18 less TDs then last season. I guess that’s on Bowles too. I’m not a Bowles fan, but to say he should be fired because he didn’t do better with Brady? Really

  16. Changes? There oughta be. The Bucs had some injury issues but they often looked complacent and happy with their SB win (ie. Fornette’s weight, WR’s out of sync). You often saw frustration in Brady’s eyes similar to the Aikman/Switzer relationship because of the lack of leadership. The lack of leadership and complacency falls squarely on the HC in this case.

  17. If Belichick was the HC and McDaniels the OC, Bucs wouldnt have been 8-9 and they would have put up a better fight this year.

  18. Letting Leftwich go seems like needless scapegoating. He’s had success there before Brady arrived and a lot of success since.

    It feels like there’s too much overreacting in some coach firings. I know there’s a lot of money involved in this sport, but it’s just entertainment. People can have a down year. It shouldn’t be a big deal.

  19. I believe that too many of the Bucs players are too happy with the Superbowl ring they already own. It takes a certain hunger and personal pride to do the hard work necessary to win another.
    That hunger and pride is what made the Patriots so special for 20 years. Brady came to Tampa and brought those with him and helped players buy into what it tak3s to win and it worked. The problem is that two many players won their ring and didn’t feel it necessary to put in the work required to win again.

  20. Hey Tommy FOOTBALL DOES NOT NEED YOU. YOUR ARM IS SHOT GIVE IT UP. Find something to do with your life that isnt football related, good luck.

  21. Todd Bowles looked clueless and he should have with the performance his star Qb was putting on. Hey if you could forfeit the game and just go home in football, he would have.

  22. The Bucs posted a losing record despite playing six games within a feeble division. They will be over the cap for 2023, even if Brady retires. Might be a good idea to watch Bowles chew gum for one lame duck season while the Bucs trim payroll, maybe seeing who can be traded for draft picks. Had a three-year window with Brady which has closed now, and a realistic rebuild will involve more than plugging in a new HC, OC, or QB.

  23. I like Bowles but I think he has to go. Probably better suited to being a DC.

    Leftwich needs to go. Just not sure he is an OC right now.

    Brady is done, at least in TB.

  24. Football stability is fragile. There’s a reason that year after year teams plummet from contenders to cellar dwellers while others make huge progress (eg Jags, Seahawks, Lions). The first reason is parity, along with the reality that every team has some outstanding players and some weaknesses. Coaching can make the difference, injuries certainly play a big role and draft success/failure is important as well.

    Bowles seems like a decent guy but he may be one of those coordinators just not suited to be a Head Coach. No shame in that, just have to be honest with yourself. The Bucs will be rebuilding now, with or without Brady. They got old, they got injured, guys retired, etc – a far cry from the team that won it all just 2 years ago. Having said all of this, the Rams are in exactly the same position and they just won last year!

  25. Problem wasn’t coaching. Brady has been done for a couple years but the talent isn’t there to carry him anymore.

  26. if you decide to keep both of them, essentially you are telling the season ticket holders that next year will be worse(because Brady is leaving) …pretty sure their won’t be many sellouts in Tampa next year…

  27. So I hope it was worth it Tampa Bay. You can now slip back into obscurity again for the next 10 years.

    Sure you got a ring and had three competitive seasons with Brady. You catered to his every whim

    and need. Now he’s leaving and your whole organization has been turned upside down. Make as many changes as you’d like.

    It will still be like firing a bee bee at a freight train….

    Maybe Belichick and Kraft weren’t so stupid after all….

  28. Art Rooney, Jr., Head Coach Mike Tomlin and the Steelers Front Office would love to introduce their new offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich!

  29. There’s definitely conflicting reports. Some media are reporting the move has been made. The open question is does Bowles have the authority or is this just what he wants? Any of situation he would and it would be done with. Some people openly speculate Ariana is still the HC even though he weirdly stepped away. Other people say Leftwich is tied to Tommy.

  30. Bowles has shown to be a good DC but HORRIBLE head coach. If Tampa keeps him, then they are already giving up on next season and tanking.

  31. Bowles should be fired now. He’s not a good head coach. How much more do they need to see?

  32. Buccaneers are back to obscurity. They are horrible and last night showed they didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs. Raymond James will be back to half full…..if that soon.

  33. 100% they have to clean house this year. Bowles NEVER changes his face if we are winning by 20 or losing by 50. He just looks clueless as can be out there, Im pretty sure the players have tuned him out if he ever says anything.

  34. In fairness to Bowles (NOT a fan) he didn’t select anyone on the current coaching staff, as he was gifted the job in late March

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