Bryce Young the betting favorite to be first overall pick in 2023 NFL Draft

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Alabama quarterback Bryce Young is the clear favorite to be the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

The odds at Caesars Sportsbook have Young as a -125 favorite to be the first player to hear his name called on April 27.

Young and Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud have been co-favorites to go first overall since the opening odds for the 2023 draft were released shortly after the 2022 draft ended. But now Young has moved ahead of Stroud, who is second at +200.

The next three players on the board are Alabama edge rusher Will Anderson at +700, Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter at +800 and Kentucky quarterback Will Levis at +800.

If a quarterback-needy team had the first overall pick, Anderson and Carter would be extreme long shots. But with the Bears owning the first pick, and seemingly committed to quarterback Justin Fields, that opens the door to Chicago passing on the quarterbacks and taking Anderson or Carter. That two quarterbacks are 1-2 in the betting odds suggests that most bettors think the Bears will trade the first overall pick to a team that drafts Young or Stroud.

The only other players with odds lower than 100/1 are Notre Dame defensive end Isaiah Foskey at 20/1 and Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson at 80/1.

9 responses to “Bryce Young the betting favorite to be first overall pick in 2023 NFL Draft

  1. The temptation to pick a QB must be huge with the #1 pick. Maybe the Bears will focus on how much help they need across the roster and focus on overall teambuilding, which is usually smart. But teams go years, sometimes decades, without having a high pick for QB – it’s a rare chance.

    The fortunes of Brock Purdy and Geno Smith vs. recent top QB picks shows how much difference the quality of a team can make in a QB’s development. Trevor Lawrence looked like a can’t-miss prospect and he’s only now starting to crawl out of the wreckage of what was a horribly-run team before this season. Zach Wilson may not make it out, Mayfield is in limbo and Fields make not make it out, either.

  2. They have Bryce Young listed as 6’0.. he’s actually shorter than Kyler Murray. CJ Stroud will leap frog him .. no pun intended.

  3. You’ll ruin your franchise for another five years if you take this guy number one.

  4. Drafting a top QB before you have other pieces is putting the cart before the horse, and some NFL GMs still haven’t figured that out. kevpft is completely right, I couldn’t have said it much better.

    None of these QBs coming out this year are going to save a franchise.

  5. Bama fan here. He is really talented and his intangibles are off the charts, but he’s going to need help. The Bama OL this past season was below their standard and the WR room was the worst in the past 7 or 8 years, and you saw a noticeable dropoff in Bryce’s play compared to the year prior. Drafting him #1 (or 2 or 3) and throwing him in from Day 1 without at least a capable OL and a couple of weapons is not going to deliver the results you want.

  6. Hey, the New York Football Jets;
    please, pretty please take Anthony Richardson with your first round pick.
    The rest of the AFC East will benefit the most.

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