Commanders request interview with Charles London for offensive coordinator

Washington Commanders v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Commanders are set to meet with Pat Shurmur about their offensive coordinator opening on Tuesday and they are also working on setting up another interview.

Nicki Jhabvala of the Washington Post reports that the team has requested an interview with Falcons quarterbacks coach Charles London. The Commanders fired offensive coordinator Scott Turner last week.

London has spent the last two seasons in Atlanta. He was previously the running backs coach for the Bears, Texans and Penn State.

The Commanders also reached out to former Lions and Colts head coach Jim Caldwell about their opening, but he declined to interview for the position. They have also requested an interview with Dolphins quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator Darrell Bevell.

7 responses to “Commanders request interview with Charles London for offensive coordinator

  1. Wow. They need to clean house, like now. Rivera and whoever else is running that shizshow is bringing in only ancient, fossilic re-retreads. This is no way forward. Everything must go!

  2. Pat Schurmer. Jim Caldwell. Mining the freshest young offensive minds in football, I see.

    Best of luck with that.

  3. Here’s the thing. Yeah, no kidding this whole staff (coach and front office) is gonna get fired next year once the new owner is in place. The ONLY reason they are still here is Snyder is selling and doesn’t want to pay all these contracts off and have to start a new coaching/GM search while he’s selling the team.

    So this creates a dynamic that basically this OC opening is a one year position that is likely to get whacked along with everyone else. Everyone is acting like Washington is committed to Rivera and the Dinosaurs for 5 years hence.

    Believe me, next year everyone’s getting whacked. Rivera just looking for someone whose looking to build their experience over the next year and move on. So no, he’s not gonna get the choice OC hires, who will undoubtably go to join new coaches on other teams…

  4. Hard to believe anyone who thinks he can be a good OC would sign up for this short term gig and move his family, etc.

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