Cowboys, 49ers to meet for ninth time in playoffs

1994 NFC Championship:  Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers
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The NFL may have no more storied playoff rivalry than the Cowboys and 49ers, and that rivalry will be renewed on Sunday.

When the Cowboys visit San Francisco it will be the ninth time the two teams have played each other in the playoffs.

The Cowboys have a 5-3 advantage in the previous eight games, but the 49ers won the most recent game, a 23-17 victory a year ago.

The Cowboys and 49ers’ first two playoff meetings were the first two NFC Championship Games after the 1970 AFL-NFL merger. The Cowboys won both of those games to advance to Super Bowl V and Super Bowl VI. They also met in the divisional round after the 1972 season, with the Cowboys again winning.

The rivalry was renewed in the 1981 NFC Championship Game, when Joe Montana hit Dwight Clark in the end zone for The Catch, and the 49ers won 28-27 to advance to Super Bowl XVI.

A decade later the Cowboys and 49ers would play three straight NFC Championship Games, with the Cowboys winning the first two and going on to win Super Bowl XXVII and Super Bowl XXVIII, and the 49ers winning the third one and then winning Super Bowl XXIX.

And now playoff meeting No. 9 will send the winner to the NFC Championship Game.

23 responses to “Cowboys, 49ers to meet for ninth time in playoffs

  1. Niners will be tested. Dallas will be tested. The history of the rivalry, the glory, the fan bases who hate each other and it will all play out on a sunny 60 degree day on a fast track. Talk about a heavyweight fight! Hottest ticket in town. Can’t wait

  2. I hate the cowboys but having this rivalry alive and well in the playoffs feels right and is good for the NFL

  3. Nines had a very soft regular season schedule. Only good team they played was Chiefs and they lost that one. Then their 3 other losses came from Broncos, Bears, and Falcons. All their wins, minus the Dolphins and Chargers, came against scrubs. I think they are in for a rude awakening this weekend. Just my thoughts.

  4. As most fans who are my age know, the Cowboys not only had sustained excellence from 1966 to 1986, but they absolutely ripped the heart out of Niner, Ram, Viking, and Falcon fans in the playoffs.
    Although I still mourn the 1971 and 1975 Viking season wreckage left in the Cowboys wake, 30 years of sustained Cowboy futility has opened my heart to them.
    They’re still arrogant and entitled, but I was happy to see them best Brady.
    I suspect another great Cowboy Niner playoff game.
    Preston Reilly, Tom Pridemore, James Harris,and Nate Wright, you should have been better!

  5. The Niner running game will end up gashing a gassed Cowboy defense. It’ll be a close game until the adrenaline wears off and the east coast will be able to go to bed early.

    33-20 Niners.

  6. Should be an awesome game.
    With the game on the line do you trust Shanahan and the niners offense or McCarthy and the Dallas O ?
    Both defenses are good, comes down to the play calling and QB for me.

  7. I’m a a Niners fan, but I’m a fan of football first. This game is going to be great for fans of the game given their history

  8. I woke up in horror to find out Bill Fixovich is officiating this game- the NFL’s most notorious postseason game fixer.

  9. Troy Aikman said it best on the broadcast last night:

    “The 49ers are a different animal than what the Cowboys faced tonight”

  10. Being a fan of the Niners since Dick Nolan revived the single wing concept putting John Brody in a new thing called the Shotgun (everyone else was under center), the most hurtful loss I can remember was blowing a big lead in the playoffs to the Cowboys at the end of the ’72 season fifty years ago. It made The Catch almost a decade later incredibly sweeter.

  11. Too many weapons to go with good QB play, solid defense, and good scheme. 9ERS win 31-20

  12. I’m hoping for another classic game between these two teams, I’m just not expecting that to happen.
    Neither of these two incarnations are comparable to the legendary squads from their past.

  13. One of the reasons the Niners may have an edge here is a coach who has not received the recognition he deserves and that is Brian Griese. Consider this he had to bring Lance along who we still have no idea who he is, then improved Garoppolo’s game all along developing Purdy at the same time. Plus, he played a big role in getting them to draft him and not hit free agency after the draft. Griese has stayed behind the scenes and done the dirty work after a career in front of the camera’s.

  14. chino62885 says:
    January 17, 2023 at 12:33 pm
    Nines had a very soft regular season schedule. Only good team they played was Chiefs and they lost that one. Then their 3 other losses came from Broncos, Bears, and Falcons. All their wins, minus the Dolphins and Chargers, came against scrubs. I think they are in for a rude awakening this weekend. Just my thoughts.
    You’ll need to revise your thoughts. Dallas lost last playoffs and they have basically the same team other than losing Cooper. Who’s replaced him? Or rather who’s WR2?
    Meanwhile, the niners added CMC and Purdy is superior to Garapollo.
    Niners are more physical than anyone dallas has faced and niners will shove the ball down their throats. Plus this time around their passing game is better.
    I don’t think it will be a blowout but if your confidence has come from blowing out Bucs you need to remember the commanders.
    You’ll be in for a rude awakening

  15. Niners have played NO ONE this year. If they can beat Cowboys handily, I will finally say they can make the SB. Until then, prove it against an actually talented team.

  16. A guy walked into my shop with a t-shirt that said “I’D RATHER EAT POOP THAN ROOT FOR THE COWBOYS” and I almost gave him a hug.
    Go Forty Connivers!!!!

  17. The Chargers and Dolphins were talented, as good as the Cowboys big wins against . . . Minnesota? Credit the Cowboys they beat the Bengals before the Bengals got good and they beat the Bucs as decisively as the 49ers did with Brock Purdy making his first ever NFL start. This 49ers team is better than the one that went to Arlington to beat the Cowboys at home and will beat them by more this time. Book it.

  18. All this chatter about “legendary” teams, and comparisons to players of old… First off, those players couldn’t compete in today’s game – it’s too fast. Look at the timing involved at the line of scrimmage. Montana was fairly miserable in 1979. He’d have to suffer through a year and a half before hitting his stride. Freddy Solomon, Dwight Clark – neither were particularly standout receivers. Dwight Hicks and Ronnie Lott were basically the niners defense during their 1981 Super Bowl year. Give Purdy a break – he’s shown himself to be far superior to the “legends” when they got started, and he is far and away better than any other QB on this team. Shanahan knows his capabilities and plays to those. Purdy’s already a champion – now all he needs is the trophy.

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