Cowboys’ first road playoff win since 1992 has Jerry Jones dreaming big

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Before Monday night, the Cowboys hadn’t won a road playoff game since 1992. They beat the 49ers 30-20 in the NFC Championship Game that season before delivering Jerry Jones the first of his three Lombardi Trophies.

The Cowboys had some road heartbreaks in the interim, losing in Seattle in 2006 when Tony Romo dropped the snap on a field goal attempt and losing in Green Bay in 2014 in the “Dez caught it” game. They were 0-8 in the postseason on the road since the win in San Francisco in 1992.

Thirty years was a long time to go, with only 12 players on the team’s 53-player roster even alive then.

“This is about the 2022 Cowboys and the Buccaneers,” Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said. “It’s as simple and as clean as that. I know it might not be sexy, . . . but we’re excited to be able to go to San Francisco.”

The Cowboys haven’t been to the NFC Championship Game since 1995, which also is the last time they won the Super Bowl. They will have to beat the 49ers to get to the championship game this season. Then, if the Eagles beat the Giants, the Cowboys would have to go on the road to beat Philadelphia to reach the Super Bowl.

“Can it be done? We’ll find out,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. “But this team has a talent level and now has the intangible experiences that getting knocked down, getting up – all of those things we hear about, all of those things that represent football, all of that stuff, this team has had some of that. Everybody on this team knew that when they came to Tampa today that the world thought that Tom [Brady] would be sitting out there snatching it out, if not the last minute then maybe even earlier. And we’re getting to go home and get to go home again in San Francisco. We’ve got more mustard than when we got here.”

The Cowboys dominated Brady and the Bucs from start to finish. The game never was in doubt, even with No. 12 on the other side.

Jones, while acknowledging the Cowboys’ blown chances to win another title, especially when they had home-field advantage, likes where his team is right here, right now.

“I like to think that we can put something together that can go win it,” Jones said. “That’s very evasive, been very evasive for us. We’ve got a team here tonight that has enough skill in my opinion to go win it, and now we have some experiences that will build the intangible. So, I think we gained on it tonight.”

53 responses to “Cowboys’ first road playoff win since 1992 has Jerry Jones dreaming big

  1. Jerry dreaming big? Oh God. He will want to play his playoff games on a space station and the Super Bowl at Cowboy Stadium…on the moon.

  2. Easy there big guy, you just dusted an 8-9 team, now 8-10, that has a 45-year old QB.

    Your perspective may change while watching the Niners game.

  3. Jerry actually makes sense for once.

    The Niners are not Tampa. They aren’t Philly. They are Goliath and the Cowboys just heard about something called a slingshot. Now they must learn how to aim.

  4. So much for that game living up to the billing, a fitting way for the Monday Night Football season to wrap up. You can really see the value of the 1 seed this year with the eagles getting the giants & the chiefs getting the jags; there’s no excuse for either of them not to make the conference final. On the other hand, it’s a nightmare scenario for both 2 seeds with the bengals & cowboys playing as well as those 2 could hope.

  5. Wait, did you say there are only 12 people still alive from the 53 SB Dallas team? Yeah 30 years is long, but it’s not that long. Players should be in their 50s maybe 60s. That is an eye opening stat.

  6. The X factor in all this is that Purdy guy. His film breakdown from the second half of that Seattle game was unreal.

  7. Til next week when it comes to an end. Bucs defense been bad all year. Dak played well. Cowboys don’t have enough to travel again next week to San Fran and beat that defense.

  8. The richest team in the league finally winning a playoff game…what are the odds on that?

  9. Jesus cowboys win one wild card game and “OMG SB champs”!!!! I for one HATE the cowboys and their overrated hype machine year after year week after week. But are they talented enough to win the SB. Sure. But I would take the Eagles, 49ers, Chiefs, Bills, and Bengals all over them in no particular order. Being the 6th best team still remaining in the final 8 doesn’t scream confidence.

  10. San Fran is going to crush the Cowboys. They looked great against a team that didn’t even have a winning record.

  11. LOL, 1992? This organization is more mediocre than I thought! Even the Jags have won a road playoff game.

  12. Beat an 8-9 team with a 45 year old QB .. calm your jets there, Jerry. San Fran will look a little different than Tampa.

  13. The world is a better place when Jerry Jones is bitterly disappointed.

    Work your magic Brock!

  14. Jerry always has his koolaid stand up. Lets see if they can beat the 9ers then maybe he can talk

  15. One win over the 8-9 Bucs with a 46 year old QB and Dallas is printing Superbowl tickets. Do they love themselves or what?

  16. They beat up on a banged up 8-9 team. They still have to eat the 49ers and the Eagles in the road, and if they survive those two games, they have to beat either KC, Buffalo or Cincy, all are as good and probably better than the Cowboys. It could happen, but stop counting your chickens

  17. Lol cute. They beat a team with a losing record and it has them thinking superbowl. Too bad they play a real team on Sunday. Time to come back down to earth for Jerry and all the delusional cowboys fans.

  18. Win over bad team that finished with a losing record despite being in the league’s worst division has Jerry Jones dreaming big. Fixed it.

  19. Jerry you won’t be dreaming big with that kicker…you’ll be having nightmares instead.

  20. Keep dreaming Jerr…your team beat a horrendous division winner from the worst division in the NFC with a 45yr old QB and no D, no run game…shall we go on…?

  21. First playoff win since Wings was on TV?
    Good Lord.

    That said, Micah Parsons is a bad man.

  22. milehigh777 says:
    January 17, 2023 at 1:42 am
    Hey Santa Clara, the Boys Are Back in Town!


    You mean the same Arlington that Santa Clara beat last year? Now with a better QB and CMC, good luck!

  23. Hey, Arlington, you beat a sub .500 club and you’re dreaming about Super Bowl?! lmao!!!

  24. 2020: TBay hungry. Then everyone got paid. Bad for Arians.
    2021: TBay satiated, and yet Tommy almost gets the show against the now-fraudulent Rams into OT—but defense gives up huge play in last seconds.
    2022: Even never-quit Tommy sees the Grim Reaper. Don’t even recognize the D performance—which used to be top-notch.

    He should have quit after 2020. And he’d still be now in wedded bliss.

  25. SAS721 says:
    January 17, 2023 at 1:49 am

    Congratulations on beating the worst team in the playoffs this year!

    An argument could be made for the Vikings being the worst.

  26. I just checked their roster. Only 11 current players were alive then, and just two (Jason Peters and Matt Overton) are old enough to potentially remember it

  27. Cowboys v. 49ers playoff game! What is this, the early 90’s? I hope Deion is there.

  28. Easy, Jerry…the 49ers are not the Bucs. You have to face them on their turf, and your kicker suddenly has a bad case of the yips. I’m just saying, don’t get too far ahead of yourself.

  29. Their D is good enough to get there. The two teams ahead of them in the NFC are just flawed enough to open the window. Still think the Bills or Chiefs will have their way with whoever makes it out of the title game.

  30. You have to admit that Mr. Jones knows how to have a good time. I was happy for him and his family seeing how much they were enjoying the game. The man knows how to live.

  31. Clara looks like the team to beat in the NFC with the Philly QB dinged up and the Dallas kicker melting down. If Dallas is to win this game they have to let Clara’s offense have the ball with the game on the line so Shanahan give the game away, in typical Shanahan fashion.

  32. Let Jerruh enjoy this moment. When you have gone that long without a sniff it does feel amazing to have something finally happen.

  33. Not a fan of even team, but have to give credit where it’s due. The Cowboys slayed Dracula (Tom Brady) and looked good doing it. The are going to have their hands full with the Niners for sure. But it can be done, especially if the Cowboys get off to a fast start again. Problem, is, Purdy is a lot more mobile than Brady, and the Niners are much faster on both sides of the ball than Tampa.

  34. The record of teams the week after playing the 49ers this year… 0-15.
    Even if the Cowboys get by the 49ers, they will be so beaten up, they might just lose to the Eagles or Giants- put a pause on those SB ticket orders.
    Great matchups coming this week, this will be a great divisional level series for the NFC and the AFC.

  35. Jerry wants to win without Jimmy Johnson as the coach and/or architect he could spit. Problem is, I think the poor man is going to stroke out in his press box watching his team long before the Cowboys win another SB.

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