Cowboys need to put Brett Maher through the wringer this week


The Cowboys have every right to entrust the kicking duties to kicker Brett Maher on Sunday, even though he missed four extra-point attempts on Monday night. But they’d better be sure he’s ready to go in Santa Clara.

Bring in competition. Make him kick extra points and field goals, over and over and over again. Do everything possible to ensure that he will be able to operate in the pressure of the moment, when he lines up for any kick on Sunday.

And here’s one thing that the Cowboys definitely should do. Similar to teams pumping in crowd noise to prepare players for a loud and raucous crowd, the Cowboys should be recording — now — a deafening, sing-song “Maaaaa-her, Maaaa-her” chant for him to hear whenever he kicks in practice. Because he definitely will be hearing it every time he kicks in Santa Clara on Sunday.

If, in the end, the Cowboys count on Maher to kick, and if they ultimately fail to advance to the NFC Championship for the first time since 1995 because of a Maher missed kick, they’ll have only themselves to blame, both for sticking with him and for not being absolutely certain that he’s ready to go when it’s time to prove that his case of the yips was temporary.

41 responses to “Cowboys need to put Brett Maher through the wringer this week

  1. Maher misses four PAT’s and people want his head. Dak throws pick 6’s and people tell us he’s statistically elite. That math doesn’t work!!

  2. Cut this clown and be done with him. There is no excuse for missing four extra points in a row and setting an NFL record for futility in the process.

  3. Everyone knows how this ends. Even the cowboys. It’s just difficult because he is a good kicker, but the yips don’t go away in a week.

  4. “Ask Daniel Carlson of the Raiders if he believes Brett Maher deserves another chance.”
    -Mike Z.

  5. Thankfully this was a blowout and not a close game. He is going to have to make those kicks for the cowboys to have a shot against the 49ers

  6. No professional NFL kicker should EVER miss an extra point (as long as the snap and hold are good). It’s unacceptable. They pay these guys a lot of money to make those chip shot kicks, and missing even one should result in at least a hefty fine. Don’t they practice this stuff during the week? Don’t the kickers know how to make an extra point? And don’t they know there’s no excuse for missing one? My Vikings have a kicker (Greg Joseph) who missed six extra points this season. Six. That’s ridiculous, and the Vikes need to find another kicker for the 2023 season. If Maher misses another one for the Cowboys, they need to dump him and find somebody who can make an extra point.

  7. Kicking is like bowling or any other repetitive motion sport. Basically Maher lost his swing, he was spraying them not something that can merely be tweaked. I don’t see this being fixed quickly.

  8. Yes, bring in competition (btw their are no good kickers available now anyway) and mess with his mind even more, dumb move especially in the playoffs.

    He was over 90% on FGs during the season, he had a bad night, move on.

  9. Who is out there that could be a legitimate replacement if he gets cut. I agree he should be put through the ringer first!

  10. I don’t get why kickers want the spot on the hashmark; I suppose the idea is to allow for them hooking one. But doing that shrinks the dimension between the posts, however incidental it might be. Might be the width of the goalpost. If you think that this is nonsense, move the spot closer to the sideline and see what that looks like.

  11. Ever since they moved PATs back they’ve turned it into a teeth chattering moment for many teams. Dude had a bad night – not sure beating him with a rubber hose is going to be the right therapy.

  12. Who hasn’t pushed several tee shots right, then overcompensated and duck hooked the next one? Unfortunately in golf you can’t club down to a 3 wood or driving iron.

  13. I would sign and activate another kicker for the next game. Keep both kickers on the sideline and if Mayer misses and the other guy kick the rest of the game.

  14. McCarthy knows exactly what to do. Nothing.

    Mason Crosby missed 4 field goals and an extra point in a game against Detroit in 2018. The team stood behind him and Mason got right back in his usual groove.

    You don’t replace a kicker in the middle of the playoffs.

  15. mototax says:
    January 17, 2023 at 9:37 am
    Maher misses four PAT’s and people want his head. Dak throws pick 6’s and people tell us he’s statistically elite. That math doesn’t work!!

    No one has ever said that Dak is statistically elite. Likewise, no one has ever missed four extra points in a row. Nevertheless, those two facts are irrelevant to each other.

  16. I am sure the Cowboys are burning up the phones all night. In the NFL practice squads, CFL, on the street there is not one kicker who could fill in? Count on it. At the very least you need an insurance policy.

  17. There’s a lot to be said for just talking to the guy and understanding what was going on. He may not respond well to being threatened with losing his job, but if you’ve been doing you job as a coach he should trust you enough to confide about what was happening. He already knows it was an unacceptable performance, he already knows he’s in one of the most replaceable positions in the game, he’s likely already feeling the pressure to be better. Anyway, I’m very Theory Y for management.

  18. As a 49ers fan, I feel that the Cowboys are overreacting. I’m sure Brett Maher’s performance was an aberration and given the chance to perform under pressure in a much closer game this weekend, he’ll do just fine.

  19. Jerry the GM is notoriiously cheap with kickers. He goes through them like kleenex. It would be deeply satisfying to see the Cowboys eliminated because of Jerry short-sightedness.

  20. He was great during the regular season. You cannot say that about the clown in the Halloween QB costume who was making turnovers so often it was like the Salvation Army Kettle was moved to the field away from the stands.

  21. It’s not just points after, good chance the Cowboys aren’t gonna be scoring a TD every time they get to the redzone this Sunday. They again, wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t make it to the redzone this Sunday…and I am definitely not a Niner’s fan. They are just that good.

  22. Once upon a time (1993), Jimmy Johnson had a kicker with the Cowboys that missed a critical kick that cost the ‘Boys a game I think it was in RFK against the Joe Gibbs Redskins). He promptly cut him, found another kicker, and proceeded to win the Super Bowl. Point being, it’s never too late to upgrade

  23. Every kick moving forward will be an adventure. He has forgotten how to kick. He simply cannot make the throw from 2B to 1B. Remembering Chuck Knoblauch. Crazy not to bring in a kicker.

  24. McCarthy stuck with Mason Crosby when he was snakebit, and rightly so. Why would he do any differently with Maher? Placekicking is 25% physical and 75% mental. He’ll be fine – hopefully sooner rather than later if you’re a Cowboys fan (which I’m not, though as a Packers fan I’m pulling for their coach).

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