Jerry Jones: Brett Maher has done enough to keep his job

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Cowboys kicker Brett Maher missed his first extra point attempt wide right. He missed his second wide right. He missed his third wide left. He missed his fourth off the top of the right upright.

It set a modern-era NFL record for PAT misses in a single game and was the only thing that went wrong for the Cowboys in a 31-14 shellacking of the Buccaneers.

“Definitely didn’t do my part tonight,” Maher said. “This team is too good moving forward for me to have to do that. Just get back at it this week.”

The question is: Will he get another chance this week?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Maher has done enough this season to keep his job. Maher went 50-of-53 on PATs in the regular season and 29-of-32 on field goals.

“No. No. We won’t [look at kickers this week],” Jones said. “He’s done enough good ones. I don’t think he’s blown the socket or whatever you do.”

Maher, who also missed his only PAT attempt in Week 18, finally made his fifth attempt Monday night.

“”You can keep going or . . . I was just trying to put a good, clean strike on it,” Maher said of his fifth extra point try. “Just not good enough.”

9 responses to “Jerry Jones: Brett Maher has done enough to keep his job

  1. As a Bears fan…Look for a new kicker. You turn a blind eye now. When the next game is on the line and its either for a trip to the NFC championship, to the Super Bowl, or winning it all. Dont look back on this and regret it.

  2. from what I’ve read he had problems in their week 18 game. They best get themselves another kicker before it bites them on the butt.

  3. That’s a wise CHOICE Jones! I look forward to watching the Cowboys lose by 1 after he misses yet another PAT against SF.

  4. Yeah right, if they don’t bring in competition this week to at least “try out” some kickers they will be doing the team a disservice.

  5. There is a reason this team hasn’t won anything substantial in nearly 30 years. Looking at you, Jerry.

  6. Love it when GM Jerruh speaks. He still doesn’t realize the real Dakota is the turnover machine. He’ll soon get to view what happens when he plays a team with a real offense and a real defense.

  7. One could also make the argument that he has done enough to lose his job too. Only thing in his favor is if there was a better option, he’d already be on a team. Got to ride it out with him.

  8. Not much upside in signing the 33rd-best kicker, it’s not like those guys are clutch and with big legs. Gotta give Maher a bit more rope and hope he doesn’t hang you with it.

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