Mike McCarthy, Dak Prescott say Cowboys remain confident in Brett Maher

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Cowboys kicker Brett Maher set a dubious NFL record on Monday night when he missed his first four extra point attempts, but the team is fully confident in him as its kicker for Sunday’s game against the 49ers.

Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones said after the game that the Cowboys won’t be looking at other kickers, and head coach Mike McCarthy said moving on without Maher is not an option.

“We need Brett,” McCarthy said. “He understands that. So we need to get back on it this week and get him ready to go. Obviously we’re kicking in an outdoor stadium out there in Santa Clara. He’s disappointed, but we need him. We need him to focus in. He’s been super clutch for us all year. So that’s the plan.”

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott appeared to slam his helmet in disgust after Maher’s third missed extra point, but Prescott insisted after the game that he was disappointed for Maher, not angry at him.

“I’m Money Maher’s biggest fan. I’ve been shown the video of me, but that’s just emotion. That’s part of it. I talked to him individually, just told him let it go. We need him. I played like shit a week ago. It happens,” Prescott said. “No doubt that he’ll come back next week, be perfect and help us win.”

For his part, Maher said after the game that he felt like he had a good process on his kicks and just missed them, and that he was relieved to make his final extra point attempt when he set out with the mindset of “just going 1-for-1.”

“The team, the coaching staff, they were all awesome, and I needed every single one of them so I appreciate that,” Maher said. “I didn’t do my part, and that’s disappointing, but we’ll get back at it.”

11 responses to “Mike McCarthy, Dak Prescott say Cowboys remain confident in Brett Maher

  1. Can the Cowboys get someone better this week to replace Maher?Maybe not but it’s worth a shot.Once a kicker gets the yips it’s a career ender.It’ll also likely be a playoff ender for the Cowboys if it comes down to kicks or a risky strategy avoiding kicks.

  2. Good for Maher but one wonders if they would they have all felt this way had the Cowboys lost.

  3. After hke misses a game winner next game he will be back in the CFL.

  4. As a fan I have lost confidence in him. You can’t tell me the team won’t be holding their breath every time he steps out on the field to kick.

  5. Good decision. He was excellent during the season, one of the best. That doesn’t necessarily mean he is one of the best. But you don’t cast any player like that aside after one game.

  6. They should be as tolerant of Maher as they have been with the leader in interceptions named Dakota. He’s given the ball away at least 15 times with interceptions alone – that does not count his fumbling donations.

  7. The Manning boys had a lot of things to say about this during the game last night. Their expressions (and Dan Campbell’s) after miss number four was a LOL moment

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