Mike McCarthy: We’re forging ahead with Brett Maher

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy said on Monday night that the team still believes in kicker Brett Maher despite his four missed extra points in their 31-14 win over the Buccaneers.

McCarthy sent the same message during his Tuesday press conference. He said that there are no thoughts to going with another kicker for Sunday’s road game against the 49ers.

“We’re going to forge ahead,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy also said that Maher was in the team’s facility on Tuesday to work with special teams coach John Fassell. Maher made his final extra point attempt on Monday and didn’t have any issues on kickoffs, so the Cowboys will be hoping that those kicks are a sign that a week of practice can get him back on track for the Niners.

33 responses to “Mike McCarthy: We’re forging ahead with Brett Maher

  1. He was like 53 straight before the game last night. Hopefully, the kid gets over these yips before the next game. Go get em kid

  2. This seems like one of those quotes that will be cited after their loss this weekend on a loop. A guy misses all of his kicks and starts spraying the ball all over the place, no way I’m rolling with him into a playoff game when I can pick up any of a million other kickers that are competent on short notice. Think of it as an injury because he sure kicked like he was injured last night.

  3. Don’t ya think the Securities and Exchange Commission should check his phone records? One or two misses no worries but 4 consecutive misses in a game that misses the total by a half point?

  4. Really? You actually thought about changing kickers in the playoffs but you never considered benching the turnover machine known as Dakota? You are stupid. Of course you go with that kicker. You’ll need lots of help to beat the 49ers. And that form better not be like this last game where your OL and receivers were holding repeatedly and not getting called for it.

  5. riggedkangaroocourt says:

    January 17, 2023 at 6:00 pm
    Don’t ya think the Securities and Exchange Commission should check his phone records? One or two misses no worries but 4 consecutive misses in a game that misses the total by a half point?



  6. Funny how we expect these mere humans to be perfect when all of us fall way short on our jobs and don’t get cut like some of these guys. Obviously if he keeps missing and it costs a game then it’s a different conversation and Brett knows the deal.
    He psyched himself out with either too much pressure beforehand or not enough until after the first kick and then he couldn’t get past it. Any of us who have played HS or college sports have done the same in our respective positions.

  7. Mike McCarthy: “We’re forging ahead with Brett Maher”

    Captain Edward Smith (of the Titanic): Iceberg! What iceberg? Forge ahead!

  8. Psychology! When it come down to kicking a tie or winning field goal, Maher looks up and see Jerry holding a meat cleaver.

  9. If it was just the yips, he’s lucky his next few kicks will be coming in non-stressful, unimportant games with hardly anyone watching.

  10. Well nothing like rolling the dice with Brett “Cross Your Fingers” Maher in a sudden death playoff game.

  11. Death knell. I am sorry, but to be that awful kicking, you lose your job.

    They are 33 yard chip shots that high school kids make.

  12. You guys crack me up. Talk about knee-jerk reactions. Maher has been money all year long on his PATs and FGs. He had a horrible game. About as bad a game as a kicker that Dak had as a quarterback in week 18. Dak bounced back. This guy will too.

  13. FWIW, Mason Crosby had a horrific season in 2012 and every Packers fan was calling for his head. McCarthy to his credit, put his trust in Mason, and he’s bounced back since that season, putting up career highs in FG’s made and %. For better or for worse, McCarthy will always give his players another chance to prove him wrong before they wind up on the chopping block. In 2-3 years when Brett Maher is still your kicker and he’s banging in 85-90% of his kicks YOY, you’ll understand why he’s ‘forging ahead’ on this one.

  14. Hey Dallas…Cody Parkey’s available…

    But seriously…Maher was money all year. He’ll be fine.

  15. Why do fans think that there are just a gaggle of NFL-caliber kickers sitting on the sofa, eating Doritos, watching TV, waiting for the phone to ring? There is not.

  16. Of course you stick w Maher, just like you don’t bench Trevor Lawrence after 4 first-half INTs. The guy’s been great all year, and still booms kickoffs out the back of the endzone. The kickers on the street are all guys who couldn’t beat out Will Lutz and Chris Boswell. Yeah.

  17. He was looking up to watch the kick too quickly. Some highly-paid coach ought to be able to fix that.

  18. Unreal that bookies might add missed FGs based off one man’s performance, or lack thereof

  19. Maher has been solid through most of the season. Chances are he’s gotten all the bad out of his system he’ll be fine for the rest of this season. I think the Vikings prematurely pulled the trigger on a kicker a couple years ago, how’d that work out !!

  20. tiredofcowards ,

    Yeah, the interchangeable kicker is comparable to the QB. Go with that absurd narrative. It’s not like we haven’t seen forever and a day that guys who suddenly get the yips ever spiral downhill fast. This is exactly what Mike Zimmer thinks about daily because he had a kicker who was having issues going into the playoffs like this and then pushed a 19 yard kick against the Seahawks to win a playoff game.
    There won’t be any do-oevers if this guy, who a million other people can do this job, “just has a bad day at the office” next weekend. Unlike the kicker, that’s not the case for the QB.

  21. So what everybody’s saying is McCarthy knows kickers? Maybe he should be a special teams coordinator. He stinks as HC of that team. You can’t blame him for having the QB with the most int’s at the most horrendous times in games, but Aaron made him a good coach, McCarthy does not make players better. And Dak is good for a game and bad for two with a lot of garbage yards. Near the top of the league in garbage time yards and turnovers. EVERY YEAR! Look it up …. I’m not a hater, they are just facts.

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