Russell Gage: I’m doing great and in great spirits

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v San Francisco 49ers
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Buccaneers receiver Russell Gage was carted off the field on a backboard late in Monday’s playoff game with the Cowboys.

The team shared an update earlier on Tuesday to say that Gage suffered a concussion and neck injury, but had movement in all extremities and would undergo more tests.

Gage himself has now shared an update via social media.

“I appreciate all of the texts, calls, thoughts, and prayers you all have expressed towards my family and I,” Gage said. “I just wanted to let you all know that I’m doing great and in great spirits! Thank you!”

In his first year with Tampa Bay, Gage caught 51 passes for 426 yards with five touchdowns in the regular season.

4 responses to “Russell Gage: I’m doing great and in great spirits

  1. He seemed like the only Buc player on offense that was making any plays. Meanwhile on the Dallas side, it was wonderful to watch the uncalled offensive holding penalties when trying to contain the miscreant Vita. And apparently when you are Dallas, your receivers can grab fists full of jersey and not get called for holding either. Amazing how well that works to set the edge.

  2. Wilson clotheslined a defenseless Gage to the back of the head and neck and in the 3 PFT threads on Gage no mention of the cheap shot.

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