Ted Karras: We’ll really have to rep our silent count this week

Cincinnati Bengals v New England Patriots
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After spending the last several weeks playing at home, the Bengals will be back on the road to face the Bills on Sunday.

One of the biggest factors for Cincinnati will be who’s playing along the offensive line, as the Bengals have lost three starters to injury since Christmas Eve. But they will still have center Ted Karras, whose experience playing in the AFC East should come in handy for his team’s visit to Western New York.

Playing in a raucous environment, the Bengals will surely have to use a silent offensive snap count. With different players along the OL, that could be significant.

“Buffalo is one of the most interesting and hostile places to play as a visitor,” Karras said, via Geoff Hobson of the team’s website. “You drive through the tailgates and there are all sorts of colorful gestures your way. There might be some skin. Interesting things happen in the Buffalo parking lot.

“On the field, it’s very loud. That’ll be something we practice and respect. We haven’t gone silent [count] in a while. We’ll be back to the silent count and with a couple new guys in there we’ll have to really rep that this week.”

With Jackson Carman likely replacing Jonah Williams at left tackle for Sunday’s game, there’s an added level of communication that needs to happen with a rookie left guard in Cordell Volson. Volson has been playing all season long next to Karras and Williams, which is part of why Karras is confident the rookie can handle it.

“I told Cordell, we’re going to have to lean on you more than ever now to communicate and be able to express what you see with your tackle,” Karras said. “There’s a certain element of communication when a couple of guys are out, but we’re going to get it done.”

The Bengals haven’t lost since Halloween and have experienced going on the road and winning in the postseason to make it to the Super Bowl. But Sunday’s game in Buffalo should be a real test for Cincinnati’s five up front.

11 responses to “Ted Karras: We’ll really have to rep our silent count this week

  1. I expect both teams to play a lot better than they did this past weekend.

    Speaking of this past weekend – most of the games started with one team dominating, and then either losing later in the game, or coming close to losing.

    Just an FYI for the fans on here who keep posting that it looked like Cincy was well on their way to victory after taking a 7-3 lead with less than 10 minutes of the game played in the first Bills/Bengals match-up

  2. Honestly losing Williams is not that bad. He’s a good guy but he let like 13 sacks go by him this year. I’m more worried about losing Cap. The right side was already weekend with Collins going down so hopefully he can be back this week.

  3. The Bills offense scored 34 against Miami, with Allen playing like a human. The Bengals offense scored 14 against the Ravens. All this, and I keep hearing “Allen better play better”…

  4. So many bitter Steelers fans posting on Bengals articles who can’t come to grip with the fact that their team is irrelevant while the Bengals will dominate the division for years to come.

  5. I wonder if those who keep saying “Allen needs to play better” actually watched the game. He played like a beast, so many great throws and even better catches. The turnovers hurt, badly, and kept it very close. The picks weren’t even poor decisions, just a bit off, maybe a tad bit of bad luck. They’re worth watching if you disagree, John Brown didn’t see another target for a reason. That strip 6 though he probably should’ve ate the sack or thrown it away, that’s just not how he plays though. I’m sure he’ll be reminded of it this week and protect the ball better going forward. Still doesn’t change the fact that turnovers will absolutely kill us going forward, no matter how they happen.

  6. I’m a Steelers fan who is not bitter that Cincy ended up actually drafting a good QB for a change, and are now a very good team. Mike Brown does still own the team, which means that cheap, mismanagement will come into play at some pt. Oh, and the fact that Cincy us 0-3 in the Super Bowl. Another loss there – even if they get there again – isn’t exactly going to improve the “Bungles” reputation they have.

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