Titans to hire Ran Carthon as their General Manager

Arizona Cardinals v Tennessee Titans
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Word on Tuesday afternoon was that the Titans had identified three finalists for their General Manager job and things moved quickly from there.

According to multiple reports, 49ers director of pro personnel Ran Carthon will be the team’s next General Manager. The Titans fired Jon Robinson in December.

Carthon is the son of former NFL running back Maurice Carthon and he played in nine games as a running back for the Colts in 2005 and 2006. He became a scout for the Falcons in 2008, moved on to the Rams as their director of player personnel in 2012 and then joined the 49ers in 2017.

Titans vice president of player personnel Ryan Cowden and Bears assistant G.M. Ian Cunningham were also identified as finalists for the job, but Carthon’s second interview carried the day and he will be charged with trying to put together a Titans team that can get back to the postseason.

22 responses to “Titans to hire Ran Carthon as their General Manager

  1. Irsay fumbles this next hire and the Colts are a basement AFC South team for easily 5 years. Pederson and Lawrence; now Vrabel actually getting a competent roster?

  2. He is a puppet for the real GM Vrabel. There biggest problem is trying to fix there 20th century offense.

  3. Another personnel guy from the 49ers org. Must be doing something right – otherwise all these other guys are fools. Let’s see

  4. If he’s the guy that thought it was smart to trade 3 firsts for Trey Lance than this will be a disaster, however if he’s the guy that thought Brock Purdy was worth a flyer in the 7th. This is a home run.

  5. If he’s the guy that thought it was smart to trade 3 firsts for Trey Lance than this will be a disaster,


    Since he was in charge of PRO personnel, it’s unlikely that he was trading picks for draft position.
    His title with the 49ers suggests that he primarily scouted players with pro experience. Practice squad or free agents.
    But if you want to think he was solely responsible for drafting Lance, go ahead.

  6. Serious question, is there anyone else actually utilizing the ability to get comp picks for developing minority GM or coaches? All the ones in the NFL I can think of come from SF

  7. The Titans need an elite QB. They’ve done pretty well without one, so the rest of the roster must be pretty good. The four best AFC QB’s are the four guys remaining in the playoffs. Hopefully Carthon is a great QB evaluator because that’s 95% of the job. You can get everything else right, but if you get the QB wrong, the team doesn’t win. They’ll win enough to get to the playoffs, but the deck is stacked against you if you’re inferior at the QB position. The 49ers are loaded, and it’s Kyle Shanahan who’s directing everything. They can lose their entire front office and coaching staff and still keep on winning. Robert Saleh left for the Jets and the Jets didn’t make the playoffs, but the 49ers defense was stronger than ever. Now DeMeco Ryans is a genius.

  8. frankgorever says:
    January 17, 2023 at 7:52 pm
    Serious question, is there anyone else actually utilizing the ability to get comp picks for developing minority GM or coaches? All the ones in the NFL I can think of come from SF
    No. Niners have a rich history of promoting minority. Bill Walsh did that a lot.
    Also you don’t hire a guy who’s not good in order to fool another franchise to take him to gain a compensatory pick.

  9. frankgorever says: Serious question, is there anyone else actually utilizing the ability to get comp picks…

    From the NFL before the draft: “…seven special compensatory selections were awarded to six clubs: the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers (two special compensatory selections), Kansas City Chiefs, and Los Angeles Rams under a 2020 amendment to the League’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, which was agreed upon by the NFL and the NFLPA to promote equal employment opportunities and an inclusive workforce within NFL clubs.”

  10. This Titans fan is extremely excited!

    It’s rare that they go outside the organization to make these kinds or hires. Now all we need is for Carthon and Vrabel to identify a coordinator that’ll take this offense into the 21st century and we might really have something.

  11. Good. Anything that weakens the Niners is a good thing for the rest of the NFC West, and with Carthon going to the Titans the whole NFC can be happy.

  12. I know Vrabel will be hands on but it’s not that bad a job to land for him. Beefing up the O line and planning a post-Henry or more diverse attack seem like the priorities.

    Tannehill is serviceable and they’re too far back to realistically trade up to #1-3 so unless a Will Levis type blows them away, the first real test will be can Ran find a first round OL pick that’s more Lewan/Conklin than Isiah Wilson …Geez he was bad!

  13. I like the Hire, I liked Peters more but he apparently turned the job down. Hopefully this new GM works out well for the Titans, personally I think he will. As a Cardinals fan I love their new hire from the Titans Monti Ossenfort, he’s a breath of fresh air and has a ton of respect around the NFL for his ability as a talent evaluator and not only drafts well but has excelled in the mid/later rounds and finding UDFA who develop into real players n waiver wire steals. Very good eye for OL talent which is a welcome asset as we need to build AN IRON WALL in front of Kyler Murray n we’ve already done the hard work with two high caliber LTs on the roster so I’d assume he trades PB LT DJ Humphries for a 2 and goes forward w/ the younger Josh Jones at LT who’s not only as good or better than DJ but at 23 has a much higher ceiling. Hopefully he fixes the issues on their lines in the desert 🌵.

  14. daphne49er says:
    January 17, 2023 at 6:21 pm
    GREAT move for Titans…and at least Niners get another comp pick!

    Yea next year, 49ers biggest problem is a lack of top picks for the next few years and they traded away several 1st for the bust that is Trey Lance then a 2nd, 3rd and 4th this year with a 5th next year for McCaffrey.
    SF hasn’t even begun to feel the effects from the loss of all those picks but by next year they most definitely will, it could work in the now but long term you pay for it ask the rebuilding Rams. Teams age fast, you lost talent in FA, guys unexpectedly get injured and without fresh talent coming in to bolster the roster teams fall from grace fast .Teams in SFs own division are equipped with a ton of capital to build with so losing all of those picks will catch up with them in the near future, if they don’t win the SB this year (which they won’t with a rookie 7th rd pick QB once he faces the first real NFL top 5-10 caliber defense he’s seen this year come this weekend) it won’t be worth it.

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