Todd Bowles: There’s been no decision on Byron Leftwich’s future

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There has been some speculation that the Buccaneers will be firing offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich after Tampa Bay struggled on the unit in 2022.

But the organization either hasn’t quite made that decision or at least is not ready to announce it.

Head coach Todd Bowles was asked in his season-ending press conference if he’s going to let Leftwich go.

“No, there hasn’t been any decision,” Bowles said.

As a follow-up, Bowles was asked what his assessment was of Leftwich’s performance and said he doesn’t currently have one.

“We’re evaluating players. We’ll meet as a coaching staff later in the week and I’ll meet with individual coaches as well as the staff — which we do every year — and we’ll make those assessments then.

“I don’t want to sit here and say we’re talking about things when I haven’t even talked through things with my coaches. We do our yearly assessment just like we do with the players.”

The Buccaneers finished 15th in total yards but just 25th in points scored. While the club was No. 2 in passing, it was dead last in rushing yards and 3.4 yards per carry.

Whether or not Tom Brady returns to the franchise in 2023, the Bucs will need to be much more consistent offensively to compete for a championship.

28 responses to “Todd Bowles: There’s been no decision on Byron Leftwich’s future

  1. Bowles apparently doesn’t get to make that decision. I’d be shocked if Jason Licht doesn’t just fire Bowles. He hasn’t improved from his time in NY. He’s decent at a DC with playmakers but overwhelmed as a HC. I’m sure ownership is sorting through the embarrassment.

  2. Leftwich is hot garage. Always has been. Dumb as a rock. Gotta get someone who game plans against the OPPONENT and knows how to use personnel. Not just ‘run his scheme’. He doesn’t even adjust to lost yardage. Or a blitz.

  3. Hmm let’s see. Last year was fine with Leftwich as the OC. What was the big change this year? HC maybe?

  4. unclejoey says:
    January 17, 2023 at 4:29 pm
    Hmm let’s see. Last year was fine with Leftwich as the OC. What was the big change this year? HC maybe?
    No Gronkowski… Center hurt in training camp… LG retires… RG leaves in free agency. Nobody to block, so running game becomes one of the worst in the NFL.

  5. If you are going to draft a new QB and start all over and be in cap hell next year, bring in a coach and offensive coordinator who can grow with that qb. Send Bruce off in the sunset with a gold watch and a big thank you for getting the job done three seasons ago.

  6. Burn it all down.
    Fire the entire coaching staff. Trade Evans, Godwin and whichever defensive player still has value.
    Time to start over, because there’s nowhere to go but down, and they were already pretty low this season.

  7. momi says:
    Why does Todd Bowles still have a job as a head coach in the NFL?


    Well it’s obvious its NOT because he is any good at it!

  8. Bucs fans, Y’all might be ready for a rebuild, but at least you have a SB to show for it. Could be worse. You could be Titans fans.

  9. Are you kidding me? Bowles doesn’t have the authority to fire the team waterboy let alone Leftwich.

  10. Kind of looks like Bowles jumped the gun to put all the blame on his fall guy in the media to pressure Licht to keep him.

  11. As a longtime Panthers fan, I hope Bucs management is paying attention to these comments.

    If you can’t trust inside scoops from guys using aliases in comments sections, who can you trust?

  12. What do you know? Bowles and Leftwich both went back to being exposed as the terrible coaches they are this year as soon as Bruce Arians wasn’t around 24/7 to hold their hand.

  13. Funny how things change so fast in the nfl, after the SB win all anyone could talk about was BL for every head coach position out there, but no one offered him it??? I guess the owners were smart this time around and dint chase the shiny new toy until they had time to see if it was worth playing with more then a year. As for Bowles, there is no way on this earth he should be a HC, he hasn’t grown as a coach since stinking it up in NY. Wonder why he got the 2nd chance? As for BA I guess he did a little more then just pop in on Thursday and annoy Brady and BL, he seems to have been the puppet master ehind the scenes, whuck Bowles is not. Last, the team looked undisciplined and not motivated at all this year, and that starts at the top

  14. Funny, the media asking the unqualified head coach who has done nothing productive in his multiple head coaching opportunities if the guy who helped the team win a superbowl is going to be canned or not. Mabey the Bucs should be asking Bowles what he has done for the team and why they should be keeping him around.

  15. The future should be dumping Bowles. He has proven he is not head coaching material a couple of times now. Should have given Leftwhich the job in the first place. Now Bowles is going to scapegoat him with being the problem when he is the one who changed the offense schemes.

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