Amy Adams Strunk: We’re excited to add Ran Carthon as our new G.M.

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The Titans have made it official, announcing the hiring of Ran Carthon as their new General Manager on Wednesday morning.

Carthon had been with the 49ers since 2017, originally as the team’s director of pro personnel. He was promoted to director of player personnel in 2021.

“We are excited to add Ran to our organization as our new General Manager,” Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk said in a statement. “He brings a variety of valuable experiences to our team – as a former player and a successful personnel executive for multiple teams. I was impressed with his natural leadership qualities and his ability to connect with people.

“With talent evaluation being critical to this role, the roster they have built in San Francisco stands out. He played an important role there constructing one of our league’s best teams.”

Carthon came up as a pro scout with the Falcons before joining the Rams in 2012 as the director of pro personnel.

The Titans interviewed seven candidates for the position before deciding Carthon was the best man for the job.

9 responses to “Amy Adams Strunk: We’re excited to add Ran Carthon as our new G.M.

  1. You had Monti Ossenfort sitting right there. Speaks volumes with how poorly that franchise is run.

    I would strongly suggest you stop meddling, Amy.

  2. Amy wanted someone from outside the organization. The status quo isn’t getting it done. A fresh voice was strongly needed. Also, the Titans don’t get those third-rounders. The Niners do.

  3. Satan says:
    January 18, 2023 at 11:18 am
    I bet they’re excited about those extra third round picks too.

    Why are the Titans excited about the 49ers getting extra third round picks?

  4. Vrabel is the defacto GM..just like his mentor BB in NE. Vrabel was a major reason the previous GM was fired. He was deeply involved in the major decisions…including signing off on the AJ Brown trade. Dude they brought in is a figurehead.

  5. The arrogance of trading AJ brown and expecting this team to compete with Tannehill for part of the year and one weapon on offense is laughable. Hopefully this GM isnt a figurehead because the Titans will be on the outside looking in in a hurry esp of Henry declines or gets injured.

  6. WHy would someone be exciting about the draft move up for Trey Lance and the disappointment in Kinlaw?

    SF hasn’t won anything because they’ve been strapped in a cap hell and haven’t drafted very well either.

    If they don’t win it all this year, expect that situation to start to deteriorate like the Rams and Bucs.

  7. Brian Meany doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Vrabel most certainly was not on board with the AJ trade. That was obvious from his reaction in the war room. Jon Robinson got himself fired.

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