Brandon Staley: There’s another gear we can get to offensively

NFL: JAN 14 AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Chargers at Jaguars
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The Chargers fired offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi and quarterbacks coach/passing game coordinator Shane Day on Tuesday, but head coach Brandon Staley remains on the job after the team blew a 27-0 lead to the Jaguars in last Saturday night’s playoff game.

At a press conference Wednesday, Staley said that he believes “there is another gear we can get to” offensively and that the team needs needs to find a “different level” at the line of scrimmage to make that happen. The Chargers ranked 30th in rushing yards this season, which makes that an obvious area where they need to improve in 2023.

Staley mentioned Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan as offensive coaches that he’d like to borrow from as the team moves forward and said that he believes the chance to work with quarterback Justin Herbert will make the job an appealing one despite the way the season ended.

“We have one of the top jobs in the league,” Staley said.

There’s been no word on candidates that will be interviewing with the Chargers at this point. Once that list is known, it will be easier to say if Staley’s right about the appeal of the current situation in Los Angeles.

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  1. I think they need to know when to change gears more so than finding a new gear.

    1. Sit your players when they have a free bye week.

    2. Run the ball when you have a 27-0 lead.

    This isn’t rocket science and armchair QBs are not always wrong. They would still be playing if they made those two simple decisions correctly.

  2. Staley is saying all the right things, but he can’t be so naive as to think he’s actually going to be the HC of the Chargers next season.

  3. Another gear offensively? Newsflash skippy, your offense didn’t blow a 27 point lead, your defense literally collapsed.

    What is his plan, just to outscore everyone? Dude is completely clueless, just like the team ownership.

  4. Makes sense to get Bieniemy, who can prove himself as a play-caller and try to beat his former team twice a year. Herbert has to work on a better follow-through delivery because his sidearm style gets batted down a lot. They also need a back that can do power running since they let go of Michel. Could they go after Fournette?

  5. Justin Herbert has proven he can be successful and productive no matter what idiot Dean Spanos hires off the street to head coach.

  6. Let’s also not forget this is the same guy that went for it on 4th down multiple times last year and they failed to convert almost every time. Cost them a few games. He just doesn’t have a very high football IQ. Which is sad and pathetic for a head coach in the National Football League.

  7. Another level, hmm. You mean like situational awareness? Or seeing a game out? Putting away an opponent who is ready to hit the mat, just needs one more push? I’m sorry, I’m a Lions fan not a Chargers fan. But from a far they appear to cook with fillet mignon and turn out a bad steak far too often. IMO keeping that leadership appears a mistake but again I do not watch the day to day perhaps a sense they are almost there pervades the team and they are loathe to change. But. Man they seem to underwhelm as a rule.

  8. I think Staley would be better off if he kept his piehole shut. The more he talks, the more inept and immature he sounds.

    I don’t think he will have any role when it comes to the hiring of the new coaches. I do expect the Chargers to hire experienced coaches since that is something that Staley lacks.

  9. So the “genius “ defensive head coach needs to find his “genius” equal on offense. It’s going to have to be someone totally under the radar, buried on someone’s staff.
    Because all the top people that the public knows of are in line for head coaching jobs.
    The question is will Staley pick his guy or the GM. Cause if I’m the GM , I hire someone with an eye towards them being the next head coach.

  10. This has been going on for years with the Chargers its what they do. Remember they fired Marty after the team went 14-2 they havent ever been that close again really. They ALWAYS do dumb stuff like not finding the right guy Staley got his 2 fall guys I guess we will see next year.

  11. He needs to turn the defense over to someone else, too. That’s a bigger problem than the OC. Someone had to fall on his sword, so it can’t be himself.

  12. You fire the one who is responsible for 27 pts scored but not the one who allowed jax to come back. Makes sense.

  13. My Team makes me Drink said:”
    January 18, 2023 at 3:26 pm
    This has been going on for years with the Chargers its what they do. Remember they fired Marty after the team went 14-2 they havent ever been that close again really. They ALWAYS do dumb stuff like not finding the right guy Staley got his 2 fall guys I guess we will see next year.”


    At the time, there was a lot of reported dysfunctional drama between Marty and AJ.

    Marty did himself no favors when the extremely talented charger team totally collapsed in the 2006 playoffs against the Patriots. The Chargers had multiple chances to put that game away, but in the end, weren’t disciplined and mature enough to handle the pressure.

    Kind of reminds of the most recent Charger collapse in the playoffs.

  14. sharpdressedfan17 says:
    January 18, 2023 at 3:20 pm

    Justin Herbert has proven he can be successful and productive no matter what idiot Dean Spanos hires off the street to head coach.

    Obviously, you have a low bar when it comes to measuring success.

  15. You were in reverse gear all year but have you mentioned how crappy the defense was, your specialty? They stunk and you were supposed to be the defensive guru. But let’s not mention that. Or the fact JC Jackson was brought in to a scheme he had no clue on how to play, got paid big time, and was benched before injured and out for the year. Said it all year, can’t run, can’t stop the run. There was more than one problem with that team, not just the offense.

  16. For those who do not believe Staley about getting to another gear, please remember that reverse is a gear and one that the Chargers have historically been quite proficient at reaching.

  17. Unfortunately, you have already stripped the gears, and so this tranny is shot.

  18. My Team makes me Drink says:
    January 18, 2023 at 3:26 pm
    This has been going on for years with the Chargers its what they do. Remember they fired Marty after the team went 14-2 they havent ever been that close again really.
    On that point, beg to differ. Under Marty, they were one and done both times he got to the playoffs. His replacement, Norv Turner, actually won some playoff games including knocking out Peyton twice and once getting to the conference championship. Marty Schottenheimer was a great regular season coach, but for whatever reason, he always was found wanting in the playoffs losing games that should have been won.

  19. The loss is totally on Staley. His team proved that they have the talent to win, in the first half. But the mental breakdown and poor playu-calling in the second half is Staley and his assistant coaches.

  20. It’s hard to truly understand all the commotion about Brandon Staley in stark contrast to Jets HC Shaleh. According to many,(not just Jets fans) Coach Shaleh deserves a 10-year extension, part ownership of the Jets and Coach of the year Honors. Brandon Staley is a better coach than Shaleh(barely), but many want Brandon fired. This one is truly a real head scratcher!

  21. The thing I find most annoying about Staley isn’t the bad coaching decisions, it’s the pompous explanations he gives for his bad coaching decisions.

  22. Honestly, having witnessed the Spanos ownership error since Day One, this mope is the perfect coach. Completely incompetent, totally clueless. 100% in over his head. Straight out of central casting……

  23. “There’s another gear we can get to offensively”

    Taht would be “neutral” or “reverse”.

  24. bassplucker says:
    January 18, 2023 at 4:33 pm
    Yeah, offenses don’t blow 27-point leads though.


    True, but complimentary football helps the defense too. Run the ball, burn the clock, extend drives. Give the defense fewer snaps to defend. Same mistake Atlanta made in the Brady SB comeback. In the 4th quarter the Atlanta defense were gassed because their offense were trying to put the game away instead of burning clock.

    Incomplete passes when you are up 27-0 are an invitation for the opponent to get back in the game.

  25. I think there are a few unpaid interns in the ticket office Staley can blame his incompetence on. They have to go!!!!!!

  26. The Offensive Coordinator position with the Chargers is a huge opportunity/stepping stone for any OC looking to become the next big name in a HC pool.
    Herbert is by far the most physically talented QB to enter the league since Mahomes and it’s not close. With the weapons on Offense at WR, TE & RB any OC would be hard pressed to find a better situation to step into. Jim Bob Cooter would be a good fit for the Chargers as OC

  27. Staley’s biggest problem isn’t his mistakes but that he refuses to ever own any of them. Thus, he never learns. He’s always 100% right and it was somebody else’s fault or some crazy twist of fate that caused things not to work out.

  28. Hope his defense can get into another gear, as in hold. 27 point lead. I find his coaching to be cringe worthy, up there with a car wreck, should not look, but I have too..

  29. Hope they totally crash next year. The D was the problem and Staley called the D. He should have been fired imo

  30. Stanley must have dirt on the ownership. Because if Lovie Smith and David Culley can lose their job after one year how does Stanley keeps his job with his reckless coaching strategy that’s the million dollar question. Last year go for 4th and 1 on his own 30. Takes a time out in the Raiders game. His best receiver gets hurt in a mean less game. During the 4th quarter fail to take a time out early to give his defense a rest due to the offensive coordinator failure to run the football to bleed the clock. With all those mistakes he still has a job, that he’s definitely not qualified. He’s a coordinator NOT a head coach.

  31. For those saying it wasn’t the offense that lost that comeback. You are very very wrong. One touchdown in the 2nd half would have stopped it. Mentally weak is what Staley has shown. Remember he lost to the team that lost their coach to discrimination and their receiver to murder. He still couldn’t compete with that. Meanwhile the Justin Herbert contract has to be negotiated. Can he be trusted in clutch time? The last playoff game says no. Big decisions with no playoff wins coming the Chargers way

  32. Staley is right about Kyle Shanahan. Shanahan has gotten to super bowls with QB’s that aren’t as good as Herbert. Staley is also right about their offensive coordinator job being appealing. These close games can go either way. If Jacksonville’s kicker would have put that last kick four inches to the right, Staley would be moving deeper into the playoffs. When you get dominated, then maybe you’re not doing things right, but the Chargers are in a good spot. Sean Payton, Drew Brees, and the Saints experienced the same thing Staley and the Chargers are going through. Every year the Saints thought they’d get to the super bowl, but they always disappointed and fell short, with the exception of one season. And they had Brees for 15 seasons. That’s why I’m shocked that anyone would suggest they’d do better with Payton. Not on this planet. Fifteen years with Drew Brees and only one super bowl appearance. It’s a QB league and Brees is a top ten QB all time. Payton way underachieved with the Saints.

  33. Staley is incompetent, but getting rid of Lombardi is huge for this team, Lombardi is one of the worst OC. Lombardi is robot trying to make someone else’s offense work. He brings nothing to the table other than what he copied from Payton.

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