Brandon Staley was aware of speculation about his job but “not worried”

NFL: JAN 14 AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Chargers at Jaguars
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Four days after his team blew the third-largest lead in postseason history, Brandon Staley remains head coach of the Chargers. Staley remained steadfast Wednesday that, despite speculation otherwise, he never worried about his job security.

“I am aware of the speculation, because I have to be briefed of it to be prepared for guys like you,” Staley said, via Joe Reedy of the Associated Press. “I was not worried about that because I know what goes on here on a day-to-day basis and I know what we have in the locker room.”

Staley came under fire when he played his starters in the regular-season finale and receiver Mike Williams‘ season ended with a back injury. Then, it ramped up after the Chargers led the Jaguars 27-0 in the second quarter and 30-20 in the fourth quarter only to lose 31-30 on the final play.

“I’m proud that we were able to get a chance to compete,” Staley said of Saturday night’s loss. “I thought that first half showed you what our team has inside of it and the second half showed where we need to improve.”

The Chargers’ 2021 season ended in a Week 18 overtime loss to the Raiders, who appeared content to play for a tie, which would have put both teams in the playoffs, until Staley called a timeout on defense with 38 seconds left. The Raiders’ 35-32 win knocked the Chargers out of the postseason.

Staley is 19-15 in the regular season in two seasons.

9 responses to “Brandon Staley was aware of speculation about his job but “not worried”

  1. NFL head coaches don’t worry like most regular people do about getting fired because they usually have already made millions of dollars or have millions left on their contracts.
    Asking a coach if they’re “worried “ about losing their job is simply lazy journalism.

  2. The Chargers have an amazing ability to waste some of the most talented players the league sees with terrible coaching choices and penny pinching.

  3. That’s cool, we have something in common, most non Charger fans could really care less if Staley coaches the Chargers or not. I have to admit it’s nice to have him there making bad coaching decisions that put the team at a disadvantage towards the end of season or come playoff time with me being a Chiefs fan. One less team you really have to worry about, kudos to Staley. It’s kinda like the Cowboys doing something to sabotage themselves in the playoffs or like Aaron Rogers can rack up the regular season wins, but come the playoffs, you know he’s going to choke and blame everyone but himself when they exit early over in the NFC. Nobody is worried, but it’s nice to have teams like the Chargers around.

  4. Head Coaches that get fired usually find themselves with another job on another coaching staff with very few problems. If not at the pro level, there are plenty of options at the college level.

  5. It was pretty obvious by week 10 that the Chargers were nothing more than pretenders and not contenders. Couple that with the body of work from last year and one would have a good arguement for firing this head coach.

  6. Fire Telesco or sell the team. that is the only chance they will ever have to win as the Spanos’ are horrible owners.

  7. I don’t know why anyone would want Telesco fired. The Chargers are considered a very talented team. Yeah, they have issues with Staley staying on, but I seriously doubt that Telesco would have the ability to fire Staley. That is ownership’s call, not Telesco’s.

    Besides, before calling for anyone to be fired, they ought to make sure that they know who they want to hire and to make sure they are able to hire that perosn.

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