Kevin Stefanski: We’re thrilled Jim Schwartz is joining our staff to lead our defense

NFL: JAN 09 Titans at Texans
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The Browns have made it official, announcing they’ve hired Jim Schwartz to be their defensive coordinator.

Schwartz comes to Cleveland after spending a pair of seasons with Tennessee as the club’s senior defensive assistant. Before that, he was with the Eagles for five years as their defensive coordinator, winning Super Bowl LII.

“Jim Schwartz has been an outstanding coach in this league for a very long time, and we are thrilled that he is joining our staff to lead our defense as the defensive coordinator,” head coach Kevin Stefanski said in a statement. “Jim has seen defensive success at each of his coaching stops because he knows how to get the best out of his players and will match scheme to suit strengths. Jim is a passionate leader who believes in teaching fundamentals.

“We’re excited about the vast experience he brings to our staff to meet the demands it takes to consistently defend the varying offenses in the AFC North and across the National Football League.”

Schwartz was a longtime defensive coordinator with the Titans under Jeff Fisher. He compiled a 29-51 record as lions head coach from 2009-2013 and also was the bills defensive coordinator in 2014.

This will actually be Schwartz’s second tenure in Cleveland, as he spent a few years with the club in the 90s as a scout when Bill Belichick was the team’s head coach.

16 responses to “Kevin Stefanski: We’re thrilled Jim Schwartz is joining our staff to lead our defense

  1. Now the Browns will finally update the DT position and will keep the OL off the LBs. Hopefully this will stop the Keystone Cop show with the DBs and they will play A LOT more man coverage.

  2. This is just a hole they needed to fill. Jim Schwartz is nothing special. His failure record should not excite the Browns, nor should his very short lived success record.

  3. All we needed was a DC that make sure that whatever that was during the last 2 minutes of that Jets game NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. It just can’t.

  4. Smart hire. Looks like the Browns are rebuilding, but he’ll have the defense firing on all cylinders.

  5. Wow! What a perfect anti-thesis of a press confrence from that of Berry & Stef’ robotic-hubris-filled-non-information one could stand. How ‘damn REFRESHING IN CLEVELAND!!

  6. I’m not going to pretend to know if this is a good hire or not, but the Browns’ D has been inconsistent under Stefanski, to say the least, and something had to be done.

    Now if Stefanski can figure out how to protect a lead and bleed the clock, that would be helpful.

  7. No matter, Browns will still get rolled by the Bengals, Steelers, and Ravens. They are the Browns, and will continue to be so.

  8. good hire.
    now, get him a DT (or two) who can start in the NFL; a true free safety; and another DE who can start in the NFL. if not, his D will be better than Woods’ D, but not good enough to win AFCN.

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