Luke Getsy, Patrick Graham will be Senior Bowl head coaches

NFL: DEC 04 Packers at Bears
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In past years, the two Senior Bowl teams have been coached by the staffs of two different NFL teams but there will be a different approach this year.

The coaching staffs will be made up of coaches from several teams and they will be headed up by a pair of current coordinators. The Senior Bowl announced on Wednesday that Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy will coach the American team and defensive coordinator Patrick Graham will head up the National squad.

Getsy will be aided by Falcons quarterbacks coach Charles London and Patriots defensive line coach DeMarcus Covington. Saints quarterbacks coach/pass game coordinator Ronald Curry and Steelers defensive backs coach Grady Brown. Those assistants will serve as coordinators on their respective sides of the ball.

The announcement says other coaches from various teams will be “placed into elevated or different roles from the ones they currently hold with their respective clubs” under the new format that’s in place this season.

11 responses to “Luke Getsy, Patrick Graham will be Senior Bowl head coaches

  1. Figures… Bears finally get the #1 pick and they start this new process. I know Getsy is obv a Bears coach thats involved, but it used to be a bit more insight to have that 1 on 1 with the whole coaching staff. Oh well, hopefully Getsy will find some good offensive talent to bring to Chi-town.

  2. I’m sure this is a great opportunity for these coaches, but I can’t help but think they must have drawn the short straws to get this gig.

  3. Couldn’t even say where Graham coordinates….. In fairness, his defense was hot garbage. When you have guys double teaming the DE’s then the DT’s should be winning one on one match ups. Hot garbage of a season PG!

  4. Great news for Bears fans. Mr. Getsy, please find us a couple of legitimate NFL WRs and a new offensive line. Thank you.

  5. I like the change to having a Senior Bowl staff built from NFL staff coaches around the league. That allows for most NFL teams to get an up close and personal look at these young men. Moreso than a scout or GM sitting in the stands and watching drills.

  6. Luke Getsy better stay in Chicago. If you’re going to rebuild, than stop breaking up the staff.

  7. Graham is not only a terrible coach, he has a personality that no player would want to play for.

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