Michigan assistant Matt Weiss placed on paid leave during “computer access crimes” investigation

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It’s been an eventful week for Jim Harbaugh and the University of Michigan.

On Monday, Harbaugh announced he’s staying put, despite NFL interest. On Tuesday, the Detroit News reported that Michigan co-offensive coordinator Matt Weiss has been placed on paid leave as university police conduct a criminal investigation.

“The University of Michigan Police Department is investigating a report of computer access crimes that occurred at Schembechler Hall during Dec. 21 through the 23rd of 2022,” said University of Michigan Deputy Police Chief Crystal James in a statement. “Since this is an ongoing investigation, there is no additional information to share.”

“I am aware of the ongoing investigation by the University of Michigan Police Department and fully cooperating with investigators,” Weiss told the Detroit News. “I look forward to the matter being resolved. Out of respect for the integrity of the investigation, I will not have any further comment.”

Police searched Weiss’s home on January 10.

Weiss spent 12 years with the Ravens and John Harbaugh before joining Michigan in 2021. Weiss previously worked for Jim Harbaugh at Stanford.

The information is very broad and imprecise. It’s unclear what Weiss allegedly did or didn’t do. Hopefully, the end result will provide sufficient clarity and transparency, one way or the other.

7 responses to “Michigan assistant Matt Weiss placed on paid leave during “computer access crimes” investigation

  1. Wish Caesar’s would let me bet on this being computer access to change the grades of student athletes. At least that’s best case scenario. Worst case scenario is it’s crimes against children, which I pray is not the case.

  2. The dates line up exactly with Early Signing Period when incoming players would have been getting their admissions squared away. That can’t be a total coincidence.

  3. What is a computer access crime? Accessing student info? Admissions? Porn? Financial info? A mind sure can wander on this one.

  4. This is likely why first ballot HOF QB Russell Wilson, ever more perceptive than anyone else in sports, told Harbaugh he wouldn’t be hired.

  5. Sure beats working for the raiders, panthers,commanders, or dolphins… denver would be an upgrade but he f’d that 1 up

  6. Wouldn’t be surprised if Jim Harbaugh suddenly decides the NFL does seem like a good idea after all.

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