Packers donate $100,000 toward AEDs and CPR training

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Damar Hamlin‘s life was saved, and the health crisis he endured will save lives.

It will save lives in part through the proliferation of AEDs and CPR training at youth sporting events, where blows to the chest (like a line drive to the sternum) can and does cause children to experience cardiac arrest and die.

Inevitably, a story will emerge of the life of a boy or girl being kept alive because someone who learned of commotio cordis through Damar Hamlin’s experience (even if commotio cordis didn’t cause his cardiac arrest) sprang into action at the most important time.

The Saints and owner Gayle Benson previously donated 67 AEDs to recreational facilities in and around New Orleans. Now, the Packers have teamed up with Bellin Health to donate AEDs, and to expand access to CPR and AED training.

With $100,000 from the Packers, 80 AEDs will be given to eligible school and recreational sports leagues and facilities throughout Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Bellin Health will provide training seasons to ensure that those facilities that receive AEDs have multiple personnel able to use them, and to perform CPR.

“After seeing Damar Hamlin’s shocking cardiac arrest and witnessing the incredible response from the emergency personnel and medical professionals who treated him, we recognized our responsibility to take action in our own community,” Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy said in a release. “Damar’s injury also reminds us that cardiac emergencies are experienced each day throughout the country and our region. We’re proud to work with Bellin Health to equip more athletic facilities and organizations with AEDs, as well as the tools and skills they need to save a life.”

Kudos to the Saints and Packers for making a positive difference in their communities.

Looking at it more broadly, that’s two down, and 30 to go.

12 responses to “Packers donate $100,000 toward AEDs and CPR training

  1. Excellent. With the tons of money the NFL makes it would be nice if all 32 teams, and especially Goodell, made donations of similar amounts to deserving charities.

  2. So the NFL should really look at this and jump aboard! I can’t believe they played games for a hundred years with no sort of tent on the sidelines to offer some privacy while they were dealing with injuries, uniform malfunctions, etc.

    Sometimes they really act like they are stuck in the stone ages.

    Kudos to N.O. and G.B. !!

  3. Packers did this to try to make amends for one team member pushing opponent’s medical related staff that was attempting to render aid to an injured player. During this act of stupidity another packers player did a chest bump to the same staff member while momentarily blocking his path to the injured player.

  4. The Saints and Packers are the thought leaders of todays NFL. Undoubtedly other teams will follow their lead, like they usually do.

  5. This is a nice gesture. But what are the packers doing to curtail their defensive goon squad for next year? Nothing. Opposing team medical staff needs to beware anytime their team plays green bay

  6. The Packers organization is extremely charitable to worthy causes throughout Wisconsin.

  7. I’ve been to Lambeau and tried to squeeze in those bench seats with Packer fans. And while they were all very friendly and nice folks, I can see why the Packers may want a whole bunch more AEDs and CPR training available for that stadium’s fan base. . . .

  8. Looking at it more broadly, that’s two down, and 30 to go.

    Feel free to chip in yourself there Mike…..

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